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DT 27301

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27301

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ****

Morning All! Welcome to my shortest ever Saturday Telegraph solve. There were still a number of fine clues, I just missed them on the way through!

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1a           Cook apple and fry stick insects with it (8)
FLYPAPER – An anagram of APPLE and FRY (having been cooked)

6a           Be put back in charge to get refund (6)
REBATE – reverse BE and place inside RATE for charge – R (EB) ATE.

9a           Hedge sparrow’s second character with rook I scrutinise (6)
PRIVET – The second letter (character) of sParrow  followed by R for Rook (from Chess notation) and then I VET (I scrutinise).

10a         Mariner‘s fears are misplaced (8)
SEAFARER – an anagram (misplaced) of FEARSARE. Good surface reading.

11a         Confine engineers near stern (8)
RESTRICT – The abbreviation R.E. for the Royal Engineers then STRICT for stern.

12a         Clump thug in audience with iron before end of act (6)
TUFFET – So now you know what Little Miss Muffet was sitting on!. A homophone (in audience_ of tough/thug is TUF. Add FE, the chemical symbol for Iron and the final character (end of) acT.

13a         Artist doing nudes? The underwear could go here (6,6)
BOTTOM DRAWER – A nice Cryptic Definition. An artist who drawers nudes might also draw their arses. Hence a BOTTOM DRAWER. The straight definition is boring!

16a         Surplus with these revised accounts (7,5)
BALANCE SHEET – BALANCE for surplus/remainder then an anagram (revised) of THESE.

19a         Bet spades draw with diamonds (6)
STAKED – Bet in the past tense. A charade of S for Spades (from Bridge notation ), TAKE (draw) and then D for Diamonds (again a Bridge notation).

21a         Energy being interrupted, might stop filming (5,3)
POWER CUT – A charade of POWER (energy) and CUT (interrupted). Not the best clue here today.

23a         Not wanting light cream (3-5)
OFF WHITE – If you are not wanting a light colour and are preferring a darker colour  you may be OFF WHITE. Not my favourite clue either.

24a         The alternative to slacks! (6)
TIGHTS – A brilliant cryptic definition! . Slacks being trousers and tights being also worn on the legs. Both antonyms. A great spot from the setter.

25a         Look to make a cricket score? (6)
GLANCE – A definition and a cryptic, the latter being a recognised shot in cricket (that may score runs)

26a         Excited seeing the daughter crossing brook (8)
THRILLED – Hard to explain and a sound clue. Tale THE (from the clue) and D(aughter) then place RILL (brook) inside. Crossing here means being astride or around/over.


2d           Odd lot missing from tall order being arranged in storeroom (6)
LARDER – Remove the anagram (LOT being odd and also missing)) from the anagram of TALL ORDER  (being arranged) to get that storeroom. Note that this is the correct way to indicate a removal of letters that are not sequential. Bravo!

3d           To important person on the way up it’s the turning-point (5)
PIVOT – Nice and easy – reverse TO (from the clue) and a VIP (Very Important Person – CLEBS for you young’uns!).

4d           Loyal Irishman’s nervous reaction, imbibing port (9)
PATRIOTIC – The Irishman is PAT. Then insert RIO (the port being imbibed) inside a TIC or nervous reaction/twitch.

5d           Sir sent back German dish (7)
RISOTTO – Italian actually (unlike the river!). Reverse SIR (sent back) and then add OTTO – the ubiquitous Crosswordland German name.

6d           Make a response to ‘Play it again’? (5)
REACT – If you play/act something twice then you might RE-ACT.

7d           Do for vegetarians? (9)
BEANFEAST – I like this clue a lot!. A ‘Do’ or party might be described s a BEANFEAST. The cryptic element suggests that there are no lamb cutlets.

8d           Deter reshuffles after support for course seesawed (8)
TEETERED – The support on a (golf) course is a TEE. After this place a reshuffled anagram of DETER

13d         Bishop is missing pasty — a rare bird! (5,4)
BLACK SWAN – A charade of B(ishop), LACKS (is missing) and WAN (pasty/ashen).

14d         Severe steward — I will be ejected in mid-ocean perhaps (4,5)
DEEP WATER – DEEP, at a push, can mean severe or profound. Then add a WA(I)TER or steward from which the I has been removed/ejected.

15d         Extravagant faults we disguised (8)
WASTEFUL – A disguised anagram of FAULTS WE.

17d         Fancy panties — is that wise? (7)
SAPIENT – Oh Yes It Is! – A really fancy anagram of PANTIES. Super stuff!.

18d         Not immediately obvious it is discarded from secondary name (6)
SUBTLE – Remove IT from SUBT(IT)LE or secondary name.

20d         One degree Celsius in river in thaw (2-3)
DE-ICE – Place 1C (one degree Celsius) inside of the River Dee.

22d         Majestic delight unfinished (5)
REGAL – Remove the end (unfinished) of REGAL(e) or delight (as seen yesterday!).

Thanks to the setter for a fun if untaxing puzzle. I’m not even going to guess when I am here next as Crypticsue always corrects me ;-)