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DT 27929

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27929

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 10th October 2015

Morning All!. Lots of word sums in the puzzle this week. It made it quite straightforward to solve but there were a couple of really good clues for me.

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1a           Measuring device for tower (10)
PROTRACTOR – A nice charade of PRO (for) and TRACTOR (that thing that tows a trailor). Cue EX TRACTOR FAN jokes…..

6a           Bookie’s offer about to finish (4)
STOP – Place an SP (an abbreviation – abb. – of a Starting Price offer from a bookie around (about) TO from the clue.

10a         Martial arts expert goes round island with a girl (5)
DIANA – A DAN or martial arts expert past a black belt (going around I for Island and then finished with A from the clue.

11a         Attacker from South America, one coming in at an angle (9)
ASSAILANT – Place SA (South Africa) and I for one inside ASLANT (they are coming into the word for ‘at an angle’.

12a         Person who’s left something on a support (7)
LEGATEE – A charade of LEG for the ‘on’ side in cricket then A from the clue and TEE (a support for e.g. the ball in golf)

13a         Bag carried by gardeners at Chelsea (7)
SATCHEL – A hidden word inside (carried by) the last three words of the clue.

14a         Become used to batting yet seeing one beaten (3,4,3,2)
GET ONES EYE IN – An anagram (indicated by ‘beaten’ or smashed up) of YET SEEING ONE.

18a         Musician performing in recitals not drinking therein (12)
CLARINETTIST – An anagram (performing) of IN RECITALS with TT (TeeTotal or not drinking) placed inside (therein).

21a         Means to attract attention in row — I’ll give better advice (7)
TIPSTER – PST (or usually PSST!) is a way to attract attention. Place the former inside a TIER or row. The better here is one who bets rather than an improvement.

23a         Most gentle criminal ‘Slim Ted’ (7)
MILDEST – A simple anagram (criminal) of SLIM TED.

24a         Cutting ditch needs worker perhaps (9)
TRENCHANT – Lovely clue. Place a TRENCH (ditch) next to an ANT, a worker ANT (perhaps).

25a         Regarding vehicle turning over, it goes very fast (5)
RACER – A reversal of RE: CAR (Reference or regarding and a vehicle).

26a         Cover mathematical function of variable (4)
COSY – This tool me a long time to solve whilst going through Hyperbolic (mostly 4 letter) mathematical functions. In fact we need a COS (or cosine as a function) and then Y for a variable in mathematics (X, Y. and Z for example).

27a         Good entertainer’s right person to provide scary tale (5,5)
GHOST STORY – A charade of G for Good then HOST’S (entertainer’s) and then a ORY or right wing political type in the UK.


1d           Blade theologian used in fencing (6)
PADDLE – Place a DD (abb. of Divinitas Doctor or theologian) inside a PALE ot piece of fencing.

2d           Old cooker in Dutch house (6)
ORANGE – O for Old and then a RANGE for cooker/hob/Aga.

3d           A dictator there in revolt to make drastic threat (4,3,4,3)
READ THE RIOT ACT – Make an anagram (indicated by ‘In Revolt’) of A DICTATOR THERE.

4d           Tea for every single person giving protection (9)
CHAPERONE – A charade of CHA (tea), PER (for every as in miles per hour) and ONE for single.

5d           Love unchanged spot that’s pleasant (5)
OASIS – O for Love/zero/nothing and then AS IS (unchanged).

7d           After time, I tucked into slice of bacon of worse quality (8)
TRASHIER – Put I for One inside a RASHER of bacon all after T for Time.

8d           English trade union in factory with bad attitude (8)
PETULANT – E for English and TU for Trade Union inside a PLANT or factory/works.

9d           Sit around in costume trousers from the Seventies, things for an emergency (8,6)
DISTRESS FLARES – An anagram (around) of SIT inside DRESS (costume) and FLARES, the excellent trouser statement from the 1970s – D *(SIT) RESS FLARES.

15d         Reckons big cars will go about one mile (9)
ESTIMATES – The ESTATES (big cars in the plural) go around I for one and M for Miles. As usual.

16d         Jubilant financial district staying put (8)
ECSTATIC – EC is the financial district/Postcode in London. Add STATIC for staying put/not moving.

17d         Fish as start of meal adorned with chopped parsley (8)
LAMPREYS – The starting letter of M(eal) goes inside a chopped anagram of PARSLEY. Big Dave pointed out to us bloggers that Henry I of England died from a ‘surfeit of lampreys’ eaten against his physicians advice. Google this as there are some great diagrams for what the physicians were actually thinking!.

19d         Again sound out Greek character about forerunner of EU (2-4)
RE-ECHO – The Greek letter RHO goes outside the EEC (European Economic Community)

20d         Yard beneath shop floor (6)
STOREY – Simply place Y for Yard underneath a STORE or shop.

22d         Stretch of river for everyone (5)
REACH – R for River followed by EACH (for everyone).

Thanks to the setter for the puzzle. I have a week off but will be seeing some of you (and others) on Saturday in Borough Market, hopefully. In the meantime I am looking forward rewasonably un-generous corrections for the blog!