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DT 27678

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27678

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 20th  December 2014

I was in a minority of people who found solving this puzzle a doddle on the day which suited me as I had a lot of other pre-Christmassy stuff to do. It was nice and easy to explain for reviewing purposes too. There are seven anagrams which for me makes it  a Cephas production, so thank you to him.  Apparently it is a Mysteron production, so thank you to them whoever they are.

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1a           Supporting music in reliable way (10)
SOUNDTRACK –   SOUND (reliable) and TRACK (way)

6a           Eastern movie spectacular (4)
EPIC –   E (eastern) and PIC (movie).

10a         Ancient celebrating fifty years without grand opening (5)
OLDEN – Remove the G (without grand) from a GOLDEN or 50th anniversary celebration.

11a         Fish ration covering back of leaf (5,4)
DOVER SOLE –   DOLE (ration) covers VERSO (the back of a leaf of manuscript or printed material).

12a         Woman will be at that point when going west (7)
THERESA –   THERE (at that point) followed by a reversal (going west) of AS (when).

13a         Artisan working for empress (7)
TSARINA is an anagram (working) of ARTISAN.

14a         With credit after frauds, succeeded making moonshine (12)
FIDDLESTICKS   – FIDDLES (frauds) TICK (credit) and S (succeeded).

18a         Reverend I will get drunk imbibing spirit — his job’s on the line (6-6)
ENGINE DRIVER –   An anagram (drunk) of REVEREND I into which is inserted GIN (imbibing spirit).

21a         Fictional lawman’s spurning old wrinkles (7)
RUMPLES –   Remove the O (spurning old) from RUMPOLE’S (Rumpole of the Bailey being a fictional lawyer created by John Mortimer).

23a         Horse to move unsteadily round run (7)
TROTTER –   TOTTER (move unsteadily) put round R (run).

24a         State enrolled nurse about to take top off shortly — it’s essential for tanning (9)
SUNSCREEN –   Insert almost all of UNSCREW  (shortly indicating that you don’t need all of a word meaning take the top off) into the abbreviation for a State Enrolled Nurse.

25a         Get annoyed about fellow’s weapon (5)
RIFLE –   F (fellow) inserted into RILE (get annoyed).

26a         Scoff about dishonest chap (4)
LIAR is a reversal (about) of RAIL (scoff).

27a         Grassed area gardeners prepared round wicket (10)
GREENSWARD –   An anagram (prepared) of GARDENERS put around W (wicket).


1d           Glove puppet in which third of fingers is stuck up (6)
SNOOTY –   The third letter of fiNgers inserted into SOOTY.

2d           Unmentionable things such as a zombie does apparently (6)
UNDIES –   Split 2, 4, your ‘unmentionables’ would dsecribe what happens to a zombie returning  from the dead.

3d           Childish timepiece? Blow me! It’s somehow conned local kid (9,5)
DANDELION CLOCK –   An anagram (somehow) of CONNED LOCAL KID.

4d           Worker caught by lefty Miliband in the act (3-6)
RED-HANDED – RED (left wing, lefty) HAND (worker) and ED (Miliband).

5d           Long for bloke over time (5)
COVET – COVE (old slang for a man, bloke) goes before (over) T (time).

7d           Cable to follow for part of the country (8)
PROVINCE –   PRO (for) and VINCE (Cable, the current Business Secretary).

8d           Hazard to mountaineers or cavers wandering over South-East (8)
CREVASSE –   An anagram (wandering) of CAVERS followed by (over) SE (South East).

9d           Hot bearded star performing act on stage (5,3,6)
TREAD THE BOARDS – An anagram (performing) of HOT BEARDED STAR.

15d         Exit scene unfortunately could put paid to it! (9)
EXISTENCE –   Do you get a bonus mark for three (anagrams) in a row? ‘Unfortunately’ indicates the rearrangement of EXIT SCENE.

16d         Pawn and knight taken up in genuine act of revenge (8)
REPRISAL –   Insert into REAL (genuine) P (pawn) and a reversal (taken up in a down clue) of SIR (knight).

17d         Being full of oneself like inhabitant of Middle East area (8)
EGOMANIA – EG (like, an example of) OMANI (inhabitant of Middle East) and A (area).

19d         Workforce on a Hebridean island (6)
STAFFA – STAFF (workforce) followed by A (from the clue).

20d         Quaker offers resistance when beset by devil (6)
FRIEND – R (resistance) inserted into (beset by) FIEND (devil).

22d         Neat  guide (5)
STEER –   And a double definition to finish – neat here referring to cattle and a steer being a young ox.   STEER is also a verb meaning to guide or control the course of.

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