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DT 28612

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28612

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on 16th December 2017

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Morning All! I have only just rushed this out following an impromptu pre-Christmas drink last night. We have breakfast planned at work which is the most important thing today!

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1a           Simple dish homeless patient cooked (7,8)

9a           Very small isle’s missile (9)
MINUTEMAN – A very small isle might be cryptically referred to as a MINUTE MAN.

10a         A place to keep things up (5)
ALOFT – A from the clue and a LOFT or place to keep things.

11a         Material from lake along with piece of land in it? (5)
LISLE – L for lake and an ISLE or land area that might be surrounded by a lake.

12a         Act to secure Spielberg film an Oscar perhaps (9)
STATUETTE – A STATUTE or act of law to include/secure ET, the Spielberg film.

13a         Plant’s automated payment system rejected debts (8)
SCABIOUS – Reverse/reject BACS – an automated bank transfer system and then add IOUS for debts.

14a         Progress of you and me in Anglican Church (6)
COURSE – place OURS (of you and me) inside CE – an abb. of Church of England

16a         Monitors report of Bohemians (6)
CHECKS – A homophone (report) of CZECHS or Bohemians.

18a         Toper or libertine mostly in retreat, held by doctor and in Germany (8)
DRUNKARD – Take all but the end letter in RAK(e) for libertine, reverse it (in retreat) and place in DR for doctor and UND for ‘and’ in German.

22a         Flops create serif, apparently (9)
BACKFIRES – SERIF might cryptically be referred to as BACK (the reverse of) FIRES.

23a         Pound belonging to Heath Robinson (5)
THROB – A hidden word in (belonging to) Hea TH ROB inson.

24a         Honour an independent Arab (5)
OMANI – A charade of OM (Order of Merit), AN from the clue and I for Independent.

25a         Person awaited on stage to hold mass, that woman’s sponsor (9)
GODMOTHER – Start with GODOT (Waiting for ….. from the play title/on stage) and insert M for Mass and then add HER for ‘that woman’s’.

26a         Provider of child benefits in disorganised firm hates charts (6,9)
FATHER CHRISTMAS – An anagram (disorganised) of FIRM HATES CHARTS.


1d           Looks happy picking up current figures of speech (7)
SIMILES – SMILES for looks happy including/picking up I for the SO symbol of electrical current.

2d           Forgetting men injured in the East (7)
AMNESIA – An anagram (injured) of MEN inside ASIA or ‘the East’

3d           Imprisoned frequently, I am last to escape with moments to spare (2,3,4,2,4)
IN THE NICK OF TIME – ‘IN THE NICK’ for imprisoned and OFTIME(s) – An archaic way of saying frequently – with the last letter escaping.

4d           Simple detective left out joke (8)
HOMESPUN – Sherlock HO(l)MES with the L for left removed and then a PUN or joke.

5d           Servant reclined, getting up after me (6)
MENIAL – Reverse LAIN (it is reclined) and place after ME from the clue.

6d           A felonious agent corrupted worldwide body once (6,2,7)
LEAGUE OF NATIONS – An anagram , indicated by ‘corrupted’ of A FELONIOUS AGENT.

7d           Foot, Left-winger with short period in office (7)
TROTTER – A TROT(skiite) or left winger followed by TER(m) a period in office which has been shortened.

8d           Limit time among former Engineers (7)
EXTREME – Place T for Time inside EX (former) and REME for the Engineers.

15d         Holy warrior terribly scared about pursuit of Saracens (8)
CRUSADER – Place an anagram (terribly) of SCARED around RU – Rugby Union – the game/pursuit that the Saracens play.

16d         Bread making cool, fab rock (7)
COBLOAF – An anagram (rock) of COOL FAB.

17d         Liking to take top off displaying charm (7)
ENCHANT – Remove the top letter from (p)ENCHANT or liking.

19d         A poor actor receiving support in Lincoln? (7)
ABRAHAM – A HAM (poor actor) taking in/receiving a BRA or support.

20d         Girl coming out on craft abandons ship (7)
DEBARKS – A DEB(utante) or girl who is coming out in Society on top of ARKS or craft in the plural.

21d         Very unfortunate US soldier in vehicle overturned (6)
TRAGIC – A reversal of CART/vehicle (overturned) with a GI/ US Soldier inside.

Thanks to the setter and a Merry Christmas to you all!


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  1. Thank you Gnomethang for the review

    Did you mean ‘training’ system for 13a, I jumped on this clue but had to explain it to my dad (which makes a change) 😀

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