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ST 2817

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2817

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 11th October 2015

Another lovely Sunday puzzle, I’m really glad it was my turn to do the review and have twice the fun.

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1a           Guide to making food in English clubs ready to eat outside (6)
RECIPE –   RIPE (ready to eat) goes ‘outside’ E (English) and C (clubs).

4a           State in which you’ll find 50 per cent of Alaskans — plus earlier 25 per cent (6)
KANSAS – Typical Virgilius and my favourite clue –   The second 50% of AlasKANS followed by AS – two of the eight  letters (25%) of AlASKANS.

8a           One appears in improper cabaret, cause of some complaints (8)
BACTERIA – I (one) inserted into (appears in) an anagram (improper) of CABARET.

10a         Amorous male precisely interrupted by person in charge of event (6)
TOMCAT –   TO A T (precisely) ‘interrupted by’ MC (person in charge of event).

11a         Hard piece of advice taken wrong way, in essence (4)
PITH –   A reversal (taken wrong way) of   H (hard) TIP (piece of advice).

12a         Sorted clues out — I’m extremely careful (10)
METICULOUS –   An anagram (sorted) of CLUES OUT IM.

13a         Speculation about less civilised people creating state of confusion (12)
BEWILDERMENT –   BET (speculation) put round WILDER (less civilised) MEN (people).

16a         Steps down from deck using method following mate (12)
COMPANIONWAY  –  WAY (method) following or going after COMPANION (mate).

20a         Author of book, novel bitter in inclination (10)
LIBRETTIST   –   An anagram (novel) of BITTER inserted into LIST (inclination).

21a         Save last of port in cask (4)
BUTT –   BUT (save, except for) and the last letter of port.

22a         Stick together in company at this point (6)
COHERE –   CO (company) HERE (at this point).

23a         Negative response to various points repeatedly seen as rubbish (8)
NONSENSE –   NO (negative response) and NSE NSE (various compass points ‘repeatedly’)

24a         Start off job with little time to exercise? That’s stupid (6)
OBTUSE –  Remove the first letter from JOB, add T (little or abbreviated time) and USE (exercise).

25a         Yank wearing old jacket (6)
JERKIN –   JERK (yank) IN (wearing).


1d           Leaders I frantically got ready for (8)
REALISED –   Got cash (ready) in exchange for something.   An anagram (frantically) of LEADERS I.

2d           In time, get on board  lots of fish (5)
CATCH – A lovely triple definition – though quite why you’d want to be in time to get on board  a bus with a lot of fish I really don’t know.

3d           Massive monument English queen in decline set up (7)
PYRAMID –   The English Queen MARY inserted into DIP (decline) and the result reversed (set up in a Down clue).

5d           For example, a    story in newspaper (7)
ARTICLE –   A being an example of an indefinite article; a story in a newspaper is also called an article.

6d           Small brat revealed to be fool (9)
SIMPLETON – S (small) IMP (brat) LET ON (revealed)

7d           Standing of University shown in facts and figures (6)
STATUS –   U (university) inserted into STATS (facts and figures).

9d           Caught in middle of change, quarrel (11)
ALTERCATION –   C (caught) inserted into the middle of ALTERATION (change).

14d         I arranged concert about right? Wrong (9)
INCORRECT –   I (from the clue) followed by an anagram (arranged) of CONCERT into which is inserted an R (right).

15d         Guerrilla taking power, supported by skilled worker (8)
PARTISAN –   P (power) supported by, or followed by, ARTISAN (skilled worker).

17d         Brings up issue as female, partly from other standpoint (7)
MOTHERS –   Hidden in part of froM OTHER Standpoint.

18d         How halves of seesaw differ, with extreme force (7)
INTENSE –   The halves of SEESAW differ IN TENSE, one being present and the other past. If Kath isn’t looking, I’d like to have this clue as a favourite too, please.

19d         I’m appearing in something stunning, Asian garment (6)
KIMONO – IM (from the clue) and ON (appearing in) KO (knockout, something stunning).

21d         Bust ringleader imprisoned by magistrate (5)
BREAK –   The leader of Ring ‘imprisoned by’ or inserted into BEAK (magistrate).


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  1. Thank you very much, Crypticsue. I needed clarification for two clues. I thoroughly enjoyed this puzzle, so four-star thanks to Virgilius.

  2. This was a belter!.I do love the clues like 18d that require a certain amount of observation as to what is being written.
    Thanks, CS and Mr Greer!

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