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DT 27510

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27510

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Saturday, 7th June 2014

I found this a particularly straightforward offering from the Saturday Mysteron, so was a little surprised to find when I visited the blog, that others had found the top  half of the crossword significantly harder than the bottom.

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1a           English after morsel of food and pickle (6)
SCRAPE –   E (English) goes after SCRAP(morsel of food).

4a           A small prayer against being recorded in manuscript (6)
MANTIS –   Lovely definition   – ANTI (against)  is put inside (recorded in) MS (manuscript).

8a           Flower appeared to get weak, left to go west (8)
CAMELLIA –   CAME (appeared) followed by a reversal (go west) of AIL (get weak) and L (left)

10a         Clergyman  to look after collection (6)
CURATE –  Double definition – one a noun and the other a verb.

11a         Last  guy to put off (4)
STAY – Triple definition time – To last or continue;   a rope or guy; to put off, delay or hinder.

12a         Four-footed form of vehicle to wobble about (10)
TETRAMETER –   A line of verse of four feet –   Insert a TRAM (vehicle) into TEETER (wobble about).

13a         Area in front of stage where theatric pros will cavort (9,3)
ORCHESTRA PIT –   An anagram (will cavort) of THEATRIC PROS.

16a         Awkward container ship carrying oil over America (12)
CANTANKEROUS –   CAN(container) plus TANKER (ship carrying oil) plus O (over) and US (America).

20a         New stationer having reorganised first is booming (10)
STENTORIAN –   N(ew) preceded by (first) an anagram (reorganised ) of STATIONER.

21a         Criminal group  go for Scots (4)
GANG – Another double definition – the second one being a Scottish verb meaning to go.

22a         Gave approval to letter spelled out in dictionary (6)
OKAYED –   KAY (K spelled out) inserted into the abbreviation for the Oxford English Dictionary.

23a         Emperor gives his refusal to hold a stake (8)
NAPOLEON –   Put A POLE (a stake) into the way this particular Emperor would voice a refusal : NON.

24a         Overnight flight from America carrying communist spy (3-3)
RED-EYE –   RED (communist) and EYE (spy, look at).

25a         Man on board to consider going back round Gibraltar initially (6)
KNIGHT –   A reversal (going back) of THINK (to consider) round the initial letter of Gibraltar.


1d           Breaks for mad fellow on board (8)
SHATTERS –   ‘On board’ in a clue usually means that something is inserted in between the two Ss of SS (steamship).   In this case, it is the mad HATTER.

2d           Eating a lot but shunning starter to get thin (5)
REEDY –   The G at the start of GREEDY is removed (shunning starter).

3d           Biblical judge’s exercises (7)
PILATES – With an apostrophe  between the E and the S,  this would mean belonging to Pontius Pilate.

5d           Bright light shows a king vice (3-4)
ARC-LAMP –   A (from the clue) R (Rex, King) and CLAMP (vice).

6d           People in Twin Peaks a cause of pain (9)
TORMENTOR –   Put some MEN (people) between two lots of TOR (twin peaks).

7d           Group support the chair (6)
SETTEE – SET (group) and TEE (support for a golf ball).

9d           Nasty oriental cat spat (11)
ALTERCATION –   A nasty anagram of ORIENTAL CAT.

14d         Journalist’s note viewed as clichéd (9)
HACKNEYED – HACK (journalist) N (note) EYED (viewed).

15d         Count rat that’s treacherous as one? (8)
TURNCOAT –   An anagram (treacherous) of COUNT RAT.

17d         Signal agreement holding on when sun is hottest (7)
NOONDAY –   Insert ON (holding ON) into NOD (signal) and AY (agreement).

18d         Relative gets doctor in for most important person (7)
KINGPIN –   KIN (relative)GP (doctor)IN (from the clue).

19d         He created a vampire    who feeds a furnace (6)
STOKER –   The surname of the author of probably the most well-known vampire novel Dracula or someone who feeds a furnace with fuel.

21d         Some Caligula gaoled where state’s enemies were held (5)
GULAG –   Hidden in some of CaliGULA Gaoled.

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  1. Yes I enjoyed this one, managed to finish it without any hints! I also liked the misdirection in 4a. Not come across a triple before (11a) so was unsure if I’d understood the clue correctly, but I had. You may wish to revisit your explanation for 20a, there is only 1 R but 2Ns!

      1. Thanks BD. I have been using the blog for a few months (normally I just do the Saturday puzzle). This is my first comment. It is a great blog – very helpful when I am stuck and I enjoy reading other people’s comments, favourites etc.

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