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NTSPP – 352

NTSPP – 352

Colour Matches by Windsurfer

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This puzzle was distributed at the S&B meeting in York on Saturday 29 October.

The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

This crossword, intended for the assembled cruciverbalists at the Sloggers and Betters meeting in York and now shared with us commemorates the historic rivalry between the House of York and the House of Lancaster.

Given the problems with the site over the weekend, I came to this rather late and so the review is lacking in the usual illustrations.


1 So far, these rows turn into neighbourly disputes (4,2,3,5)
WARS OF THE ROSES – An anagram (turn) of SO FAR THESE ROWS.

10 Opposite to Port Réal (5)
RIGHT – The opposite side to port with a subsidiary clue in that Real is also a side in the Spanish football league (though Real is the Spanish for Royal).

11 Girl, the last one to the toilet with a principally leaky water system (4,5)
SUEZ CANAL – A three letter girl’s name followed by the last letter of the alphabet (the last one), a three letter word for a toilet, the A from the clue and the first letter (principally) of leaky.

12 Partner not beginning to treat strain (6)
OVERDO – A five letter word for a romantic partner with the first letter removed (not beginning) and a two letter word meaning to treat.

13 To ride on board – running a risk to get wet (5,3)
WATER SKI – An anagram (running) of A RISK WET.

15 It’s found in Harry (or king’s) bowl (4)
YORK – The answer is hidden in HARRY OR KING.

16 Unit confounding rout, capturing dead one at 23 (5,5)
HENRY TUDOR – A physical unit of inductance followed by an anagram (confounding) of ROUT including (capturing) the abbreviation for dead.

20 Labour chap, posh, meets gangster’s wife at 15, topless! (6,4)
MANUAL WORK – A three letter word for a man followed by the one letter abbreviation for posh, the first name of a notorious American gangster, the abbreviation for wife and the answer to 15 across without the first letter (topless).

21 Regular friend is describing victors at 23 (4)
REDS – The even letters (regular) of the second and third words of the clue to give the Lancastrian colour.

23 Crossbows position without leader in battle (8)
BOSWORTH – An anagram (cross) of BOWS followed by a compass position with the first letter.

26 Combatants at 23 are second with energy dissipated (6)
WHITES – An anagram (dissipated) of S (second) WITH E (energy) for the colour of the Yorks.

29 Unruly clan flower in city (9)
LANCASTER – An anagram (unruly) of CLAN followed by a flower of the daisy family.

30 Relative direction to trap, that is, Richard the Third (5)
NIECE – A two letter compass direction includes the abbreviation for “that is” and the third letter of Richard.

31 King’s citing he’s troubled by the view after 23 possibly (9,5)
SICKENING SIGHT – An anagram (troubled) of KINGS CITING HES.


2 Panamanian dictator rejected fencing – originally notched and incorporating large bracket (5,4)
ANGLE IRON – Reverse NORIEGA (Panamanian dictator) and include separately the first letter (originally) of notched and the abbreviation for large.

3 Layman separately makes the final 1 to be this at 23 (5)
SITED – An three letter word for lay followed by a shortened form of Edward (man) with the separately indicating the split.

4 Maybe bass WiFi should be sampled (4)
FISH – The answer is hidden in WIFI SHOULD.

5 Sounds like drunk girl is a beast (5)
HYENA – A homophone of HIGH (drunk) ENA (girl).

6 For a second time, develop acting career, note (8)
RECREATE – An anagram (acting) of CAREER followed by a musical note.

7 Cavity filling suspicious within (5)
SINUS – Add the IN (withIN) into (filling) an abbreviation for suspicious.

8 Bond protects one who is found at 23 (7)
SOLDIER – A type of bond used to add electronic components to a board around (protects) an I (one).

9 Religious establishment earlier unknown (6)
PRIORY – A word meaning earlier followed by an algebraic letter for an unknown.

14 Crying sound from setter’s response to pain (4)
MEOW – A two letter word for the setter followed by a word uttered to a painful experience.

17 Unusual tiger area discovered in retrospect (4)
RARE – The answer is hidden and reversed in TIGER AREA.

18 Received wisdom? (4,5)
DREW TEETH –  A cryptic definition of a dental extraction.

19 Peers over heartily scratched battery housing (8)
BARONAGE – Remove the central letter (heartily scratched) the central letter for a battery or artillery bombardments and add in a word meaning over or above.

20 American port‘s decorations and phones (7)
MOBILES – Triple definition.

22 University makes Doctor Seuss cross (6)
SUSSEX – An anagram (doctor) of SEUSS followed by the letter representing a cross.

24 Thus comprehending by using sound (5)
SONIC – A three letter Latin meaning thus includes (comprehending) a wording by.

25 Couple at dinner reportedly for musical get together (5)
TUTTI – A homophone (reportedly) of TWO (couple) TEA (dinner).

27 Gandhi’s half translated language? (5)
HINDI – Half of Gandhi gives DHI.  The answer is a literal translation of how you would describe those letters.

28 Leaders of dragoon rifles and guardsmen go on and on (4)
DRAG – The initial letters (leaders of) of the third to sixth letters of the clue.

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  1. Hi BD. Almost glad to see you back up and running when I clicked on this morning, however when I clicked on the grid I am transferred to a screen which says “nothing found”.
    Good luck with getting rid of these gremlins – you are much missed.

    1. Should be there now – this post missed its schedule time because of the problems but I forgot to check the puzzle itself, which also missed out.

  2. An interesting mix of hard and not-so-hard. I have a completed grid, but question marks by a number to understand the partings, Ilook forward to Prolixic’s explanations. Fascinating theme, how true is 31. Many thanks Windsurfer.

  3. We had rather a long wait to be able to access this one but it proved to be well worth waiting for. We did have to brush up some vaguely remembered history along the way but did eventually get it all sorted. Good fun.
    Thanks Windsurfer.

    1. Thanks to all who persevered with the problems. I felt for Big Dave with his tribulations. I’m presently enjoying balmy weather in Venice with only phone contact. I”ll try to respond after the blog has been published

  4. Well, I ended up with a full grid except for 19D and I just couldn’t see that at all. 2D and 27D were my picks. Thanks, Windsurfer. Worth the wait. I found parts of this a real challenge. 18D took quite a while to sort out. Thanks also to Prolixic for the review.

  5. Very much up to “Saturday Toughie” standard and so very enjoyable. To achieve this with a theme is highly admirable. Thanks Windsurfer.

  6. Sorry to be so late in – first access I’ve had to the site in a while.
    Many thanks for the review, Prolixic, I certainly needed it to sort out some of the parsing. I’ve struggled with Windsurfer’s wavelength before and this one proved to be no exception!

    Well done for fitting in so many themed answers, Windsurfer – spot on for the venue.

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