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ST 2704

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2704

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

My solving of this great Sunday puzzle was delayed by a couple of days but it was well worth the wait.  Lots of favourites but my top favourite has to be 24d.

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1a           Like people with convictions picked for team (6)
INSIDE –  An informal term for prison (where people convicted of a crime are sent) split 2, 4 would mean that you had been picked for a team.

4a           Sign over some poems — they may be read in library, for example (8)
BARCODES –   Reversal of the Zodiac known as [Cancer the] CRAB followed by ODES (poems).

10a         Religious type converted in the past (9)
PANTHEIST –  Someone who believes in many or all gods is an anagram (converted) of IN THE PAST.

11a         Like Rome, say, for more than one Pope (5)
URBAN –   The name of eight  Popes – URBAN – can also be an adjective meaning situated in or belonging to a city like Rome.

12a         Noisy party quiet people left out of indignation (7)
SHINDIG –   SH (quiet!) followed by INDIG (the ‘nation’ or people having been left out or omitted).

13a         Former British fighter‘s arrangement of Art Deco pieces (7)
REDCOAT –   A historical British soldier is an anagram (arrangement of) ART DECO.

14a         Piano included in old-time musical performance (5)
OPERA  –  Insert P (piano) between O (old) and ERA (time).

15a         Strike that is happening with utmost speed (8)
RAPIDEST –   RAP(strike) and ID EST (the Latin phrase meaning  ‘that is’).

18a         Intellectual brother tucked into breakfast food (8)
CEREBRAL –   Insert BR (brother) into breakfast CEREAL.

20a         Undisputed bit of information about English side (5)
FACET –   Insert E (English) into a FACT or undisputed bit of information.

23a         Caught family member crossing border, visibly embarrassed (7)
CRIMSON –   C (caught) RIM (border) SON (family member).

25a         Outside ring, interrogate a thug (7)
GORILLA –   Insert O (a ring) into GRILL (interrogate) and finish with A from the clue.

26a         Old university trapped in stupid bad feeling (5)
ODIUM – O (old) followed by DIM (stupid) with U (university) ‘trapped’ or inserted.

27a         Not genuine piece of porcelain, since reproduction (9)
INSINCERE –   Hidden in porcelaIN SINCE REproduction.

28a         River vessel carrying soldier back for military operations (8)
CAMPAIGN –   The River CAM (which gives Cambridge its name)  followed by a PAN (vessel) into which is inserted a reversal (back) of GI (American soldier).

29a         Way in which son precedes guard (6)
SENTRY –  S (son) precedes ENTRY (way in).


1d           Pauper’s statement about saint being a kind of fraud (8)
IMPOSTOR –   A pauper might say  I’M POOR.   Simply insert ST,  the abbreviation for saint.

2d           Time for star’s initial appearance (7)
SUNRISE – A cryptic definition – the sun being our biggest star.

3d           Remove moisture from dry, heated mixture (9)
DEHYDRATE –   An anagram (mixture) of DRY HEATED.

5d           Investigator of people in North mistreated, needing defender around (14)
ANTHROPOLOGIST –   Insert an anagram (mistreated) of NORTH into an APOLOGIST (defender).

6d           Might incorporate you in hearing into common complaint (5)
COULD –   Insert U (you ‘in hearing’) into the common COLD.

7d           Label promises of redemption untrustworthy (7)
DUBIOUS – DUB (label, call) and IOUS (promises of redemption).

8d           Reason to speak about overturned container (6)
SANITY –   Insert a reversed (overturned) TIN (container) into SAY (speak about).

9d           Forming impressions when collecting digital data (14)
FINGERPRINTING –   Superb all-in-one description of fingerprinting.

16d         Monarch surrounded by protection and respect (9)
DEFERENCE –   Insert ER (the cipher of our Queen) into DEFENCE (protection).

17d         Get held up by erratic game plan (8)
STRATEGY –   Insert a reversal of GET (held up) into STRAY (erratic).

19d         Within novel, it is mainly an aristocratic attitude? (7)
ELITISM –   Hidden within novEL  IT IS Mainly.

21d         Come together as congregation for prayer (7)
COLLECT –  To assemble or bring together; a short one sentence prayer.

22d         Like sound reflection needed for wise choice (6)
ECHOIC –   Another hidden word – wisE CHOICe

24d         Originally African music Brazilians introduced to South America (5)
SAMBA –   Brilliant & Lit.    Insert A M B (the ‘original’ letters of African Music and Brazilians into SA (the abbreviation for South America.

Lovely stuff, thank you Virgilius – I’ll be back with another Sunday review next Thursday.

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  1. Got to agree about 24d – raised the corners of the mouth. Sundays are the best puzzles of the week imho. They just seem to flow without some of the “clunky” clues of other setters where you sometimes have to insert a “mental bookmark” before reading the rest. Maybe it’s only me…
    Many thanks to V & to CS for the review.

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