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DT 28270

Daily Telegraph No 28270

A full review by crypticsue

This puzzle was published on 12th November 2016

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BD Rating – Difficulty */**   Enjoyment **

The commenters on the day appeared to enjoy this puzzle but I’m afraid that once I’d groaned and filled in the solution to the ancient wrinkled chestnut that was 1a, I didn’t find an awful lot to cheer me up, so this Saturday Prize Puzzle wasn’t much of a birthday treat.

I did ask someone whether it was just me, and was advised that they thought it was ‘average’ but was surprised that no-one had commented on all the double unches.   I never consciously look at the grid until I’ve entered fair few solutions, so the sixteen double unches went unnoticed until I was reminded to look for them.



1a           Flower festival not starting (5)
ASTER – a groan worthy old chestnut to start with – the festival of EASTER without its ‘start’.  Perhaps Mr Kitty could research how many times this clue or its variants have appeared over the years.

4a           I miss putting egg on first — it’s wasteful (8)
PRODIGAL – I (one) and GAL (girl, miss) go after PROD (egg on first

8a           Enduring not having a date? (8)
TIMELESS –  Without a date or time?

9a           Give William printed sheet (8)
HANDBILL –  HAND (give) BILL (William)

11a         Rubbish in entrance, it’s enough to take one’s breath away (7)
GAROTTE – ROT (rubbish) in GATE (entrance)

13a         Thief left with fire-raiser, reportedly (9)
LARCENIST –  L (left) followed by a homophone (reportedly) of ARSONIST (fire-raiser)

15a         Cook maybe prospered thus and enjoyed a long life (3,1,4,7)
HAD A GOOD INNINGS – As Alistair Cook, the England captain did in India last weekend, or how one might describe the life of someone who’d reached a ripe old age.

18a         Share beer and philosophy (9)
RATIONALE – RATION (share) ALE (beer)

21a         Square   fellow (7)
RUSSELL – A famous London square or a man’s name (in fact, my Dad’s middle name)

22a         Backing bridge partners when one’s in action (8)
SANCTION –  S and N are partners in a game of bridge – put the S at the start and insert the N into ACTION (from the clue)

24a         Greek character returned racing around without concern (8)
UNCARING – Reverse (returned) the Greek letter NU and following with an anagram (around) of RACING

25a         Incomplete sentence? Labour can be limited this way (4-4)
PART-TIME – PART (incomplete) TIME (a prison sentence?)

26a         Sound of bird, small, in dry surroundings (5)
TWEET – WEE (small) in TT (teetotal, dry)


1d           23   in every respect (10)
ALTOGETHER –  What you are if you are in the 23d or an adverb meaning in every respect

2d           Tropical tree supplying river in Devon’s source (8)
TAMARIND – TAMAR (river in Devon) IN (from the clue) D (the ‘source’ of Devon)

3d           Triangle to be redrawn with reference (8)
RELATING – An anagram (to be redrawn) of TRIANGLE

4d           Top-class post office shut up (4)
POSH – PO (Post Office) SH (shut up, be quiet)

5d           Potter in bundle, upset and led astray (6)
DAWDLE – A reversal (upset in a Down clue) of WAD (bundle) followed by an anagram (astray) of LED

6d           Ruby, perhaps, and I following popular heavenly duo (6)
GEMINI – A ruby is an example, perhaps, of a GEM followed by IN (popular) and I (from the clue)

7d           Three students welcoming university break (4)
LULL – U (university) being welcomed by three lots of L for learner (students)

10d         Row right after broadcast — it gets many people up in the air (8)
AIRLINER –  LINE (row) and R (right) go after AIR (broadcast).  Very helpful giving us part of the solution in the last word of the clue.

12d         Strange doodle artist’s framed in fabulous place (8)
ELDORADO – RA (Royal Academician, artist) ‘framed in’ an anagram (strange) of DOODLE

14d         Match steps required in trial for 10? (4,6)
TEST FLIGHT – TEST (match) FLIGHT (steps)

16d         TV programme from novel’s supported by actors (8)
NEWSCAST – NEW[‘]S (novel’s) supported by or goes on top of CAST (actors)

17d         Hooter goes before dodgy club go into decline (8)
NOSEDIVE – NOSE (hooter) goes before DIVE (dodgy club)

19d         Note curdled milk on the turn (6)
TENNER – Now if only our setter had looked up RENNET in the dictionary, they’d have discovered (as we all already knew) that rennet is ‘any means of curdling milk’ and not the end product itself.   What we are asked to do is reverse RENNET (on the turn) to get an informal name for a ten-pound note

20d         Choose not to take part in work with solicitor (3,3)
OPT OUT – OP (work) TOUT (solicitor)

22d         Call for similar cards (4)
SNAP- The one clue that made me smile when I realised what the cryptic definition meant.

23d         One discovered coming from dune? (4)
NUDE – One discovered or not covered up is an anagram of (coming from) DUNE.




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  1. Hi Sue, I only just saw your comment about 1a. Here’s every occurrence of ASTER on the back page since 2001:

    Mon 30 Aug 04 CRYPTIC 24459 22a Tears shed for Daisy (5)
    Mon 16 Jul 12 CRYPTIC 26919 6d Middle Eastern plant (5)
    Wed 11 Sep 13 CRYPTIC 27280 2d Extremely deficient Oriental flower (5)
    Tue 7 Jan 14 CRYPTIC 27380 23a Flower expert losing face (5)
    Fri 16 Oct 15 CRYPTIC 27934 13a Plant festival beginning to take off (5)
    Mon 18 Jan 16 CRYPTIC 28013 22d Tears shed for Flora (5)
    Mon 25 Apr 16 CRYPTIC 28097 24a Growth of monastery? (5)
    Tue 2 Aug 16 CRYPTIC 28182 10a Flower festival failing to open (5)

    So it’s appeared as a deletion involving eASTERn, mASTER, and eASTER (twice). Along with two lurkers and an anagram of TEARS twice.

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