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Prize Puzzle – 032

Monthly Prize Puzzle (January 2015)

How Much? by Radler

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Why not have a go at our latest Monthly Prize Puzzle?

The winner will receive their choice of any of the Telegraph Crossword Books published by Hamlyn.

Please note that, due to punitive postal charges, while the competition is open to all, the prize is only available to UK solvers.

 A review will follow after the closing date (17th January 2015).

The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

I’ve left this post open for comments, but if you don’t want your comment to be deleted then avoid asking for or giving help with the clues.

25 comments on “Prize Puzzle – 032

  1. Anybody else had a go at this one yet? Having stared at it for a couple of hours and got precisely one answer I’m thinking of moving onto Plan B – list all the amounts of UK money I can think of and see if I can bung them in anywhere!

    Does this one fall into the category of a Toughie?

    1. If it’s by Radler it will be tough but crackable. I’m leaving it until next weekend when pommette will be away for a couple of days.

    2. This is, believe it or not, at the easier end of the Radler spectrum.

      My advice would be to ignore the question until you’ve solved the crossword. Your plan B won’t work until you do.

    3. It won’t help you very much. There are very few whole solutions which are amounts of money.

      Took me ages to spot the ninth amount.

      I thought it was great fun.

      1. Thanks to both of you – having made the finishing line I can quite see what you meant.

        By the way, Alchemi, just worked out that your name is probably Michael – suddenly you don’t seem quite so scary!!!

  2. I’m still working on it. Have got all the grid filled apart from one at this stage, but still short of several of the amounts. Feel quite confident that a walk around our usual beach/estuary circuit will stimulate the grey cells.

    1. Ah, the magical properties of a morning walk. The last answer and the last amount both appeared within minutes of returning home. Not an easy challenge by any means.
      Thanks Radler.


    That was tough! Like Jane, it took me a long, long time to get even one answer. Fortunately the weather was so bad here in London today and Mrs RD was busy in the kitchen and didn’t need my help preparing for visitors tomorrow, so I persevered, left it alone for a while, came back to it and persevered, left it, came back, and so on, etc, etc. Gradually, very gradually, it all fell into place.

    I can say categorically this is by far the hardest puzzle I have ever completed but it was well worth the effort. I await the review with interest as I need to clarify one answer which seems to me to be a highly dubious plural, and to understand part of the wordplay for another answer.

    Many thanks to Radler for an absorbing, very amusing, and rewarding challenge. I’m going to treat myself to a nice large glass of red wine now.

  4. Made slow but steady progress and identified 9 amounts. Whether they are the correct amounts and whether I have added them correctly remains to be seen. Favourite clue is 11 across. Great fun.

    1. to you.
      So far I have four answers but at least one of them is a bit of money – having found that one I now realise that we’re not talking straightforward money here.

  5. Fantastic puzzle, tough but very fair. Just hope my maths was up to the job of getting the answer right. Thanks Radler!

  6. Great Fun. Glad to see that many of the other setters enjoyed it too.
    Had to guess some of the hidden amounts and a couple of them didn’t make much sense to me so the total amount is a bit of a bung in.
    Will have to wait for review to check 13a and 28a but apart from these two everything made perfect sense.
    Thanks to Radler for the enjoyment.

    1. Yes – I’m with you on the ones that need checking – I also spent some time trying to include them in the financial total!

  7. I’m not trying to be difficult here – I’m only only roughly half way through it anyway. What I’m about to say might get me banned from here for ever, or at least rubbed out for now, but does anyone else think that 1a is open to two different interpretations of the amount?

    1. Ummm………. you’ve lost me there but I’m longing to know what you mean. Roll on closing date.

    2. I have all but given up, my poor little brain hurts and I have run out of tissues. It was obviously folly to attempt this at this stage of my apprenticeship. Roll on the answers.

  8. This has taken me ages! It’s a Radler!

    I have solved all but two clues and will probably have to wait for the review for those. Nonetheless, I think I have found the nine words. Here goes, anyway!

    This has really been most a entertaining tussle, and I look forward to the review in due course. Many thanks to all.

  9. This has taken me ages too (although I have been on holiday for a few days). Brilliant puzzle – very tough, but solveable – and several that made me giggle too, which is always nice – thanks Radler for a very enjoyable brain workout. Looking forward to the review as like many others I have a couple where I’m not 100% on the wordplay. Pretty confident I’ve got the nine words though. Let’s hope I can add up!

  10. Whew! I got there in the end, but it took me ages to get started, and rather a long while to get finished too. Now I just have to decide on the exact amounts, since I’m with the others that think there are one or two ambiguities…

    Hopefully I will be able to add them up correctly though. I can allegedly do that. At least there’s no subtraction required!

    Many thanks to Radler for the challenge, and thanks in advance to whoever does the review.

    1. Those ambiguities puzzled me, too, Kitty. They still do, but in the end, I made a decision and added up. Correct or not it, it was indeed a very enjoyable tussle…

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