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DT 27648

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27648

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Saturday, 15th November 2014

I seem to solve Saturday puzzles differently to most commenters – last week I found the puzzle really straightforward and this week it took me much longer than usual to solve the crossword, although looking at it now, I have no idea why.

As for who set it – I’m going to go for a Saturday Mysteron, based on,  amongst other things,   noticing that there are only two anagrams (and Cephas usually gives us more) and seven double-definitions which doesn’t seem very Cephas-like either.

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1a           Room in which cleaner accepts award (7)
CHAMBER – CHAR (cleaner) accepts MBE (award).

5a           Extreme cold getting into kind of tyre (7)
RADICAL –   C (cold) inserted into a RADIAL tyre.

9a           Respond to encore? (5)
REACT –   Split 2, 3 you might perform an encore.

10a         Rising costs in Apartment No.1 overturned … (9)
INFLATION –   IN (from the clue) FLAT (apartment) and a reversal (overturned) of NO I.

11a         … but a move to a houseboat would help one stay thus (5,5)
ABOVE WATER – A cryptic definition of a home on a river.

12a         Fiddle involving reversible coats (4)
SCAM is a reversal of MACS (coats).

14a         Pipe    officer (12)
CHURCHWARDEN –   Can be both a type of pipe and an elected officer of a church congregation.

18a         Industrial group needs answer to puncture awful recent gloom (12)
CONGLOMERATE –   Insert A (needs A[nswer] to punctuate) an awful anagram of RECENT GLOOM.

21a         Blockhead, to cheat officer! (4)
DOLT –   Split 2, 2 – DO (cheat) and LT (lieutenant, officer).

22a         Broomstick? (10)
WITCHCRAFT –    Split the solution 5, 5 and you’ll understand my favourite clue this Saturday.

25a         Maltreat said girl with title (9)
MISHANDLE –   MIS (a homophone – said – of MISS, girl) and HANDLE (title).

26a         Remember this language? The French can (5)
LATIN –   LA (the French female form of the) and TIN (can).

27a         Sack     supermarket worker (7)
CASHIER –   A verb meaning to dismiss from a post or someone who works on a supermarket till.

28a         Flipping routine — A, B, C and so on — that’s for the birds (7)
TURKEYS –   A reversal (flipping)of RUT (routine)and KEYS (musical keys such as A B and C).


1d           Grain that’s planted before in California (6)
CEREAL – ERE (before) planted in CAL (California).

2d           Warrior      that runs a long way (6)
AMAZON –   A female warrior or a very long river.

3d           Stronger beer, mate? (6,4)
BETTER HALF –   BETTER (stronger) and HALF (a quantity of beer).

4d           Woman consumes ace Indian dish (5)
RAITA –   RITA (woman) ‘consumes’ A (ace). Steve the Beard suggested (and was edited out because he was giving an alternative clue) that ‘Educated’ could have been added as the first word of the clue.   This clue, and variations of it, are such ‘old friends’, that I don’t think it needed any additional words at all.

5d           Second course, perhaps,    that will revive you (9)
REFRESHER –   A second course of training or something that will revive you.

6d           Cleric advanced, entering room (4)
DEAN –   A (advanced) inserted into (entering) DEN (room).

7d           Agree company will get part that’s covered in broadcast (8)
COINCIDE – CO (company) IN CIDE which sounds like (in broadcast) IN SIDE or part that’s covered.

8d           Ointment ruined linen mitt almost entirely (8)
LINIMENT is an anagram (ruined) of almost all of LINEN MITt.

13d         Finicky    individual (10)
PARTICULAR –   And another double definition clue – finicky or fussy and/or specific (individual).

15d         Book     rest? (9)
REMAINDER –   And another (I’m starting to sound like Brian now!)   The residue of an edition of a book when the sales have fallen off; or that which remains or is left behind.

16d         Media mingling in a cricket club — presenting ‘The Don‘? (8)
ACADEMIC –   A CC (a cricket club) with an anagram (mingling) of MEDIA inserted.

17d         Studies   breakdowns (8)
ANALYSES –   The sixth double definition –   part of a verb meaning studies or the plural of the results of breakdowns of the results of such studies.

19d         Knight maybe put on half of little cloak (6)
MANTLE –   MAN (knight is one of the ‘men’ found on a chess board) and TLE (the second half of LITTLE).

20d         Arrests?    They’ll attract attention (6)
STUNTS –   DD No 7…   Arrests or prevents from growing;  or something done to attract attention.

23d         Split Conservative and Labour? (5)
CLEFT – C (Conservative) and LEFT (Labour).

24d         Army cricket team’s vehicle (4)
TAXI –   TA (the no-longer active Territorial Army, its members are now part of the Army Reserve) and XI (the Roman numeral for eleven, the number of people in a cricket team.