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NTSPP – 220

NTSPP – 220

A Puzzle by Radler

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The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

A review of this puzzle follows later today.

 A gentler Radler crossword this week with a linguistic theme in the answers to 1a, 12a, 16a, 1d, 4d, 5d, 6d and 18d.  Many thanks to him for an enjoyable solve.


1 Take off, then endless space forever, I see Enterprise finally gets to boldly go? (5,10)
{SPLIT INFINITIVE} – An informal word meaning take off or depart is followed by a word for space that goes on forever with the final letter removed (endless), the I from the clue, the Latin abbreviation for see (from Vide) and the final letter of Enterprise.

9 Act of telling all but withholding name by otherwise dumb pair (5,4)
{BRAIN DUMP} – An anagram (otherwise) of DUMB PAIR with the abbreviation for name inside (withholding).

10 Purplish line drawn from centre on one of hipbones (5)
{ILIAC} – A colour that is purplish has the middle L (line) removed (drawn from centre).  The remaining letters go after (on) an I (one).

11 Withdraw, taking rap for one remaining (6)
{EXTANT} – Another word for withdraw or leave has the I (one) replaced by a word meaning rap or hit.

12 Rules caused pound to trail German mark and schilling (8)
{GRAMMARS} – Another word for pound or hit goes after (to trail) the abbreviation for German.  This is followed by a word meaning mark or spoil and the abbreviation for schilling.

14 For threefold experience of drugs culture I start to take Ecstasy (10)
{TRIPARTITE} – A word for the experience taking drugs gives you is followed by another word for culture, the I from the clue, the first letter (start to) of take and the abbreviation for Ecstasy.

16 Made a low noise when discussing feeling (4)
{MOOD} – A homophone for the sound made by cattle in the past tense (a low noise).

18 Advertisement for the supernatural monster? (4)
{PUFF} – Double definition, the supernatural monster being a magic dragon.

19 Fine-grained backup delivers fragments inconsistently (10)
{PULVERISED} – Reverse (back) UP and follow this with an anagram (fragments inconsistently) of DELIVERS.

22 Love largeness of body, excusing my voluptuousness (8)
{OPULENCE} – The letter for nothing or love is followed by a word meaning largeness of body without the initial COR (excusing my).

23 One half of Status Quo rocking with limited numbers (6)
{QUOTAS} – An anagram (rocking) of STA (half of status) QUO.

26 Grunts intermittently to fiend with marksman in the middle (5)
{OINKS} – The even letters (intermittently) of TO FIEND with the middle letters of MARKSMAN.

27 One can blame broadcast for bias (9)
{IMBALANCE} – An anagram (broadcast) of I (one) CAN BLAME.

28 Harry hastens redesign, seeing problem (15)
{NEARSIGHTEDNESS} – … for which you need glasses.  An anagram (harry) of HASTENS REDESIGN.


1 Citizen, perhaps French (7)
{SUBJECT} – Double definition, the second being something you might study at school.

2 Hurried male wanting mother to get to the point (5)
{LEAPT} – Remove the MA (wanting mother) from MALE and follow this with a word meaning “to the point”.

3 I wasn’t outside getting upset and my teeth are fine (5,3)
{TENON SAW} – Put the wasn’t from the clue around (outside) ONE (I) and reverse the letters (getting upset).

4 It’s often common, and will be after United’s demotion (4)
{NOUN} – If you take this part of speech and drop the U to the end, you would end up with a word (3-1) describing something common.

5 Abandoned private pirate movie, having nothing to lose but a 16 (10)
{IMPERATIVE} – An anagram (abandoned) of PRIVATE MOVIE after removing the O (having nothing to lose).  Unfortunately, the anagram then has an extra V that is not accounted for in the wordplay.  It seems that the clue should have been “Abandoned pirate movie…”   [It does now say “pirate movie” – sorry for the typo.  BD]

6 Source of individuality in language and writing (6)
{IDIOMS} – The first letter (source of) individuality goes inside a language (an alternative to Esperanto) and this is followed by the abbreviation for manuscript (writing).  The whole clue is a definition of the answer.

7 They follow this rota, timing’s nothing on reflection (9)
{IMITATORS} – The answer is hidden and reversed in this rota, timing.

8 Lined up Norman from teenager’s complaint (7)
{ENCASED} – Reverse (up) the French (Norman) for “from” and a spotty complaint that teenager’s get.

13 Treatment of aching nuts stopping flow (10)
{STAUNCHING} – An anagram (treatment) of ACHING NUTS.

15 Largely eloquent interruption of neo-Nazi contagion (9)
{INFLUENZA} – A word meaning eloquent with the final letter removed (largely) goes inside an anagram (neo) of Nazi.

17 Worried and foolish, but older (8)
{TROUBLED} – An anagram (foolish) of BUT OLDER.

18 It is, say, not Charlie or Earl (7)
{PRONOUN} – Another word meaning say has the final (Charlie) and E (Earl) removed.  The whole clue is a definition by example as this part of speech stands in place of a person’s name.

20 Drives away vehicle after reversing. Is parking restricted? (7)
{DISPELS} – Reverse a type of winter vehicle and put inside (restricted) the IS from the clue and the abbreviation for parking.

21 Foams when Tory’s original cuts agreed (6)
{YEASTS} – Another word for when and the first letter (original) of Tory goes inside (cuts) a word meaning agreed.

24 Perfect? Has wound up energy (5)
{TENSE} – Double definition, the second being a description of something under stress.

25 Second offence? (4)
{ABET} – A cryptic definition of a crime where someone assists or backs another’s criminal enterprise.

15 comments on “NTSPP – 220

    1. I did email BD about this just after noon but think he must be still out ‘networking’ at the village market.

  1. Thanks to Radler for a very enjoyable themed puzzle. Lots of clues I liked but I’ll have to pick the LOL 13d as my favourite.
    Unless I’m missing something (wouldn’t be the first time) the wordplay in 5d doesn’t quite work.

    1. It was a late change made by Radler and I used his Crossword Compiler file! It should have said “pirate movie”. I’ll change it now.

  2. I first met this crossword last August which meant I sort of remembered it but didn’t – Thanks to Radler for the double enjoyment and to Prolixic in advance.

  3. What I could do was very enjoyable, right at the top of my competence level, many dohs when I saw the review.

    Thanks to Prolixic for the review.

    Thanks to Radler for an enjoyable but taxing puzzle.

  4. Thank you to Prolixic for the review and to the rest of you who commented or just had a go at the crossword

    I apologise for my typo at 5d. When I looked at the puzzle again this week, I was worried the original clue was too hard and I decided to replace it with an anagram. Unfortunately, as I coincidentally wrote in an email to CrypticSue just a few days ago, my fingers sometimes disengage my brain when they’re in a hurry.

    24d, as well as the double meaning, I hoped the whole clue might also be read as
    TEN (perfect) + S (last letter of HAS) + E (energy)
    Does that work? (Or is it a little too opaque?)

  5. I got 1A straight away, which gave me a clue to a possible theme, but then slow going. I managed all but the top left corner without hints. Kicking myself for not seeing 1D but I would not have deciphered 3D or 14A in a month of Sundays. 13D made me laugh. Hats off to Radler and Prolixic for the brainteaser and review respectively.

  6. Not sure that we agree with the ‘gentler’ description of this puzzle as we found it a real challenge. Had a lot of trouble with the NE corner as we had ‘ilium’ for 10a so could not work out 8d for a long time. Like Expat Chris we got 1a straight away but it was uphill after that. Lots of well crafted clues and a tough workout for us.
    Thanks Radler and Prolixic.

  7. I found this quite tricky and failed to parse 18, thanks Prolixic.

    Some really nice definitions here like ‘my teeth are fine.’

  8. I wouldn’t call this gentle at all – I only managed to do about half of it, if that.
    It’s a bit like the problem I have with Toughies – I know I can’t usually do them so I can’t – I know that I find Radler’s crosswords difficult so they are, to me anyway.
    I enjoyed the ones that I could do and I enjoyed reading the review and trying to decide which answers I would have got if I’d carried on trying for longer and how many I would never have got.
    With thanks to Radler and Prolixic.

  9. Yes, it has taken me a whole week, picking it up and putting it down. I so wanted to complete this puzzle, and at last I have! And I have enjoyed the challenge immensely. I never find Radler ‘gentle’.

    Lots of super clues, fave being 13d.

    My answers were all fine, and most were parsed correctly. I value Prolixic’s review for explaining the wordplay of 3d and 21d. I didn’t see the amended version of 5d, and did the anagram but wondered about that extra ‘v’ . Now all is clear!

    Big thanks to Radler for this most enjoyable mental workout.

    Big thanks to Prolixic for explaining it all so beautifully.

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