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DT 27311

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27311

Hints and tips by Big Dave

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

It’s Ray T again – love him or hate him!

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1a    Horse has to strike, losing lead (7)
{MUSTANG} – a verb meaning “has to” followed by a strike without (losing) its initial letter (lead)

5a    Soaps following end of Scrubs including Hospital (7)
{LATHERS] – a word meaning following and the final letter (end) of ScrubS around H(ospital)

9a    More insignificant rubbish about Latin… (7)
{LITTLER} – some rubbish around L(atin)

10a    …more relevant subsequent to Church Synod perhaps (7)
{CHAPTER} – an adjective meaning more relevant after (subsequent to) CH(urch)

11a    Plant seeds while ignoring hard ground (9)
{EDELWEISS} – an anagram (ground) of SEEDS W(H)ILE without (ignoring) H(ard)

12a    Accordingly American embraces American composer (5)
{SOUSA} – a two-letter word meaning accordingly and A(merican) around (embraces) a two-letter abbreviation for American

13a    Stand in position for painter? (5)
{EASEL} – a cryptic definition of a stand used by a painter

15a    Understanding unusually seen as comprising conflict (9)
{AWARENESS} – an anagram (unusually) of SEEN AS around (comprising) a conflict

17a    Clean scent if I’d showered? (9)
{DISINFECT} – an anagram (showered) of SCENT IF I’D

19a    Small crucifix over more than one entrance (5)
{DOORS} – S(mall) and a crucifix, all reversed (over)

22a    Fondles female in front of slippery customers (5)
{FEELS} – F(emale) followed by some slippery customers

23a    Fan is ‘matchless’ without Liverpool, say… (9)
{SUPPORTER} – an adjective meaning matchless around the type of coastal conurbation of which Liverpool is an example

25a    …Villa‘s excessive in enclosure (7)
{COTTAGE} – a three-letter abbreviation for excessive inside an enclosure

26a    Force to continue slowly round job centre (7)
{DRAGOON} – a phrasal verb meaning to continue slowly (4,2) around the middle letter (centre) of jOb

27a    In discomfort or mental anguish (7)
{TORMENT} – hidden (in) inside the clue

28a    State drawn into secretive work in captivity (7)
{SLAVERY} – a verb meaning to state or say inside an adjective meaning secretive


1d French writer is longer penning story (7)
{MOLIÈRE} – an word meaning longer or further around (penning) a story or untruth

2d Hounds me and others like me! (7)
{SETTERS} – two definitions – the second one referring to today’s compiler (and others like him)

3d Let everybody almost get into debt (5)
{ALLOW} – a word meaning everybody followed by most of (almost) a verb meaning to get into debt

4d Sprout fur around a time after midnight (9)
{GERMINATE} – some expensive fur around the A from the clue and T(ime) all following the middle letter (mid) of niGht

5d Misses reportedly loose (5)
{LACKS} – sounds like a three-letter adjective meaning loose

6d Excel scan modified in course (9)
{TRANSCEND} – an anagram (modified) of SCAN inside a course or drift

7d Ecstasy consequently found in endless modern rave (7)
{ENTHUSE} – E(cstasy) followed by a word meaning consequently inside most of (endless) an adjective meaning modern

8d Better drink, consuming last of lager before idiot (7)
{SURPASS} – a verb meaning to drink around (consuming) the final letter (last) of lageR followed by an idiot

14d View Loch Ness catching also head of serpent (9)
{LANDSCAPE} – L(och) and a ness or headland around (catching) a word meaning also which is followed by the initial letter (head) of Serpent

16d Range enclosing peak over in Australia perhaps (9)
{ANTIPODES] – a mountain range around (enclosing) a peak or pinnacle and O(ver)

17d Cryptic, if edited, shows up deficiency (7)
{DEFICIT} – hidden (shows) and reversed (up in a down clue) inside the clue

18d Lust ends in transparent cover (7)
{SHELTER} – the outer letters (ends) of LusT inside an adjective meaning transparent

20d Beaten due to no pants! (7)
{OUTDONE} – an anagram (pants) of DUE TO NO

21d Not spending money to catch Queen? Tough! (7)
{STRINGY} – an adjective meaning not spending money around (to catch) the Latin abbreviation for Queen

23d Stickiness with exercise and training initially (5)
{SWEAT} – the initial letters of five words in the clue

24d State of the old lady in a house turned upside-down (5)
{OMAHA} – a two-letter word for the old lady inside the reversal (turned upside-down in a down clue) of A HO(use) – not so much a state, more a city in Nebraska

A bit of a faux pas in that last clue!  I wonder who checked it?

The Quick crossword pun: (hut} + {haste} + {err} + {funny} = {A Taste of Honey}

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  1. Finally getting on Ray T’s wavelength, although his puzzles take me twice as long as others. Thanks for blog!

    1. Me too but if it is 3* as the standard it is 4* for me. However, I do enjoy his puzzles when I can do them

      PS. Have I lost the downs?

      1. Yes – it takes quite a while to get going and then it gets completed in a stuttering fashion.

        I can’t say I enjoyed it much, but it definitely made me work.

        I’m apparently awaiting moderation again!

        1. Anyone who left a comment during yesterday’s technical problems was automatically allocated a default email address. Please re-enter your email address and try again.

  2. This was **/*** for me, although I’m more on RayT’s wavelength now, I’m sure this was one of his easier puzzles.

    I see the Down hints are soon to come, but one that puzzled me was the last 5 letter clue (don’t remember the number – 24d??). I parsed the clue that the answer was a US State, but the US-related answer I ended up with from the wordplay was not actually a State. Is the clue wrong, or did I mis-read it ?

  3. I thought this was very good today. It just crept into my 3* time to finish, but at least 4* for enjoyment.
    Many thanks to RayT, and to BD.

  4. You’ve got to love a Ray T! Just the right number of anagrams – for me anyway.

    By’eck BD you’re putting in some overtime this week – it’s much appreciated in this purlieu.

  5. I’m loving the help I get on Big Dave – I have just started doing cryptic crosswords.

    However, the person who helped yesterday is shockingly and old-fashionably sexist in his choice of photos. I’m trying to laugh but may have to give up this help!

    1. Usually the bloggers find a balance between the photos they use & it’s very rare that anyone takes umbrage. You should have seen some of the shots from earlier years before they started putting bromide in certain bloggers’ teas. It’s meant not to be taken seriously & hardly constitutes hard or even soft porn.

      Stay with the blog Ann & you’ll find we’re a very friendly lot, always willing to help each other out..

    2. Ann, scchua was merely describing what actually happens to these poor creatures at so called rodeos and wild west shows and I seriously doubt that he was trying to be offensive, as for his pictorial hints, these are meant to be taken lightly and are definitely not aimed at shocking the fairer sex ( no sexism intended)