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DT 27504

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27504

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 31st May 2014

I solved this enjoyable pangram while my lovely grandson was having his Saturday morning nap – his idea of ‘helping’ Granny with crosswords was to take away the pen, chew it for a bit and then throw it across the room!

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8a           Cannot, in rush, put back container (8)
DECANTER –   CANT (cannot) inserted into a reversed (put back) REED (rush).

9a           A maiden accustomed to be tickled (6)
AMUSED – A (from the clue) M (maiden in cricket score) and USED (accustomed to).

10a         Before final letter, make a charge against shipping route (4)
SUEZ –   SUE (make a charge) before Z (the final letter of the alphabet).

11a         Lacking variety when under the weather (3,2,5)
OUT OF SORTS – An expression meaning slightly unwell sounds like one hasn’t got much variety.

12a         Accompanying a learner driver, moreover (6)
WITHAL – WITH (accompanying) A (from the clue) and L (learner driver).

14a         Gas main? (5,3)
NORTH SEA –   A cryptic definition of the sea (main) from which some of our gas is obtained.

15a         Excited when dealing with notes (7)
AGITATO – A musical term meaning restless and wild which sounds somehow more exciting than ‘excited’.

17a         Credit given with dodgy quote — it’s a competitive game (7)
CROQUET –   CR (credit) followed by an anagram (dodgy) of QUOTE.

20a         Trade in former money (8)
EXCHANGE –   EX (former) and CHANGE (money).

22a         Provide space for books    put aside (6)
SHELVE –   A double definition – somewhere to store your books or a verb meaning to put aside or postpone.

23a         Bright idea to hit kid on the head? (10)
BRAINCHILD –   Split 5,5 it might mean to hit a kid on the head.

24a         Evident one is not included in project (4)
PLAN –   Remove the I (one is not included) from PLAIN (evident).

25a         Show remorse being locked up for at least the second time (6)
REPENT –   RE (indicating again, for the second time at least) and PENT (locked up).

26a         Avalanche that’s seen at end of voyage? (8)
LANDFALL – The land at the end of a sea voyage could, if split 4,4, be an avalanche.


1d           Giving no answer (8)
REFUSING –   Giving no as an answer.

2d           Music that produces initially just a snoring sound (4)
JAZZ –   The initial letters of Just and A and ZZ (a snoring sound).   It was pointed out on Saturday that an obsolete term spelling of JAZZ could be obtained from the initial letters of Just A Snoring Sound, but, of course, that wouldn’t help you get 10a or complete  the pangram, would it?

3d           Way to go round promenade? (6)
STROLL – Promenade here being a verb meaning to walk abut –   ST (street, way) and ROLL (go round).

4d           Behave unnaturally before nurse (7)
PRETEND – PRE (before) TEND (nurse).

5d           Traveller‘s manner gets lighter in conversation (8)
WAYFARER –   WAY (manner) and FARER , the latter being a homophone (in conversation) of FAIRER (lighter).

6d           Nasty chore, standing in queue after arranging method of payment (10)
EUROCHEQUE –   Two anagrams –   a nasty CHORE is inserted into (standing in) an anagram (after arranging) of QUEUE.

7d           When warmed up, one should sing (6)
KETTLE –   A cryptic definition which made me smile.

13d         One who gives the thumbs-up sign by the way (5-5)
HITCH-HIKER –   And another cryptic definition.

16d         Persistence needs certainty — possibly not right (8)
TENACITY –   An anagram (possibly) of CERTAINTY once you have removed the R (not right).

18d         Inevitable without it becoming sought-after (8)
ENVIABLE –   An anagram (becoming) of INEVITABLE once you have removed (without) IT.

19d         Medium‘s car? (7)
VEHICLE –   A medium for expressing something or a means of conveyance.

21d         Ruler in double-cross, partly taken in by crooked seer (6)
XERXES –   Take two Xs (double cross) put one at the beginning and insert the other into an anagram (crooked) of SEER.

22d         I would make notes about short track (6)
SIDING – ID (I’d, I would) inserted into SIGN (make notes).

24d         Advertisement‘s turned up very loud (4)
PUFF – A reversal (turned) of UP followed by FF (the musical symbol for very loud).

The first Saturday puzzle of the ‘two week blogging rota’ is usually set by Cephas. I wasn’t sure this had the feel of one of his crosswords, and wondered whether the occasional (as opposed to the regular)  Mysteron had sneaked in, but I’ve typed the word ‘anagram ‘ six times during the review, so I think it probably is a Cephas production. [I’m sure he’ll turn up and tell me if I’m wrong!].   Thank you to the setter whoever you are.


5 comments on “DT 27504

  1. Thank you, Crypticsue, for your usual excellent review which I have much enjoyed going through.

    I agree with you that ‘excited’ doesn’t really give the meaning of ‘agitato’. Alas! I didn’t spot the pangram… Although I didn’t go wrong on this crossword, a few of the clues took me a while to work out. Not quite sure why, looking at the notes made at the time.

    Thanks to the setter for an entertaining Saturday puzzle.

  2. I thought 1d was weak, but otherwise a pretty easy solve. I too missed that it was a pangram.

  3. In the process of clearing out my china cupboard and wrapping things up in newspaper, I found an old crossword which I hadn’t done, No. 27504, of 31 May 2014. Of course, I had to sit down straight-away and do it and I was interested to see that it was a pangram – the sort of little thing that pleases me! So I had to check the Quick Crossword as well – and lo and behold, that’s a pangram too! I know that this is a very late comment but just had to make it!

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