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DT 27925

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27925

Hints and tips by Gazza

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BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment **

This is very straightforward so I don’t anticipate that the hints will be required much today. Let us know what you thought of it and how you fared.

If you click on any of the areas showing ‘Click here!’ you’ll see the actual answer so only do that as a last resort.

Across Clues

1a Former lover was modelling, laid bare (7)
EXPOSED – the short word used for a former partner is followed by a verb meaning ‘was modelling’ (for an artist or photographer).

5a Embarrassed when actor initially exploits director (7)
ASHAMED – string together a conjunction meaning when, an informal word for an actor (normally one who overacts), the initial letter of exploits and D(irector).

9a Re stoop — it could make you most short (7)
POOREST – an anagram (could make) of RE STOOP gives you a superlative meaning most short (of money).

10a Turn to bat — proceeds to lose wicket (7)
INNINGS – drop the abbreviation for wicket from the proceeds (of a successful bet, for example).

11a Man in services seen with empty lorry on a frequent basis (9)
REGULARLY – a man (or woman?) in the armed services is followed by the outer letters (when empty) of lorry.

12a Be in crate that’s tossed north of the border? (5)
CABER – insert BE (from the clue) into what crate can be an informal word for (especially if it’s old and decrepit).

13a Grew small flowers (5)
ROSES – a verb meaning grew or moved up is followed by S(mall).

15a One thousand newspapers: editor’s overwhelmed (9)
IMPRESSED – to make the answer we have to stitch together the Roman numerals for one and a thousand, a word for newspapers viewed collectively and the abbreviation for editor.

17a Lingerie — two articles from abroad are ordered by women (9)
UNDERWEAR – articles (indefinite and definite respectively) from European languages are followed by W(omen) and an anagram (ordered) of ARE.

19a Rags made from loose dress, first to last (5)
MOCKS – the definition (rags) is a verb not a noun. Think of a plain, loose dress and move its first letter to the end.

22a Son visits gallery, showing discernment (5)
TASTE – not only does the S(on) visit this London gallery, he actually goes inside it.

23a In stress, I’d start to show blunders (9)
ACCIDENTS – insert I’D in a word meaning stress or emphasis then finish with the starting letter of S(how).

25a Judge from one American state impounding 1000 dollars (7)
IMAGINE – the Roman numeral for one followed by a North-Eastern US state contain the letter used as an abbreviation for $1,000.

26a Not informed United Nations has a battle with Spain (7)
UNAWARE – string together the abbreviation for United Nations, A from the clue, a battle or period of armed conflict and the IVR code for Spain.

27a Fancied lodger? Sounds like it (7)
GUESSED – this sounds like what a lodger is an example of in one’s house.

28a Nice text — unfortunately line finally goes dead (7)
EXTINCT – an anagram (unfortunately) of NICE T[e]XT without the final letter of line.

Down Clues

1d Rome ripe to be changed? One’s got rid of Caesar, perhaps (7)
EMPEROR – an anagram (to be changed) of ROME R[i]PE without the Roman numeral for one.

2d Sow plus hog — one finds them on a farm (7)
PLOUGHS – an anagram (sow) of PLUS HOG.

3d That woman will peel outside (5)
SHELL – a feminine pronoun (that woman) is followed by the abbreviated form of will.

4d Find out, from Parisian, word in English (9)
DETERMINE – paste together the French preposition meaning from, a synonym for word, IN (from the clue) and E(nglish).

5d Friendship from a year in American university? Just the opposite (5)
AMITY – instead of putting A and Y(ear) inside the university ‘just the opposite’ tells us to put the abbreviation for the Massachusetts university inside A and Y(ear).

6d Present: finest lotion (4,5)
HAND CREAM – a verb to present or pass across is followed by a word meaning the finest or elite.

7d Coach finds skirt almost ruined (7)
MINIBUS – a type of skirt followed by all but the final letter of an informal adjective meaning ruined or broken.

8d Wanted something done about gentleman (7)
DESIRED – an action or ‘something done’ contains the respectful way to address a gentleman.

14d Where one finds doctors rise up and rise anew (9)
SURGERIES – a verb to rise up or increase suddenly is followed by an anagram (anew) of RISE.

16d Drop  safety equipment (9)
PARACHUTE – double definition, the first meaning to drop (supplies, say) from the air. I’m not keen on this clue – the two meanings are the verb and noun forms of the same word.

17d Aunty in gilet, pockets loosening (7)
UNTYING – hidden (pockets) in the clue.

18d Vicious punk rocker returned to get rest for illness (7)
DISEASE – the forename of Mr Vicious the punk rocker is reversed and after that we have a word for rest or tranquillity.

20d Continued briefly with article in house (7)
CONTAIN – the abbreviation for continued is followed by an indefinite article and IN (from the clue).

21d Mistrust religious school detaining us with pressure (7)
SUSPECT – a religious school or splinter group contains US and the abbreviation for pressure.

23d Winning as a captain? (5)
AHEAD – A (from the clue) followed by another word for captain or principal.

24d Sketch daughter on flat wooden boat (5)
DRAFT – D(aughter) is followed by (on, in a down clue) a flat wooden boat.

The clue I liked best was 27a. How about you?

Today’s Quickie Pun: ART + TAN + SEOUL = HEART AND SOUL

84 comments on “DT 27925

  1. I can’t have been on the setter’s wavelength as I found this to be quite tricky with the clock ticking over just into 3* time. Must do better in future… Thanks to Gazza and setter ***/****

  2. Found this really quite tricky, a 3* for difficulty for me, just struggled to get on the right wavelength. Probably because I am a bit stressed at the moment with the funeral of one one of my oldest friends this afternoon. Going to be tough.
    Thx to all

    1. Always tough, but especially when it’s a friend of long-standing. Take comfort from all the memories of the times you’ve shared – those will never leave you.

    2. Over the last 6 months I have been to 3 funerals of some very close friends, so I do feel for you Brian. All the best.

    3. Sorry to hear about your loss,no doubt you’ll be thinking of all the times you’ve had together , it hurts we’ve all been there.

    4. Brian, we are going back to the UK tomorrow to attend one our oldest friends’ funeral so we know what you are going through. We feel utterly miserable. Think of the happy times you had with your friend – this is what we are trying to do at this moment.

      1. Well done for attacking the crossword, Brian. I hope it took your mind off things. I know it can be tough. By now it will all be over and I hope it went as well as these occasions can.

  3. */***

    Nothing scary, nothing hard, nothing overly thrilling. Nice enough though.

    Agree with Gazza re 27a. Missed the anagram indicator in 2d for a bit.

    Not much else to say. MIT have a historic rivalry with Caltech students for ‘pranking’ each other. They’ve come up with some clever stuff.

    Many thanks to the setter and to Gazza for blogging. Sterling effort on the pictures.

    3 to go in the Toughie and I’m sure I’ve gone wrong somewhere.

      1. First thing this morning, the DT rated the cryptic at 5 difficulty and the toughie at 1. Completely the opposite – struggling to get beyond a couple of answers in the Toughie. Try again later.

        1. That’s the thing. Some people will rate a Toughie or back page with low difficulty. The same crossword will have others pulling their hair out. Keep at it.

          1. Got there – comment when the hints are published but once I got started it was probably a 3

    1. Having worked with many MIT graduates at a company in Cambridge, Mass. I know whose pranks I most admire! http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yahoo.gif

  4. enjoyable and straightforward. I liked 10a even though it is a cricket clue. In the anagram with single letter deletion category, I liked 1d (Rome ripe to be changed) and 28a (nice text). I also liked Gazza’s favourite – an old friend but nice surface.

  5. Oh balderdash – got ‘timed out’ again!

    OK so this was easy enough but I’d give it 4* for enjoyment simply because I appreciate this setter’s ability to construct such neat and coherent surfaces. As a result, too many podium contenders to mention.
    Thanks to Mr. Ron for an enjoyable Tuesday puzzle and also to Gazza – loved the 27a cartoon and the pic. of the Shires. So good of you to, yet again, spend some much time researching suitable pictorial illustrations for 17a&7d. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_whistle3.gif

  6. More delightful loaf of bread exercise today. Have to admit to a bung- in here and there but otherwise no real problems. No stand-out Favs. Thank you Mr. Ron and Gazza. **/***.

  7. Fairly straight forward today with nothing too difficult. I see that ‘crate’ is the flavour of the month at the moment, but at least I haven’t seen ‘audi’ for a bit – Mmmm, wonder why. I think I’ll go for 2d as my favourite today.

    Thanks to the Tuesday Mr Ron for the puzzle and Gazza for his review and pictures http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_wink.gif

    Today’s toughie is not what you would normally expect on a Tuesday – well I think so.

    1. That’s a bit of an understatement SL.

      I left you a reply before the site problems yesterday. No luck getting either wine. Was quite disheartening as I look forward to new ones.

      1. I saw – that’s probably because I bought out Morrison’s stockhttp://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yes.gif. However, I see it’s back on the shelves at it’s normal price.

        I have an ever growing list of my favourite wines from all the supermarkets and if I see them on the ‘mysupermarket’ website on offer, I normally go for them. If a wine I’ve not tried before appears on offer – I’ll investigate a bit further and if it looks good I’ll try a bottle.

        As you can see I normally go for a nice sharp white wine (none of your Chardonnay here) and bold, robust reds in the Winter. Maybe you should log in to the ‘mysupermaket’ website to see what’s occurring. You don’t have to buy through it and it’s kept up to date. It’s a good tool.

        1. ‘Bold, robust reds’ – now you’re talking my sort of wine language, SL. Bring them on!

            1. Fire Flower Shiraz Mourvedre – on offer @ Waitrose £5.99. Robust South African wine, high in tannins and ABV.

              1. Don’t have to go that far for that kind of “assemblage”.
                Shiraz and mourvedre are typical Côtes de Provence cépages.

                1. Good advice JL – unfortunately you won’t find a decent Cotes de Province in UK shops under £9. However, you’re always welcome in my neck of the woods if you bring some across with you http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_wacko.gif

                  I will, of course, stand the cost.

              2. By coincidence, I bought a bottle of the white Fire Flower yesterday for a friend – didn’t get the red as I’ve made blunders in the past over Shiraz. On your recommend, I shall hotfoot it back to Waitrose in the hope that there’s some left! http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_good.gif

  8. Didn’t find this easy at all, couldn’t have been on the right wavelength – needed hints for about 6 of them especially in the RHS of the puzzle.
    Did learn a few things but not in this setters mindset , hence not very enjoyable.


    Thanks to setter and Gazza for much needed hints

  9. R&W/2.5* I think this is the easiest cryptic crossword I have ever completed, but nevertheless it was reasonably enjoyable with some nice surface readings along the way.

    Many thanks to Mr. Ron and to Gazza.

  10. I’ll go with the majority flow on this one and mark it 2/3. A very pleasant but fairly straightforward Tuesday offering. Thanks to our setter and Gazza for the review.

    1. Nods in complete agreement. With one exception I completed this one as a ‘read and write-in’ – most enjoyable on a damp Tuesday morning and the photo at 17 across certainly compensated for the lack of sunshine http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_wink.gif

  11. Good old Gazza.
    Even managed to make the caber tosser look like a girlie.
    Enjoyed the review more than the crossword.
    Very poor surface.
    Not grumpy today. I did enjoy the toughie.
    Thanks to the setter and to Gazza.

        1. My experience would seem to suggest that whatever word you look for on Google Images, there will be at least one or two pictures that Gazza might choose, but I certainly wouldn’t.

          1. CS has it right. I just googled ‘caber tosser’ and the picture I chose seemed rather unusual (and not as suggestive as some of the others!).

          2. I’m amazed by some of the stuff I’ve come across when scouring Google Images for the pics. You can type in something that sounds pretty innocent, well, to me anyway, and then rather wish you hadn’t – I’m not giving any examples! http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/icon_redface.gif

  12. I agree that it was very straightforward but that’s OK – I enjoyed it. 1*/2* difficulty and nearly 4* for enjoyment.
    The only two I had a spot of bother with were 25 and 27a – couldn’t quite make what were very obviously the answers fit the definitions somehow.
    I went a bit blind when I read the clue for 10a so left it until last when alternate letters were in and it wasn’t a problem then.
    I liked 19 and 28a and 16 and 18d.
    With thanks to Mr Ron and to gazza.
    I hardly dare to say this but, so far, everything seems to be back to normal and working like clockwork – let’s see if I can post this now.

  13. Apart from initially putting Face Cream in for 6d,which gave me a problem with the rest of the NE corner, straightforward and a */**, looked forward to Gazza’s pics , and as usual was not disappointed .Liked 19a,not a lot else to say.

    1. Me too! Liked lots of clues today. Last one in was 7d. Having decided coach was bus I kept trying to find a word for ruined!

  14. Yes, quite straightforward at first, but got a bit stuck in NE corner. Got 5d OK, but had no idea of the US university, so had to guess the answer as it didnt quite work with Yale which is the only US uni I know! Had ‘incidents’ for 22a, so that held me up a bit until I realised my error. Almost came a cropper on 5a by putting in ‘Redford’ which I thought fitted the clue very well…ah well, nice misdirection! Otherwise a bit tame. 1*/2* Thanks to setter and to Gazza.

    1. MIT crops up more often than the usual ‘Ivy league’ universties such as Yale, Harvard etc…. It’s one to store away for future use.

  15. 1.5*/2.5*. Pretty straightforward as the top half went in instantly but I slowed on the bottom half. Thanks to the setter and Gazza for his correctly predicted unneeded review.

  16. Banksie well on the pace today……so much so that I’m in time to comment and for people to see it. I must be improving.

    If it’s not too late Brian, best wishes for this afternoon

  17. Mum and I finished today! Mainly because Mum was on good form. To use the vernacular, I was a bit rubbish.

  18. Agree with Gazza */** thanks for interesting blog. And thanks to Setter ☺️ Came cropper on the Quick Crossword ? Thought swede for 6d was a banker! Off to Woburn tomorrow, bought the tickets during the Indian Summer?

  19. Good afternoon all

    Very gentle fare today with only 19a briefly holding up proceedings.

    **/*** for me.

  20. Individual solves today from us. Kitty, The found it very nice and simple, but did have the luxury of doing it after a most welcome lie-in. Kitty, Mr had virtually no time but informs me that he made good progress anyway. All good fun. I do hope those who found it harder work appreciate that the commenters here include many folk who have been doing it for a while and are not disheartened by all the cries of “easy peasy.” Experience and practice count for a lot.

    For those who enjoy weather reports, it was lovely earlier here in central London, and was beautiful when I did my customary check on the park life. Now it is raining.

    1. Neither ease not rain are any excuse for neglecting to thank Mr Ron for the puzzle and Gazza for the excellent (as always) review. Much appreciated.

  21. A very straightforward solve but lacking in sparkle I felt. The cluing was extremely competent but came across to me as very functional and workmanlike rather than eliciting any smiles.

    I’ll go for 10a as my favourite, as I liked the two meanings of “proceeds”.

    Many thanks to the setter and to Gazza, glad things are working more normally on the site today.

  22. Been out for the day with a friend, so just got round to finishing. No problems, but needed the review for 27a . Tried to make an anagram of lodger, plus something else, because of the word ‘fancied’. 2*/3*with favourites 2d and 12a. Thanks to the setter and to Gazza. Now, I have to fill in a reclaim form for train tickets.

  23. Straighforward puzzle so I agree with Gazza’s 1*/2*. Did not need the hints but read them nevertheless – Mr Framboise particularly enjoyed the illustration for 17a so many thanks to Gazza for those and to the setter. No clear favourite – 19a perhaps? Could not get the Quickie pun but of course I am not a Cockney…
    As I mentioned to Brian, going back to UK tomorrow to attend one of our dear friends’ funeral. It is going to be very upsetting to say the least.

  24. With 23a we were tossing up between M and K for 1000 when it was actually G that we were looking for. Lots of Lego-like clues and we enjoy putting these together. Nice and gentle and good fun.
    Thanks Mr Ron and Gazza.

  25. Thanks to Mr Ron and to Gazza for the review and hints. I enjoyed this one, I thought most of it was straightforward, but there were a few tricky clues. I held up by 19a,20d,25a&14d which was last in. Favourite was 2d. Was 2*/3* for me. Site seems back to speed.

  26. Was late starting, after 2 days of driving in the driving rain. Didn’t keep me amused for very long – 1*/2.5*. Thank you Gazza and setter.

  27. ‘Female caber tosser’ – sounds rude!

    This one was very difficult for me, I just couldn’t get going – way above my pay grade!

    I think I”ll go to bed early to get ready for tomorrow’s battle – I hope it’s better than today’s.

  28. We’re in very late today but we liked it. Paso regularly(12a) took photos of punk rockers (18d) in their underwear (17a) but we suspect (21d) that most of them are now extinct (28a) but never a photo with Guns ‘n’ 13a……..
    Thanks to Mr Ron and gazza,,**/****

  29. Feeling weary more than tired after too many late shifts in a row, which may be why I found this harder than usual for a Tuesday. Got there in2* time, but, as others have suggested, it was a workmanlike solve, with only 27a raising the tiniest of smiles. Thanks to Gazza for a typically peerless review and to the setter – it’s not you, it’s me.

  30. No problems with this gentle challenge. Fave clue… probably 18d. 2/3* overall. Thanks to the setter and Gazza for his entertaining review.
    Now to do today’s……

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