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DT 27450

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27450

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on  Saturday, 29th March 2014

Morning All!. I really enjoyed this offering from (I suspect) Cephas. It was a bit more tricky than average according to my solving time and all the better for it in my opinion.

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1a           Crucial moment at Wimbledon affecting two times champion (5,5)
MATCH POINT  – A lovely clue to start!. Make an anagram (affecting) of TT (Two times T for Time) and also CHAMPION.

6a           Flashy character upsetting top people (4)
SPIV – A reversal of VIPS (Upsetting the Very Important PersonS

9a           Old cars popular with learner visiting more than one state (3,7)
TIN LIZZIES – My last one in. Diffucult to parse as you need to take TIZZIES – The plural of TIZZY (a frenetic state of mind) and then include IN (popular) and L for Learner.

10a         Powder used in macrobiotic latte coming from the East (4)
TALC – reversed (from the East) and hidden (used in) macrobiotiC LATte.

12a         Hunter’s habit perhaps put an end to soft wimps (6)
TWEEDS – Put an ending letter of (soft)T before WEEDS (wimps).

13a         Follower of false gods, I procrastinate (8)
IDOLATER – A charade of I DO LATER ( I procrastinate).

15a         Gratifying resolution of nightmare war (5-7)
HEART WARMING – An anagram (resolution of) NIGHTMARE WAR.

18a         Major initiative — single picture left in movie (5,7)
CONES HOTLINE – My least favourite clue as the definition and subject matter is unknown to foreigners and young people. Place ONE (single) SHOT (picture) and L for Left inside CINE – An abbreviation of presumably Cinematograph  for movie.

21a         Florence ruled by fish (8)
FLOUNDER – A charade of FLO (the abb for Florence the girl’s name) and UNDER (ruled by/subordinate to).

22a         Shawl, new, makes one hot (6)
STOLEN – A charade of STOLE (shawl or neck wrap) and N for New. Good definition!.

24a         O! What comes from pen? Animal noise (4)
OINK – A charade of O from the clue and INK that comes from a writing pen (not the pig pen that adds to the pleasure of the clue).

25a         Houseplant rousing a sad spirit (10)
ASPIDISTRA – An anagram (rousing) of A SAD SPIRIT.

26a         Made a portrait of Barrymore? (4)
DREW – The female actress from ET, not the ‘comedian’.

27a         Help Charlie with initially important position (10)
ASSISTANCE – ASS for a Charlie/idiot then the first or initial letter of I(mportant) and finally STANCE for position.


1d           Grumble endlessly about a change (6)
MUTATE – All but the last letter in MUTTE® or grumble around the outside (about) of A from the clue.

2d           Vulnerable bid (6)
TENDER – Two definitions and a good starter clue.

3d           Hard manner and sauce — shock treatment’s needed (12)
HAIRDRESSING – Remember the shock of hair!. H for Hard then AIR (manner) and finally DRESSING (a sauce for salads etc.)

4d           Don’t start to drink slimy stuff (4)
OOZE – Remove the first letter (not starting) of (b)OOZE/drink.

5d           Wastrel we enrolled to be employed (4-2-4)
NEER-DO-WELL – An anagram (to be employed) of WE ENROLLED.

7d           Insect tucked into simple fruit (8)
PLANTAIN – Place your ANT (insect) inside PLAIN  for simple.

8d           A newspaper probes depravity in minister’s place (8)
VICARAGE – A red top newspaper is sometimes called A RAG. Put this inside VICE for depravity.

11d         Musician performing stint with recital (12)
CLARINETTIST – An anagram (performing) of STINT with/and RECITAL.

14d         Women taking orders from printworks around S American city (10)
PRIORESSES – The orders here are HOLY ORDERS. Put PRESSES (printworks) around the handy crossword city RIO.

16d         A very loud reprimand’s given outside place for punishment (8)
SCAFFOLD – SCOLD (reprimand) is positioned/given outside A FF – the musical notation for very loud.

17d         Report girl gaining little weight (8)
ANNOUNCE – Simply ANN for girl getting/gaining OUNCE or little weight.

19d         ‘Mercury’ maybe getting slightly twisted in printing roller (6)
PLATEN – An unfamiliar word for me but perfectly solvable. Mercury is an example (indicated by ‘maybe’) of a PLANET. Twist the last three letters around.

20d         Lag behind in recast team (6)
INMATE – Place an anagram (recast) of TEAM behind IN from the clue.

23d         Antipodean it’s essential we picked up (4)
KIWI – A nice homophone (picked up) of KEY ME (essential we)

I’ll see you all the week after next having had a week off golfing in Spain!.


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