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DT 27468

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27468

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on  Saturday, 19th April 2014

Morning All!. This felt like a Cephas puzzle to me. I found it fairly straightforward but very enjoyable.


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1a           Desperate GP caught guzzling wine (7)
DRASTIC – Drastic measures!. DR for Doctor (as an abbreviation or abb.) and C for caught containing (guzzling) ASTI for wine(ish!)

9a           I knew art in a way that could pull the wool over you (8)
KNITWEAR – An anagram (in a way) of I KNEW ART.

10a         A seaman reported sudden violent attack (7)
ASSAULT – This is a homophone of A SALT (seaman), indicated by ‘reported’. Good surface reading for pirates – Aaargh!

11a         Position from where Reds go for goals? (4,4)
LEFT WING – A good cryptic definition. Reds being left wing in the political sphere and a nod to Liverpool (well done you!) and/or Man United (Oops!) being known as the Reds. One of our NTSPP setters Hieroglyph came up with this anagram on Tuesday morning:
“Former Manchester United Manager David Moyes” anagram: “My! A tremendous move at Reds – man in charge fired!” Well done him!

12a         Instrument finally played in fancy grooves (6)
FLUTED – Nicely misleading. Start with the FLUTE and then ad the last letter in (playe)D. I read this the other way round and got nowhere!.

13a         Handful pointed out it’s justified (10)
VINDICATED – A bit naughty – V is Five ( handful) in Roman Numerals. Follow that with INDICATED (pointed out).

15a         Male engineers present (4)
HERE – HE for Male and an abb. of the R(oyal) E(ngineers).

16a         Frolicked in games that must have died out (9)
DISPORTED – SPORT (games) inside of DIED in the clue (having died out). A lovely old word!

21a         Rotten Row (4)
RANK – A good double definition! Rank meat and a taxi rank.

22a         At ball about two hours before midnight — in this? (10)
ATTENDANCE – Start with AT from the clue and add DANCE for ‘ball’. Then include (those letters are around/about the outside of) TEN which is two hours on the clock before midnight. A nice tricky clue!.

24a         Snapper and artist arrived first (6)
CAMERA – A slightly chestnutty charade of CAME RA. The artist is the Royal Academicion and CAME (arrived) goes first.

25a         One’s to be given run round in case (8)
CANISTER – I’S or ‘one’s’ with CANTER or run around the outside.

27a         Newspaper article’s distinctive characteristic (7)
FEATURE – A straightforward double definition.

28a         They last out in secret (8)
STEALTHY – An anagram (indicated by ‘out’) of THEY LAST.

29a         Head makes gentle retreat (7)
PRECEDE – P for ;piano’ or gentle in musical notation and then RECEDE or retreat.


2d           Very determined, so worked out again (8)
RESOLVED – A definition and a cryptic definition of re-solved (worked out again).

3d           Shocked the beginning came first! (8)
STARTLED – A charade of START (the beginning) and LED (came first).

4d           One will notice twisting dives becoming imprudent (3-7)
ILL-ADVISED – I’ll (a contraction of ‘one will’) then AD (notice/advertisement) then a twisting anagram of DIVES.

5d           Artwork needed to be put round joint (4)
KNEE – The joint is hidden in the first two words (the rest of the letters are ‘put round’ it).

6d           Attics converted to stable! (6)
STATIC – A simple anagram (converted) of STATIC.

7d           Contemplate not having time to be a go-between (7)
MEDIATE – This took a while for me to spot but is quite straightforward. Remove the T (not having Time) in MEDI(t)ATE or contemplate.

8d           Essay about old play (7)
TRAGEDY – A TRY or essay around the outside of AGED/old.

11d         Laird left a knight with state of depression (9)
LANDOWNER – L for Left, A from the clue then N for Knight (in chess notation – K is the King). Follow that with a DOWNER or state of depression in the vernacular.

14d         Cleaner hit out, but not suspected (2,3,5)
IN THE CLEAR – An anagram (out again) of CLEANER HIT.

17d         Marked in a playful way? (8)
DRAMATIC – A good cryptic definition with playful referring cryptically to the theatre.

18d         Woolly ran if colour’s outside the visible spectrum (8)
INFRARED – Start with a woolly anagram of RAN IF then add RED for colour.

19d         Sneering mars tours round half of castle (7)
SARCASM – An anagram (tours) of MARS around half the letters in CAS(tle) – SAR (CAS) M

20d         Checked development of performing student (7)
STUNTED – An anagram (performing) of STUNTED.

23d         Snuggle up in lovers’ place with the Parisian (6)
NESTLE – A lovers place is the NEST/love-nest. Add LE for ‘The’ in Paris/French.

26d         Sound return from City house (4)
ECHO – The city of London has the EC postcode. Add HO for the abbreviation of House


Thanks to, I think, Cephas for the puzzle. I’ll see you next week for what should be a Mysteron puzzle.