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DT 27905

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27905

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment **

This puzzle was published on 12th September 2015

Morning All! This puzzle just strayed into ** territory for difficulty but for some reason I didn’t find it very edifying. THer were a couple of clues that I enjoyed but I spent a lot of time scratching my head on surface readings.

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1a           Politicians being moderate left party having upset comrades — about time? (6,9)
SOCIAL DEMOCRATS – Start with a SOCIAL or (informal) party) then make an anagram (upset) of COMRADES around (or about) T for Time.

9a           Mobile accommodation for one following motorway in Irish county (6,3)
CAMPER VAN – Place PER (for one) after M for Motorway inside the Irish county of CAVAN.

10a         Second tea or coffee (5)
MOCHA – A charade of MO(ment) for second and then CHA for tea.

11a         Round in shape, wearing ceremonial dress with a small alteration (5)
ORBED – ROBED means wearing ceremonial dress. Make a small change by switching the first two letters.

12a         Performer of church ritual, mostly bombastic in inclination (9)
LITURGIST – All but the last letter (mostly) of TURGI(d) or bombastic inside a LIST or incliniation.

13a         Devotee of Mao argued furiously with revolutionary doctor (3,5)
RED GUARD – Make a furious anagram of ARGUED with a reversal (revolutionary) of DR for Doctor.

14a         Get by with railway company uniform (6)
LIVERY – LIVE for get by/exist and then RY as one abb. of a railway.

16a         One may have a crush on this old Brazilian footballer around street (6)
PESTLE – Place PELE around ST for Street.

18a         Honoured woman has quick drinks in pubs (8)
BARONESS – This is ONES for quick drinks inside BARS for pubs. I really don’t like the pluralisation of ONES for ‘quick drinks’ – One might have a ‘quick one’ which rarely means just one and neither does ‘one for the road’ necessarily!.

22a         Checks gallery to carry out restoration (9)
REINSTATE – A charade of REINS (checks) and the TATE gallery.

23a         Control mechanism reduced user voltage (5)
SERVO – A hidden word inside – indicated by ‘reduced’ uSER VOltage.

24a         One of 1 Across perhaps to fix end of boxing match (5)
PINKO – A hangover from the US where someone is not quite a true RED but merely pink. A charade of PIN (fix) and KO – the abb. for a Knock Out or end to a boxing match.

25a         Has meal entertained by sailors, being late (9)
TARDINESS – DINES (has a meal) inside TARS for sailors.

26a         Imbecile threatened every rider in competition (5-3,7)
THREE-DAY EVENTER – An anagram (imbecile) of THREATENED EVERY. Good Clue.


1d           Give comfort to one easily fooled, we hear (7)
SUCCOUR – A homophone (we hear) of SUCKER or one easily fooled.

2d           Somewhere to sleep on holiday around sea, taking lead (4-3)
CAMP-BED – CA for around/about and then MED 9the Mediterranean Sea) including (taking) PB for the chemical element Lead/Plumbum in Latin.

3d           Historic Premier League clash — mood changed (4,7-4)
ALEC DOUGLAS HOME – A very good surface reading and a good spot of the anagram (chamged) of LEAGUE CLASH MOOD. The ‘lift and separate’ between Premier and League makes this my clue of the day.

4d           Ireland’s President Dave, real fashionable (2,6)
DE VALERA – Unknown to me, Eamon DE VALERA ‘s surname is an anagram (fashionable) of DAVE REAL.

5d           Very short record (6)
MINUTE – Two definitions – the first tiny or very short and the second is a verbmeaning to record or itemise in a meeting for example.

6d           What can give mariner cohesion under any conditions (4,4,2,5)
COME RAIN OR SHINE – What might be (can give) an anagram of MARINER COHESION. Not sure of the surface reading!.

7d           Store a herb around back of larder (7)
ARCHIVE – A CHIVE (herb) around the outside of the back letter in (larde)R.

8d           Dark-coloured blemish one’s reluctant to talk about (7)
SWARTHY – Place SHY (reluctant to talk) about/around a WART or blemish. I spent too long looking for a scar!.

15d         Caught a heartless sports official in a good mood (8)
CAREFREE – C for Caught from the Cricket abb. then A REF(e)REE being a heartless sports official.

16d         Airborne troop’s favourite high place (7)
PARAPET – A charade of PAR (airborne trooper) and a PET or favourite.

17d         Bowler — bad one keeping quiet (7)
SPINNER – A SINNER or bad one/person including P for quiet from the musical notation.

19d         Serious attention given to living space (7)
EARNEST – A charade of EAR (attention) and a NEST or living space.

20d         Trail takes opposite directions back (7)
SPONSOR – A SPOOR or animal trail contains/takes N for North and S for SOUTH (opposite directions on the compass).

21d         Oriental chant — part of Ottoman tradition (6)
MANTRA – A hidden ford to finish. It is part of OttoMAN TRAdition.

Thanks to the setter – I’ll be back in a couple of weeks.



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  1. Not much to scare the equines in this one – thanks to Mr R and Mr G. As was pointed out on the day 16a seems to be the wrong way round – the pestle does the crushing but it’s on the mortar that the crushing takes place. My favourite by a very long way was 3d with its superbly disguised definition.

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