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DT 28737

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28737

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 12th May 2018

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

As Big Dave said, a crossword able to be solved in the order the clues were presented.

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1a    Broken sculpture (4)
BUST – The first of several double definitions in this crossword

3a    Time in vehicles — and other vehicles? (5)
CARTS – T (time) inserted into CARS (vehicles)

6a    Villain heading off for part of church (4)
NAVE – Remove the first letter (heading) from kNAVE (villain)

8a    Broken leg woman athlete will get in sport with posh boys (3,4,4,4)
THE ETON WALL GAME – The first of many anagrams – ‘broken’ indicating the need to rearrange LEG WOMAN ATHLETE

9a    Access space by bay perhaps (6)
ENTRÉE – EN (printer’s space) by TREE (bay perhaps)

10a    Former partner with case making excessive demand (8)
EXACTION – EX (former partner) ACTION (case)

11a    Drawing cleaner fuel (8)
CHARCOAL – CHAR (cleaner) COAL (fuel)

13a    Adult in Switzerland rented house (6)
CHALET – A (adult) inserted into CH (the IVR code for Switzerland) followed by LET (rented)

15a    Standards applied to cleric (6)
PARSON – PARS (standards) ON (applied to)

17a    Second free product taken on beach holiday? (8)
SUNBLOCK – S (second) UNBLOCK (free)

19a    Doctor upset carrying hooligan by a carriage (8)
BROUGHAM – A reversal (upset – usually used in a Down clue) of MB (Bachelor of Medicine, doctor) into which is inserted (carrying) ROUGH (hooligan) and A (from the clue)

21a    Lingerie comes back to life apparently (6)
UNDIES – UN DIES (comes back to life)

22a    Betook meat feast, cooked, and large fruit (9,6)

23a    Regularly indulge, shunning work (4)
IDLE – The regular letters of InDuLgE

24a    Historical novelist greeting the queen (5)
HEYER – HEY (greeting) ER (the regnal cipher of our current Queen)

25a    Arrest devil? (4)
NICK – An informal term meaning arrest or the devil


1d    Flower that’s flatter round top of calyx (9)
BUTTERCUP – BUTTER UP (flatter) round the C at the ‘top’ of Calyx

2d    Carpets woven in bands of colour (7)
SPECTRA – An anagram (woven) of CARPETS

3d    Stop broadcasting comedian introducing uplifting poems (5,4)
CLOSE DOWN – CLOWN (comedian) ‘introducing’ a reversal (uplifting) of ODES (poems)

4d    Harsh treatment of king on trial by the sound of it (3,4)
RAW DEAL – R (Rex, king) on a homophone (by the sound of it) of ORDEAL (trial)

5d    Starters of a spicy Latin American sauce served up (5)
SALSA – A reversal (served up in a Down clue) of the ‘starters’ of A Spicy Latin American Sauce

6d    Glint half put out resulting in darkness (9)
NIGHTFALL – An anagram (put out) of GLINT HALF

7d    See a large elk get lost! (7)
VAMOOSE – V (Vide, Latin word for see) A (from the clue) MOOSE (large elk)

12d    Assign new posts as revolutionary fresh fuel (9)
RESHUFFLE – an anagram (revolutionary) of FRESH FUEL

13d    Person in charge, a live wire maybe (9)
CONDUCTOR – A live wire conducts electricity

14d    What shoplifter does to assess the situation (4,5)
TAKE STOCK – A way of saying assess the situation describes the action of a shoplifter

16d    Help carrying flightless bird for fool (7)
AIRHEAD – AID (help) ‘carrying’ RHEA (flightless bird)

17d    Abstract calculation carried out by woman (7)
SUMMARY – SUM (calculation) MARY (woman)

18d    I’m a bank that’s put up folding stuff (7)
ORIGAMI – A reversal (that’s put up in a Down clue) of IM A (from the clue) GIRO (bank)

20d    Make plans to steal lead from roof? (5)
HATCH – Remove the ‘lead’ from tHATCH (roof?)


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