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DT 27575

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27575

Hints and tips by Deep Threat

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Good morning from South Staffs on a bright but cool morning.

A couple of usages which may be unfamiliar today, but as usual Giovanni’s wordplay makes the answer reachable.

In the hints below, the definitions are underlined. The answers are hidden under the ‘Click here!’ buttons, so don’t click if you don’t want to see them.

Please leave a comment telling us what you thought. You can also add your assessment by selecting from one to five stars at the bottom of the post.


1a           Sailor left with a legacy from sword fight? (6)
LASCAR An Oriental sailor is made up of Left, A (from the clue), and what you might get if you get hurt in a sword fight.

5a           Corresponding from river location after work (8)
OPPOSITE The Latin abbreviation for a musical work followed by an Italian river and a place or location.

9a           Bigheads say nothing — aims can look dubious (10)
EGOMANIACS The Latin abbreviation meaning say or for example, followed by the letter which looks like a zero (nothing) and an anagram (looks dubious) of AIMS CAN.

10a         Lose weight within judicious limits (4)
SLIM Hidden (within) in the clue.

11a         Enduring children endlessly — that’s the head man (8)
BROOKING Remove the final D (endlessly) from a word for a set of children, and add the top man in a monarchy.

12a         What is written is restricted (6)
PENNED Double definition: written down in ink; or shut up like an animal.

13a         River almost makes you sentimental (4)
TWEE Remove the final letter (almost) from a Scottish river to get something sickly sentimental.

15a         Hoopla? A reasonable object of ridicule (4,4)
FAIR GAME Another word for reasonable followed by an object of ridicule, as in ‘to make xxxx of somebody’. Hoopla is an example of this.

18a         Couple admitting love at sporting event (4,4)
BOAT RACE A couple, especially of pheasants, with the letter that looks like a love score at tennis and AT (from the clue) inside it.

19a         Spots knight lying in a church (4)
ACNE The abbreviation for a knight in chess notation inside A (from the clue) and the abbreviation for the Church of England.

21a         Small creature given grub moaned (6)
BEEFED A social insect followed a word for ‘given grub’.

23a         Orchestra according to some sounding wrong, less authentic? (8)
SINFONIA This type of orchestra may sound like a word for a moral wrong followed by a word for ‘less authentic’. Chambers gives two pronunciations for this word, hence the ‘according to some’ in the clue.
ARVE Error: need id and provider

25a         Appear in bishop’s office before Mass (4)
SEEM The area a bishop is responsible for, followed by Mass.

26a         Person from Scotland or Wales aging terribly (10)
GLASWEGIAN Anagram (terribly) of WALES AGING.

27a         Barrier around lake or foreign city (8)
FLORENCE Lake and OR (from the clue) inside a wooden or wire barrier.

28a         Managed amount of money said to be extortionate charge (6)
RANSOM A word for managed followed by a word that sounds like (said) an amount of money.


2d           Sin is risk when daughter is out of sight (5)
ANGER One of the seven deadly sins. Remove the D(aughter) from a word for risk or peril.

3d           Part company with politician, one leading national organisation (9)
COMPONENT Put together an abbreviation for company, the usual crossword politician, ONE (from the clue), and the initials of a national heritage organisation.

4d           It’s rotten, what leading detective did (6)
RANCID Divided (3,3) this could be the job description of the boss of the detective department of the police.

5d           Partially fruitless condition evident in old territory? (6,4,5)
ORANGE FREE STATE A former name for part of South Africa could also be descriptive of a condition where one particular citrus fruit was missing.

6d           Job with power to help, upfront expense having been met (4-4)
POST-PAID Put together a job, an abbreviation for Power, and a word for help.

7d           Woman given conflicting directions for crossing America (5)
SUSAN A woman’s name has an abbreviation for America inside opposing compass points.

8d           Native unsettled by mean Brits (9)
TRIBESMAN Anagram (unsettled by) of MEAN BRITS.

14d         Like loaf of bread as starters, main course and pudding? (9)
WHOLEMEAL A variety of bread which split (5,4) would be starters, main course and pudding.

16d         Beautiful musical instrument somewhere in Wales (9)
GLAMORGAN A short form of a word for beautiful followed by a very large musical instrument.

17d         King maybe on horse, one turning up in woollen jacket (8)
CARDIGAN Something which may be a king (or queen or ten), followed by the reversal (turning up) of a disparaging word for a horse and the Roman numeral for one.

20d         Solution offered by politicians we ridicule (6)
ANSWER Hidden (offered by) in the clue.

22d         Father chewing bird’s bone (5)
FEMUR The abbreviation of the title given to a Catholic priest with a flightless bird inside it.

24d         Princess given little house in mountainous part of America (5)
IDAHO The eponymous heroine of the Gilbert and Sullivan opera followed by an abbreviated house.

The Quick Crossword pun FORCE + ACHE = FORSAKE

37 comments on “DT 27575

  1. East side went in with no trouble at all but then struggled a bit in the West particularly 1a (new to me) and 11a however made it in the end. Thanks Giovanni for a great puzzle and DT for hints to which I nearly had to resort. (Just played your fabulous sound illustration for 23a). 14a possibly my fav. ***/*** http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yes.gif

  2. Really enjoyed this one. Some good obscure words which somehow came easily; I was on the wavelength as setter today and often I struggle on a Friday. Many thanks to DT and Giovanni. **/****. Garden calling for pre-autumnal tidy-up on this bright but cool day in County Durham.

  3. Agree with ratings, though 1a nearly took me into *** solving time. Indian sailors? Typical Giovanni! Lots of lovely clues, think my favourite was 5d. Thanks to G and DT – Gin and diet tonic? Rambling now, must go.

  4. 2*/2* for another dull Friday for me, although I did like 14d, which was my favourite.

    I knew 23a must start with “sin” or “syn” but was completed stumped by the rest of it until I looked at DT’s hint. I wasted time trying to work out wordplay for why the hidden river “ouse” had to be the right answer for 13a before the penny dropped :oops:

    Many thanks to Giovanni and to DT.

  5. Another enjoyable Friday puzzle that all fell into place without too much of a fight. Getting 5d early on gave plenty of useful checking letters to help the process. The only looking up needed was to confirm the spelling of 23a as it feels as if it should have a Y and a PH. Smooth clues, good fun.
    Thanks Giovanni and DT.

  6. Agree with comments so far that it was enjoyable and a **/**** for me, remembered 1a as an ‘east Indiaman ‘ from a Sherlock Homes short story, not sure which one ! looked tricky to start with, but approached’ ramming speed’ by the end, took a while to spell 23 a correctly-I believe Wales have one. Thanks to Giovanni for a good start to the holiday weekend and DT for the review not seen Rab for a while-the quintessential 26A-have you ever driven through the Gorbals and looked up to a high rise block window-voilla, there she blows.

  7. Thanks to Giovanni and to Deep Threat for the review and hints. A very enjoyable puzzle, was beaten by 23a. Favourite was 15a. Was 2*/3* for me. On my way to Lymington, weather set fair.

  8. Thank you DG, for a while I wondered if this was one of your puzzles – it seemed most unDG like ! Then 1a confirmed that it was you ! I enjoyed the challenge – particularly 16d and 26a which were LOL clues. Thanks DT for your review and hints.

  9. A most enjoyable, challenging puzzle from Giovanni, although we thought 13a was a tad sly with OUSE hidden in the clue – but a complete red herring as it turned out. We had to resort to the dictionary to check what we thought 1a & 11a might be – and which were our last two in. Too many good clues to mention a favourite. Thanks to both the Don & DT.

  10. I agree with DT’s rating for both difficulty and enjoyment.
    Didn’t have quite as much trouble as is usual for me on a Friday although my last few answers took a while – 13a (don’t know why) 23a (do know why – it was tricky!) and 14 and 16d.
    There weren’t many anagrams and they always make things a bit easier for me – I like them.
    Today I managed both the hidden answers without too much trouble.
    I liked 23 and 26a and 4d. My favourite was 14d.
    With thanks to Giovanni and Deep Threat – I would hate to attempt hints on Fridays. I think you must be very brave or very clever, or even both!

    1. PS – Needless to say I didn’t spot the hidden ‘Ouse’ in 13a but I did manage to find ‘thin’ in 10a for a short time! http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/icon_rolleyes.gif

  11. Enjoyable and not too difficult puzzle, with some good clues especially 11a and 23a. Thanks to Giovanni for the workout and to Deep Throat for confirming my answers. ***/***

  12. Some lovely clues such as 4d,14d and best of all 16d interspersed with some very difficult ones such as 24d (never heard of this Princess), 5d is new to me and 11a which another new word to me.
    Not a fan of this grid either which makes each corner separate.
    So not my favourite Friday puzzle by a long way.
    Thx to all.

  13. Took us a while today, not unusual for a Friday. Fell into the Ouse and had to be rescued soaking wet and dripping. Didn’t like 11 across, the answer for me doesn’t mean enduring. Thank you to the setter and to DT.

  14. Reasonably straightforward. So 2*for difficulty. Got stuck on 11a. Not a word I’ve heard for a long time. Did not see the hidden word in 20d but got the answer anyway. So thanks to DT for the ability to check. Liked 4d. Enjoyable as usual. Thanks to setter

  15. Hopefully I should be back full-time from now on. Had a new boiler installed last year, over the winter , one of our radiators stared leaking but I only found out a while back that it was covered under the boiler. meanwhile, the boiler was making some seriously strange noises so I called the men in, the fixed the boiler (only took about week to clean up after them, grrrrr, and one of the guys said he’d do the boiler one he came back off holiday (Tuesday). meanwhile, another valve blew on a different radiator, so we’ve been busy getting that fixed, relaying floorboards and carpet etc. Finally got both radiators and valves finished on Wednesday and spent all day yesterday re-cleaning up after them. Only good thing is that it was all free !!

    Anyway, back to today – one of the Don’s easier puzzles I felt, 1A as an answer is not uncommon in crosswordland so I had no problems with that, but 23A took me a while as I’ve always seen it spelled with a PH.
    Fave Rave today was 14D – I did actually laugh out loud at that one – but honourable mention must go to 15A.

  16. I was not on the Don’s wavelength today so had to use the hints, but appreciated both the wordplay and the hints. Liked 5a, 26a, 15a and 23a in particular. Many thanks.

  17. Due to my station newspaper stall closing I tried this on the I-pad. Why is it harder than using a pen! Anyway, all done despite the Central Line being kaput. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yahoo.gif

  18. Pleasant puzzle from the Don!

    Faves : 1a, 13a, 23a, 5d, 7d & 14d.

    How many people put Ouse in for13a?

    A lot of rain today but sun in late afternoon here in NL.

  19. Phew, just finished and I have to admit that I struggled with this one. 3* for me. Many thanks for the hints DT which I leaned on heavily and thanks to Giovani for a challenging but enjoyable puzzle

  20. Many thanks, Giovanni, for a really entertaining puzzle with, for me, just the right edge of difficulty to it.
    Thought 5d and 16d brilliant .
    Thanks, DT, for the usual excellent review.

  21. Maybe a little less difficult than normal for a Friday…. maybe. However I did spend a time trying to start 1a with AB….
    Anyway I enjoyed this one and my fave I think is 15a. Many thanks to the Don and DT.

  22. Struggled with top left hand corner until Sherlock came to rescue with 1a, loved 5d and for some unknown reason 16d.
    Greetings from Suffolk by the sea not looking forward to Bank Holiday as town will be heaving with people.

    1. I might be being really dim here but how did Sherlock help with 1a? http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_unsure.gif
      Where in Suffolk do you live? I have a cousin who lives near Woodbridge.

    2. I moved to Sussex from Bury St. Edmunds a couple of years ago after 40 happy years there and I still miss it hugely and I envy you. I wonder where you are “by the sea” – Aldeburgh?

        1. Oh well you can’t win them all – I was however No. 1 to comment today! I think Beaver’s comment at No. 6 above will probably answer your Sherlock Holmes’ query.

  23. This was a ****/** for me. Never heard of 1a, 11a nor 23a. I’d never have got 5d even with all the letters. Ho hum, looking forward to tomorrow’s crossword. :-)

  24. I thought this bit more light-hearted than is usual for the Don’s puzzles and it wasall the more enjoyable for it. Liked the orange free bit especially – there must be several million of those trees around here!

    Must be the easiest Don puzzle for quite some time and following yesterday’s RayT “gimme” I’m beginning to suspect that there’s a plot afoot! Maybe Rufus will be donning the hobnails on Monday? It’s either that or pommette is getting seriously good at solving http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_unsure.gif

    Thanks to Giovanni and DT.

  25. I think I would have enjoyed this, but circumstances meant that I was unable to avoid spoilers http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/icon_mad.gif… Still, I liked what I could do, and the race against time to solve before spoilage was bracing :).

    Looking forward to tomorrow, where I will squirrel myself away and do the crossword before I go forth to meet our guests.

    (Edit) Thanks to Giovanni and Deep Threat, of course :).

    1. You’ve changed your alias (by omitting ‘the’) so your comment needed moderation. Both variants should work from now on.

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