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Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28564

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 21st October 2017

BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

Not a read and write for me this week but I do have just one favourite clue 25a

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1a    Support initiation for priest with endless money — he gets a cheap holiday (10)
BACKPACKER – BACK (support) P (the ‘initiation’ for Priest) and some ‘endless’ ACKERs (a slang term for money)

6a    Retain stronghold (4)
KEEP – Double definition – one a verb, the other a noun

10a    Dog‘s surprised expression meeting American soldier (5)
CORGI – COR (surprised expression) meeting GI (American soldier)

11a    Drug case arousing memories (9)
EVOCATIVE – E (drug) VOCATIVE (grammatical case)

12a    Important church priest, one I overlooked (7)
MINSTER – This week’s very old friend – remove (overlooked) the I (one) from MINISTER (priest)

13a    Dish served in Edinburgh, hot and rather bewitching? (7)
HAGGISH – HAGGIS (dish served in Edinburgh) and H (hot)

14a    Splashing out no penny, miser makes profitable business (5-7)
MONEY-SPINNER – An anagram (splashing out) of NO PENNY MISER

18a    Owe orchestra for playing in limited competition (3-5,4)
TWO-HORSE RACE – An anagram (for playing) of OWE ORCHESTRA

21a    Sample decor in the Greek city (7)
CORINTH – Found in a sample of deCOR IN THe

23a    Lack of practice in support for responsible person (7)
TRUSTEE – RUST (lack of practice) in TEE (support)

24a    Wild lion and tiger lurking (9)
LOITERING – An anagram (wild) of LION and TIGER

25a    Spring flower‘s spike to keep bulb free of bees? (5)
TULIP – TIP (spike) keeping UL (the truly brilliant – bulb ‘free’ of Bs)

26a    ‘Rag Trade’ not traditional fashion (4)
RAGE – Remove the TRAD (not traditional) from RAG tradE

27a    One’s business is taking a dive (10)
SUBMARINER – A cryptic definition of a particular Naval career


1d    Suit live issue (6)
BECOME – BE (live) COME (issue)

2d    Concerned about criminal organisation (6)
CARING – CA (circa, about) RING (criminal organisation)

3d    Sort of racehorse show with gun dog (5-2-7)

4d    Miserable poet’s always left absorbed in board game (9)
CHEERLESS – EER (how a poet might say always) ‘absorbed in’ CHESS (board game)

5d    Manage being shown up with husband a long time (5)
EPOCH – A reversal (being shown up) of COPE (manage) with H (husband)

7d    Books comprising treason, start to finish (8)
EDITIONS – Move the letter at the start of SEDITION (treason) to the end of the word

8d    God beset by prayer for large number (8)
PLETHORA – THOR (god) ‘beset by’ PLEA (prayer)

9d    Lawyers win and resist source of cheap goods (7,7)
BARGAIN COUNTER – BAR (lawyers) GAIN (win) COUNTER (resist)

15d    Plan getting precious stone under layers of rock (9)
STRATAGEM – GEM (precious stone) under STRATA (layers of rock)

16d    Fussy person glued label about learner (8)
STICKLER – STICKER (glued label) ‘about’ L (learner)

17d    US President nearly a century ago keeping old poster (8)
HOARDING – Warren HARDING (who was US President from 1921 – 1923, so nearly a century ago) ‘keeping’ O (old)

19d    Knight under scarf is hot (6)
STOLEN – N (Knight in a chess game) under STOLE (scarf)

20d    Mollify bad mood (6)
TEMPER – Another double defintiion

22d    Oriental poem with sound of excited talk as lovebirds do (5)
HAIKU – A homophone (sound of) HIGH (excited) COO (talk as lovebirds do)


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  1. Thanks CS, came here to get parsing of 1ac. And in case the setter sees this, I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed a crossword more!

  2. I prefer the system where the answer is hidden until it is touched. The present Way leaves no room for deduction from your hints and is a little bit too much in your face.

    1. The reviews of the weekend prize puzzles have always shown the solutions and the explanations are given in full rather than hinted at, not least because the solver has had six days to work on the crossword

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