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DT 28222

Daily Telegraph No 28222

A full review by crypticsue

This puzzle was published on 17th September 2016

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BD Rating – Difficulty */**- Enjoyment **

A Saturday puzzle which didn’t take long either to solve or type the review.


2a           Unofficially it’s where the song that went on too long ended (3,3,6)
OFF THE RECORD – A cryptic definition taking us back to the days of vinyl records

8a           Exclude new building (4)
BARN – BAR (exclude) N (new)

9a           Enjoy sage also (8)
LIKEWISE – LIKE (enjoy) WISE (sage)

10a         Fight for reforms immediately (5,3)
RIGHT OFF – An anagram (reforms) of FIGHT FOR

11a         Neither road leads to country (6)
NORWAY – NOR (neither) WAY (road)

12a         Strike leader is a shark (10)
HAMMERHEAD – HAMMER (strike) HEAD (leader)

13a         Going west, is able to cut through Brynner’s Folly (6)
LUNACY – A reversal (going West in an Across clue) of CAN (is able to) cut through YUL (Brynner)

16a         Thousand involved in quite a battle (5)
SOMME – M (Roman numeral for 1,000) involved in SOME (quite)

17a         Sitting room? (6) STUDIO – A cryptic definition of a room where someone might sit for a portrait

18a         Frisk a few seen as game for a laugh? (10)
FROLICSOME – FROLIC (frisk) FEW (some)

21a         Gain for female with sex appeal (6)
PROFIT – PRO (for) F (female) IT (sex appeal)

23a         Country without a man that’s impoverished (8)
INDIGENT – INDIa (the country without the A at the end) GENT (man)

24a         Show goodwill to be right when devil’s around (8)
BEFRIEND – BE (from the clue) and R (right) inserted into FIEND (devil’s around)

25a         Straight from the bar (4)
NEAT – Straight in the sense of tidy or a drink that is undiluted

26a         Kind of benefit one gets from not working? (12)
UNEMPLOYMENT – Not the most difficult cryptic definition ever encountered.


1d           Airman crashes in harbour (6)
MARINA – An anagram (crashes) of AIRMAN

2d           Recovering, need month off (2,3,4)
ON THE MEND –  Another anagram, this time off telling you to rearrange NEED MONTH

3d           A number in quartet show preference (6)
FAVOUR – A (from the clue) and V (Roman ‘number’) inserted into FOUR (quartet)

4d           Te break! (4-4,7)
HALF-TERM HOLIDAY – TE is HALF [of] TERM and a HOLIDAY is a break.  I think everything that needed to be said about this clue was said on Saturday.

5d           Kinder to differ with the French fan again (8)
REKINDLE – An anagram (to differ) of KINDER followed by LE, the French definite article

6d           Cringe, seeing cowcatcher missing Dolly perhaps (5)
COWER –  A dolly in cricket is a term used to describe an easy CATCH which is what is missing from COWCATCHER to produce the solution

7d           Collected information to look through again (8)
RESEARCH – Information collected after systematic investigation;  just remove the hyphen from RE-SEARCH or look through again

14d         Novel on flop hospital department that trades in organs (9)
NEWSAGENT – NEW (novel) SAG (flop) ENT (Ear Nose and Throat department of a hospital)

15d         Nurse got cooked fish (8)
STURGEON – An anagram (cooked) of NURSE GOT

16d         Not a hard way to get customers? (4,4)
SOFT SELL – Another cryptic definition, this one describing the mildly persuasive tactics used to get someone to buy one’s products

19d         With nothing in, I eat medicinal stuff (6)
IODINE – I DINE (I eat) into which is inserted O (nothing).  Having spent a good hour at our local minor injuries unit on Friday afternoon, following an incident where Mr CS met a power tool and the power tool definitely won, and so his treatment involved quite a lot of this medicinal ‘stuff’, this solution just wrote itself in.   

20a         Guidebook that’s handily done (6)
MANUAL –   A guidebook or something that’s done by hand.

22a         Loud duck with spirit in marketplace (5)
FORUM – F (musical abbreviation for loud) O (a duck being a score of nought in cricket) RUM (spirit)






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  1. Hi Big Dave Thanks for the past help its really helped me in learning the art of crossword solving. Just a few errors though in this weeks prize crossword solution. 23A Is 8 letters and INIGENT is only 7 the solution I arrived at was IDIGNENT. Similarly 25a The solution is NEAT not STRAIGHT.
    Hope you don’t mind me pointing this out but I’m in very early stage of doing cryptic crosswords and spotting someone’s errors makes a pleasant change from trying to figure out my own errors.

    Kind regards


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