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DT 27630

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27630

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 25th October 2014

A typical Saturday Mysteron puzzle, this time with some interesting insertion indicators.

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1a           Manager plunged into Eastern sea showing relief (8)
EMBOSSED – E (Eastern) followed by the MED (sea) with BOSS (manager) inserted.

5a           Dish for alcoholic drink (6)
SCOTCH – A double definition – the name of an alcoholic drink can also mean to ruin or put an end to, which also happens to be one of the definitions of dish.

10a         Move fast     to suppress dissent (3,4,4,4)
PUT ONES FOOT DOWN – And another double definition.

11a         Work too hard to get public a vote (7)
OVERTAX – OVERT (public) A (from the clue) and X (what you put on a voting paper).

12a         King rejected an extremely wicked activity (7)
KNAVERY – K (king) NA (AN rejected or reversed) and VERY (extremely).

13a         English journalists gripped by such strong drink (8)
ESPRESSO –   E (English) and PRESS (journalists),the latter being gripped by or inserted into SO (such).

15a         Knight — alias covering fine author (5)
KAFKA – K (knight) AKA (also known as, alias) covering F (fine)

18a         London police arresting a knight on purpose (5)
MEANT –   The MET police arresting A (from the clue) and N (the chess notation for knight).

20a         Various items held by doctor in the house (8)
DOMESTIC –   An anagram (various) of ITEMS held by a DOC.

23a         Give job to petty officer splitting a beer (7)
APPOINT –   A PO (petty officer) splits or goes between A (from the clue) and PINT (of beer).

25a         Get hold of backward-looking people who like fairies (7)
SNAFFLE – A reversal (backward-looking) of ELF FANS (people who like fairies).

26a         Here you’ll find White Stripes music that’s rather bland (6-2-3-4)
MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD – The capital letters are misleading –   White stripes are painted in the middle of the road to indicate which side to drive on, although it doesn’t seem to make much difference when people drive through our village. It is also an expression which describes music designed to appeal to a wide spectrum of tastes which some consider bland and unexciting.

27a         Tell of churchman losing head (6)
RELATE – Simply remove the ‘head’ from PRELATE (churchman).

28a         Bliss perhaps as Clegg’s friend’s meeting the Queen (8)
COMPOSER –   Clegg being a character in Last of the Summer Wine rather than the leader of the Liberal Democrats, his friend is, of course, COMPO which has an S added (friend’s) and then the regnal cipher of the Queen.


1d           Use my pole when rambling (6)
EMPLOY is a rambling anagram of MY POLE.

2d           Pound — main place for stray dogs (9)
BATTERSEA –   BATTER (pound) and SEA (main).

3d           Politician organised treason (7)
SENATOR –   An anagram (organised) of TREASON.

4d           Elizabeth’s favourite fearless explorer embraced (5)
ESSEX – Queen Elizabeth I’s favourite courtier is hidden in fearlESS EXplorer.

6d           Saving Trades Union Congress apparently (7)
CUTBACK –   CUT is  a reversal – BACK – of the abbreviation for Trades Union Congress

7d           Time to get around for hidden treasure (5)
TROVE – T (time) and ROVE (get around).

8d           The Queen embracing Murray, an all-round performer (8)
HANDYMAN –   HM (Her Majesty the Queen) ANDY (Murray) and AN (from the clue).

9d           Avid reader of Bellow getting over work being rewritten (8)
BOOKWORM –   BOOM (bellow) with an anagram (rewritten) of WORK inserted.

14d         Small publication promoting revolution (8)
SEDITION –   S (small) and EDITION (publication).

16d         Footwear for beach somersault is a failure (4-5)
FLIP-FLOPS –   FLIP (somersault) and FLOPS (is a failure).

17d         He helped make mummy glower when accepting endless charity (8)
EMBALMER –   EMBER (glower) accepting ALMs (charity with the end letter removed).

19d         Group of three making small journey? (7)
TRIPLET –   Deep Threat’s hint is so splendid I’m going to borrow it “If a small pig is a piglet, then a small journey is a…”

21d         Have evening meal traditionally including fish for a change (5-2)
SHAKE-UP   – SUP (an archaic (traditionally) term for eating the evening meal) including or having inserted a HAKE (fish).

22d         Vulnerable    bid (6)
TENDER –   A double definition clue.

24d         Ride bike round bend finally, ring bell (5)
PEDAL –   The final letter of bend inserted into PEAL (ring bell)

25d         Fight aquatic creatures coming up leaving river (3-2)
SET-TO – A reversal of those aquatic creatures, OTTERS, minus the R for River.


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