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New Telegraph Puzzles Editor

New Telegraph Puzzles Editor

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Some of you may have already heard that Phil McNeill is retiring as the Telegraph Puzzles Editor at the end of January 2018.  Phil took over from Kate Fassett just a few weeks before I started the Blog back in January 2009.  He has said that whenever he gets an email from Gazza, Crypticsue or myself in the morning his first reaction is “What has gone wrong now?” – usually it’s a problem with the online site or an inconsistency between that site and the newspaper.  He has handled the job with enthusiasm and dedication, but the time has come to hand over the reins to a new editor.  I’m sure you will join me in wishing him a happy, and peaceful, retirement.

His replacement has just been announced and it’s someone you already know, as Samuel and Mister Ron!  Congratulations to Chris Lancaster, who will be the new editor from February 2018.  I am hoping that he will be able to join us at January’s Birthday Bash – I’ve already tempted him with the offer of cake from the lovely Crypticsue!

I took this photo of Chris (left) at the Listener Dinner in 2014
(on the right are Chalicea and her husband Charles)


…and here is the new streamlined version of our new editor

16 comments on “New Telegraph Puzzles Editor

  1. Thanks to Phil for his hard work and best wishes for his retirement. Good luck to the new incumbent and congratulations on the promotion from Mr Ron to Mr Ed.

    1. Don’t you mean Mister Ron to Mister Ed?!

      Congratulations Chris and warm wishes for a well-deserved retirement to Phil McNeill.

  2. Wishing a happy retirement to Phil and sending many congratulations to Chris. I do hope that doesn’t mean an end to puzzles from Samuel and Mister Ron?

    1. Jane, my first reaction was also – oh, no – does that mean no more puzzles from Samuel and Mister Ron? Please, say it isn’t so! In any case, congrats to Chris.

      1. Hi Jane & Merusa,

        Many thanks; I can reassure you that Samuel and Mister Ron puzzles will continue — albeit not perhaps at quite the same frequency as at present!


  3. Best wishes for your retirement Phil. We bet that one of the things you won’t mind missing are middle of the night emails from New Zealand destroying your beauty sleep.
    Congratulations Chris on taking up the reins.

  4. Congratulations to both gentlemen. I am sure you know that the Telegraph puzzles play a large part in our lives, not just the people who post here, but the thousands of lurkers, and almost certainly thousands more across the globe. You bring great enjoyment and challenges to each day. Thank you.

  5. Congratulations and good luck Chris, and best wishes for your retirement Phil – it will be interesting to see what happens next!

  6. Congratulations to Chris on your appointment. Splendid news, too, is that we shan’t be losing ‘Mister Ron’ and Samuel, whose crosswords have given so much pleasure. All the very best!

    Very best wishes to Phil for your retirement. I hope it will be happy and fulfilling. Huge thanks and much appreciation for keeping us entertained throughout the years. A very special thank-you, too, for the additional treat of puzzles by the late and much missed Petitjean.

  7. Many thanks and good wishes to Phil McNeil and congratulations to Chris Lancaster. Thanks to both for our ‘daily bread’, if that isn’t being too sacrilegious.

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