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DT 27259

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27259

A full review by gnomethang

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Morning All!. We had a reasonably tricky puzzle this week but it was one that I enjoyed with some well disguised definitions.

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1a           Miss flying west in Romania, crashing (8)
AIRWOMAN – Place W for West in an anagram (flying) of ROMANIA.

9a           One giving financial support to London arts centre gets decoration (8)
ANGELICA – A perennial crossword answer – A garden plant whose leaf stalks and other sections are used as cake decoration. An ANGEL is a financial donor. Add ICA, the abbreviation of the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

10a         Top performer sings with backing (4)
STAR – Reverse RATS (sings like a canary with backing/reversal)

11a         Boiler getting detached makes a mess (6,2,4)
KETTLE OF FISH – A KETTLE (boiler) followed by OFFISH (detached or rude).

13a         Royal person included in newspapers (8)
PRINCESS – INC – the abbreviation for Included, inside the PRESS or newspapers.

15a         Better ventilated zone by the sound of it (6)
AIRIER – A homophone (by the sound of it) or AREA/zone.

16a         Group of countries in Arab locality (4)
BLOC – Hidden IN the last two words.

17a         The Queen entering American university gets high mark (5)
MERIT – One lower than a distinction if I remember rightly. Place ER, the abbreviation for Elizabeth Regina, inside MIT – the abbreviation for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a well known US University.

18a         Record and intercept communication (electronic) (4)
TAPE – To make a tape of. TAP (intercept communication) followed by E for Electronic.

20a         Make a priest confused in road (6)
ORDAIN – A confused anagram of IN ROAD.

21a         Wizard journalist made erratic progress (8)
POTTERED – The wizard Harry POTTER followed by ED for ED(itor)/journalist.

23a         Hides what sports fan does before match (4,2,6)
GOES TO GROUND – The first definition is the first word. The remainder is the cryptic one.

26a         Russian — one near front (4)
IVAN – I for one near (next to) the abbreviation of VAN(guard) for leading forces (at the front).

27a         A warrior going round is flipping rough (8)
ABRASIVE – A BRAVE (a warrior) going around the reversal (flipping) of IS.

28a         Take up a case set down by one departure point (8)
LITIGATE – A charade of LIT (set down after flying), I for one and GATE, a departure point at an airport.


2d           Complete transformation of triangle (8)
INTEGRAL – AN anagram (a transformation of) TRIANGLE.

3d           Apply oneself at school acquiring good C or D (7-5)
WORKING CLASS – A tricky definition to spot. Take WORK IN CLASS (apply oneself at school) and insert G for Good.

4d           Courage of London police let out (6)
METTLE – The MET is the abbreviation for the Metropolitan Police Force. Add an anagram (indicated by out) of LET.

5d           New trouble to fix (4)
NAIL – Nice and straightforward this one. N for New followed by AIL for trouble.

6d           I allow small number inside without knowledge (8)
IGNORANT – I from the clue and GRANT (allow) with NO, the abbreviation (small) of Number.

7d           One peccadillo’s overturned condition of divorce (4)
NISI – A reversal (overturned) of I for one and SIN (peccadillo). This is a Latin word meaning ‘unless’ that is used in court proceedings to refer to an act/judgement taking effect after some other condition has been fulfilled.

8d           In variety show, rare song often performed (8)
WARHORSE – An anagram (in variety) of SHOW RARE. An old standard regularly played, usually a crowd-pleaser.

12d         I sign draft re revised parliamentary procedure (5,7)
Another anagram (revised) of I SIGN DRAFT RE

14d         Upstart harbours display of petulance (5)
STROP – A reversal (upstart?) of PORTS. Perfectly solvable but an unusual reversal indicator.

16d         Horse-drawn coach makes bishop rather unwell by morning (8)
BROUGHAM – A charade of B(ishop) then ROUGH and finally A.M. – the abbreviation for morning.

17d         Chap handin’ out instrument (8)
MANDOLIN – MAN (chap) then DOLIN’, that is handing out without the G.

19d         Delightful lake in rustic surrounding (8)
PLEASANT – PEASANT is an adjective synonymous with rustic. Add in L for Lake.

22d         Make false turn at bunker (6)
TRUANT – A nice misleading definition. Make an anagram (make false) TURN AT. One who bunks off school.

24d         Aristocrat and paragon, beheaded (4)
EARL – Remove the head letter from (P)EARL/paragon.

25d         Lecherously eye up for a dance (4)
REEL – To LEER (lecherously eye) reversed (up).


Thanks to the setter for a fair challenge – I’ll see you all the week after next.