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DT 27456

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27456

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on  Saturday, 5th April 2014

A fairly typical Saturday puzzle – were  a couple of the clues  inspired by a visit to the zoo?


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6a           Company’s preferred number one choice? (4,9)
FIRM FAVOURITE –    I did wonder if this would be the start of a Grand National theme but  it wasn’t to be.  FIRM (company) and FAVOURITE (preferred)

8a           Estimated the value of grain and paid out (6)
PRICED –   RICE put into PD (an abbreviated way of writing ‘paid’).

9a           Yearn to go by roads in the lengthiest direction (8)
LONGWAYS –   LONG (yearn) and WAYS (by roads)

10a         Prevented clergyman making an appearance (3)
REV –   An abbreviated clergyman makes an appearance in pREVented.

11a         Cores — get uncle to remove one (6)
NUCLEI –  An anagram of UNCLE followed by I (one)

12a         Sloths, armadillos, etc saying goodbye to paradise? (8)
EDENTATA –   Members of the order of mammals with no front teeth.  Split 4, 2 2, they could be saying goodbye to paradise:    EDEN (paradise) TA TA (goodbye).

14a         Worry about the thing found in an old mattress (7)
FEATHER –   FEAR (worry) put round about  THE (from the clue)

16a         Escape through broken gateway (7)
GETAWAY –   An anagram (broken) of GATEWAY.

20a         Sent off, goalie’s run to enter women’s area! (8)
SERAGLIO –   An anagram (sent off) of GOALIES and R (run).

23a         Later     but not too late (2,4)
IN TIME –  Self-explanatory double definition clue.

24a         After Penny leaves, it’s still a patch of ground (3)
LOT –  Remove P for Penny from a PLOT of land and you are left with a LOT, which the BRB defines as ‘a patch of land’.

25a         Sad beautiful girl on the phone one’s seen in the woods (8)
BLUEBELL –   BLUE (sad) and a homophone (on the phone) of BELLE (beautiful girl).

26a         Fluid a palm’s spilling (6)
PLASMA  –  An anagram (spilling) of A PALMS.

27a         Regularly goes round disreputable group (6,7)
ROGUES GALLERY –   An anagram (round) of REGULARLY GOES.


1d           Two allowed personal ornament (8)
BRACELET –  BRACE (a quantity of two)and LET (allowed).

2d           Cricket stroke‘s finished with spin (3,5)
OFF DRIVE –  OFF (finished) and DRIVE (spin or outing in a car).

3d           Twisted Romeo being ditched developed gradually (7)
EVOLVED –   Remove or ditch the R for Romeo from the start of REVOLVED (twisted).

4d           Fruit‘s finished before halfway point of 500 years celebration (6)
QUINCE –  The first six letters of the thirteen letter QUINCENTENARY (celebration of 500 years).

5d           Fool can upset comedian (6)
NITWIT –   A reversal (upset in a down clue) of TIN (can) followed by a WIT (comedian).

6d           Palmist put large amount of money on counter (7-6)
FORTUNE TELLER –   FORTUNE (large amount of money) and TELLER (counter).

7d           Aswan Dam? One very much older! (8,5)
EGYPTIAN MUMMY –   A dam or mother from the Aswan region of Egypt or an ancient Egyptian  preserved dead body

13d         Diminutive part   that’s edible (3)
NUT –  A small, usually metal,  part  or an edible seed.

15d         Old woman insultingly labelled    a bad speller! (3)
HAG –   A disparaging term for an old woman; or a witch that casts bad spells.

17d         Mad exploit overshadowing learner’s study of voting trends (4,4)
EXIT POLL –   An anagram (mad) of EXPLOIT followed by (overshadowing) L (learner).

18d         Beast devastating tent area (8)
ANTEATER –   An anagram (devastating) of TENT AREA gives us another member of the 12a family of mammals.

19d         Picture made by university amateur going in for initial energy (7)
COLLAGE –   Change the E in COLLEGE (university) for an A (Amateur going in for initial Energy).

21d         Take retribution for engineer briefly blocking street (6)
AVENGE –   ENG (the abbreviation [briefly) for engineer ) blocks or is inserted into AVE (avenue, street).

22d         Hear someone conducting German songs (6)
LIEDER –   German songs sound like they could be conducted  or led somewhere by a LEADER (not of an orchestra, because the ‘leader’ is the first violinist rather than the conductor).


Thanks once again to Cephas –I’ll be back next Friday with a review of the Mysteron’s Saturday offering.