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DT 28570

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28570

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 28th October 2017

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Mister Ron provided this particular Saturday Prize Puzzle. Lots to enjoy but if I’d had my test solving ‘how many of each type of clue’ sheet out, I might have found out exactly how many times, for example, I’d chopped some letters off to replace them with something else!

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1a    Security wanting all to clear off (10)
COLLATERAL – An anagram (off) of ALL TO CLEAR

6a    Give up returning fashionable decadent clothes (4)
CEDE – Lurking (clothes) in reverse (returning) in fashionablE DECadent

10a    Compass moved quickly, finally pointing east (5)
RANGE – RAN (moved quickly) G (the final letter of pointing) E (East)

11a    Walk open-armed when upset (9)
PROMENADE – An anagram (when upset) of OPEN ARMED

12a    Colourful creature, something in the garden to be eaten by cat? (8)
PARAKEET – A RAKE (something in the garden) ‘eaten by’ PET (cat?)

13a    Plot way to catch cold (5)
PATCH – PATH (way) to ‘catch’ C (cold)

15a    Bans partner’s parents after divorce? (7)
OUTLAWS – I do know some people who refer to their partner’s parents as this even while still married as opposed to divorced!

17a    Expressionless corpse with power to drive medium away (7)
DEADPAN – Replace (drive … away) the M for Medium in DEAD MAN (corpse) and replace with P for Power

19a    Hearts, perhaps, surrounding dodgy ref — it’s too much (7)
SURFEIT – SUIT (of cards – hearts, perhaps) surrounding an anagram (dodgy) of REF

21a    Get into shape before couple’s announcement (7)
PREPARE – PRE (before) and a homophone (announcement) of PAIR (couple)

22a    Article thanks Greek character (5)
THETA – THE (definite article) TA (thanks)

24a    One hanging on where falling soldier might be found (8)
PARASITE – Where a soldier who jumps out of an aircraft might be found

27a    Super-vile, possibly (9)
REPULSIVE – An anagram (possibly) of SUPER VILE

28a    Better in extra large, as they say (5)
EXCEL – A homophone (as they say) of XL (extra large)

29a    The old students shout (4)
YELL – YE (the old way of saying the) L L (learners, students)

30a    Weaknesses shown by supporters of Cassius? (4,2,4)
FEET OF CLAY – The supporters of Cassius Clay the boxer


1d    Swimmer in quartet among 18 from the south (4)
CARP – A reversal (from the south) of the first four letters (quartet) of the solution to 18d

2d    Ruined ancestral city (9)
LANCASTER – An anagram (ruined) of ANCESTRAL Even if you didn’t know that Mister Ron set this one, the self-referential solution (his surname) does give it away. Apparently he’s been meaning to use this clue for years!

3d    Where one might find sportspeople are not available (5)
ARENA – ARE (from the clue) NA (not available)

4d    Timelessly seductive woman is queen (7)
TEMPTRESS – Remove both Ts (timelessly) from TEMPTRESS (seductive woman)

5d    Work in ‘Bill & Ted’ took over (7)
ADOPTED – OP (work) in AD (bill) and TED (from the clue)

7d    Perform in French before a court (5)
ENACT – EN (the French word for in) A CT (a court)

8d    Just need van he’d damaged (4-6)
EVEN-HANDED – An anagram (damaged) of NEED VAN HED

9d    Look up Eastern wine — it enhances the memory (8)
KEEPSAKE – A reversal (up in a Down clue) of PEEK (look) plus SAKE (Eastern wine)

14d    Story put out, very heartless and confused (5-5)
TOPSY-TURVY – An anagram (out) of STORY PUT followed by VY (‘heartless’ very)

16d    A crew competent and compliant (8)
AMENABLE – A (from the clue) MEN (crew) ABLE (competent)

18d    Realistic after rehearsal, shortened a line (9)
PRACTICAL – PRACTICe (rehearsal ‘shortened’) A (from the clue) L (line)

20d    Joint champions? (7)
TOPSIDE – This joint of beef could, if split 3,4, possibly be a champion team

21d    Swapping RE, senior pupil gets 10/10? (7)
PERFECT – Swap the R and E in a PREFECT (senior pupil)

23d    Professional leaving right and left boot out (5)
EXPEL – Leave the RT (right) from EXPERT (professional) and replace with an L (left)

25d    Cut mostly fine bundle (5)
SHEAF – Most of SHEAr (cut) and F (fine)

26d    Partner runs from part of tennis match (4)
ALLY – Remove R (runs) from RALLY (part of tennis match)


4 comments on “DT 28570

  1. This was a total delight so thanks to Mister Ron and Sue for setting and reminding me of an enjoyable experience last Saturday afternoon. I solved 12a but wondered why and when I realised the parsing it made me smile – bliss.

  2. Found a copy of the paper on the train back from the York S&B and saved it for a suitable spare moment. It made a pleasant diversion in the waiting room while my grandchildren were having their piano lessons the other day . Liked 30ac, but not sure how many solvers would have known Ali’s previous name. Thanks to setter and blogger.

  3. Thanks to CS and to the setter – I’m none the wiser who Mister Ron is even with your ‘clue’, but he sets a lovely crossword. I won’t confess how long it took me (right to the end of the alphabet) to get ‘excel’ – I was trying to get OS for outsize!

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