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DT 27265

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27265

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ***

A typical Cephas Saturday puzzle, with quite a few of his trademark anagrams.


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1a           Two loud experts communicating in person? (4,2,4)
FACE TO FACE –   F (loud) and ACE (expert) twice over, separated by a preposition meaning communicating.

6a           Baker forged link (4)
KILN –   An anagram (forged) of LINK.

9a           Criminal organises, embracing start of gangster hostility (10)
AGGRESSION –   An anagram (criminal) of ORGANISES plus the G at the start of Gangster.

10a         Notice    measles symptom (4)
SPOT  the double definition!

13a         Diplomat’s secured missing diamonds (7)
ATTACHE  –   Remove the D (missing diamonds) from the end of ATTACHEd or secured.

15a         I affectionately will wave goodbye to daughter, giving an expression of regret (2,4)
IF ONLY –  I (from the clue) and FONDLY (affectionally)with the D (daughter) removed (wave goodbye to).

16a         Warm current discovered while working online (2,4)
EL NINO – an anagram (working) of ONLINE.

17a         One could show a woman the time of her life (10,5)
BIOLOGICAL CLOCK –    A cryptic definition of the in-built mechanism which regulates the body’s physiological rhythms and cycles.   I’m sure a man has one of these too!

18a         Thief returned instrument used by Queen (6)
LOOTER –   A reversal of TOOL (instrument) followed by ER, the Queen’s cipher.

20a         Weighty melons exchanged (6)
SOLEMN –   An anagram (exchanged) of MELONS.

21a         Hopelessness of the French duo (7)
DESPAIR  –   DES (the French plural for of the ) and PAIR (duo).

22a         Cut makes Conservative on edge (4)
CLIP – C (Conservative) and LIP (edge).

25a         Fixer and Mafia boss, unconscious (10)
MECHANICAL –   MECHANIC (fixer) and AL (Capone, one-time  leader of the Chicago mafia).

26a         Vegetable lasagne starter — yikes! (4)
LEEK –   L (the starter of lasagne) and EEK (yikes!)

27a         Italian staggered into a plane (10)
NEAPOLITAN –   Someone from Naples is an anagram (staggered) of INTO A PLANE.


1d           Anxiety‘s extreme, going over point (4)
FEAR –   Insert E (compass point) into FAR (extreme)

2d           Pen impounded by narcotic agent (4)
CAGE  is hidden in (impounded by) narcotiC  AGEnt.

3d           Deal with unknown contract (6)
TREATY –  TREAT (deal with) and Y (an unknown quantity in maths etc).

4d           Unexpectedly find posh chap his place for a takeaway (4,3,4,4)
FISH AND CHIP SHOP –  An anagram (unexpectedly) of FIND POSH CHAP HIS.

5d           Fool with high explosive makes for cover (6)
CLOTHE –   CLOT (fool) and HE (high explosive).

7d           Behind bars — dim person sadly getting one captured (10)
IMPRISONED  – An anagram (sadly) of DIM PERSON plus I (getting one)

8d           Broadcasting simultaneously with web in operation (10)
NETWORKING –   NET (web) and WORKING (in operation).

11d         What you might call hell of a liberty? (10)
DIABOLICAL –  The adjective meaning of hell can sometimes be added to liberty to mean something really bad.

12d         Crazy reason to support and train leader (10)
LOCOMOTIVE –   LOCO (crazy) plus MOTIVE (reason).

13d         Conceded we should block everybody overdrawn (7)
ALLOWED –   ALL (everybody)  OD (overdrawn) with WE (from the clue) inserted.

14d         Person choosing to be at cross-purposes? (7)
ELECTOR – Someone putting a cross to indicate their choice.

19d         Parson shortly before worship (6)
REVERE  –  REV (an abbreviated reverend or parson) and ERE (a literary adverb meaning before).

20d         Outstanding    indicator (6)
SIGNAL  –  An adjective meaning outstanding, remarkable, notable;  a noun meaning an indicator, usually warning of something.

23d         Northerner, no amateur on racecourse (4)
SCOT –   Remove the A for amateur from ASCOT racecourse.

24d         Mountain climbing nationalist’s scheme (4)
PLAN –   A reversal (climbing) of ALP followed by N (nationalist).
I’ll be back next Friday with my thoughts on tomorrow’s Mysteron prize puzzle.

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  1. As to be expected another enjoyable puzzle from Cephas with 4d being my favourite. Thanks to Cephas & to CS for the review.

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