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DT 27247

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27247

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **/***Enjoyment **

I found it really difficult to get going on this one which I thought was the trickiest Saturday puzzle for a while.  Typing the review hasn’t made me change my original assessment of  the enjoyment factor.

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1a           Pop out with Hogarth print (10)
PHOTOGRAPH  –   An anagram (out) of POP and HOGARTH.

6a           Bar    fight (4)
SPAR –  A bar or rail or a verb meaning to box.

9a           Line’s fake, showing lack of talent (10)
LIMITATION –   L (line) and IMITATION (fake).

10a         Work round old trick (4)
PLOY –   PLY (to work at steadily) ‘round’  O (old).

12a         Like peanuts? Full, having consumed pounds (6)
SALTED –   SATED (full) with L (£ Sterling) inserted.

13a         Enormous wastage in fuel (8)
COLOSSAL –   Insert LOSS (wastage) into COAL (fuel).

15a         Men hunting wild elks arrested (12)
DEERSTALKERS –   An anagram (wild) of ELKS ARRESTED.

18a         Betting about marines willing to be hawkish (12)
WARMONGERING –   WAGERING (betting) with RM (Royal Marines) inserted.

21a         Chewing grass is unusual in insect (8)
RUMINANT –   Like an animal that chews the cud –  RUM (unusual) IN  ANT (insect).

22a         Set of false teeth round a mouth’s top (6)
PALATE –   A plate or set of dentures with A inserted.

24a         I fool someone admired (4)
ICON –   I CON (fool, deceive).

25a         Anthology: I flog about 100 in a lot (10)
MISCELLANY –   Insert into MANY (a lot) I (from the clue) and SELL (flog) into which has been inserted C (the Roman numeral for 100)

26a         Notice East European in superior sort of TV (4)
HEED –   Insert EE (East European) into HD (High Definition television).

27a         I see my Reds playing here (10)
MERSEYSIDE –   An anagram (playing) of I SEE MY REDS gives the home of Liverpool Football Club, who wear red shirts!


1d           European could be French (6)
POLISH –   Someone from Poland or a type of varnish for furniture  –  [French] POLISH.

2d           Alloy containing gold spy finally replaced by uranium (6)
ORMOLU –  An alloy of copper, zinc and sometimes tin –   OR (the heraldic term for gold) and MOLE (spy) once you have changed the last letter for a U (finally replaced by Uranium.

3d           Bother! Undone! Having broken up one may be this (2,3,7)
ON THE REBOUND –   An anagram (having broken up) of BOTHER UNDONE.

4d           Appreciate value of     carpet (4)
RATE –  A double definition, the second meaning to tell off or scold.

5d           Short video covering new Conservative bill (10)
PROMONTORY –  One definition of bill is a sharp promontory or headland.   PROMO (short video) N (new) and TORY (Conservative).

7d           Cover surface round top of Ionian column (8)
PILASTER –  A square column – insert I (the top of Ionian) into PLASTER (to cover with a coating).

8d           Orbison and top celebrities supporting Queen (8)
ROYALIST –   ROY (Orbison)  and A LIST (top celebrities).

11d         Dish in kitchen where pins are scattered (7,5)
BOWLING ALLEY –   Split 4, 2, 6 and you get a  BOWL IN GALLEY (dish in [the] kitchen).

14d         Ship makes giant wave in seawater (10)
BRIGANTINE –   Insert an anagram (wave) of GIANT into BRINE (salty sea water).

16d         Draw obtuse angle, rather small (8)
DWARFISH –   An anagram (obtuse) of DRAW followed by  FISH (angle).

17d         Flower border presented in plain language (8)
PRIMROSE –  Insert RIM (border) into PROSE (plain language).

19d         Spicy meat unfortunately served up on motorway (6)
SALAMI –   A reversal (served up) of ALAS (unfortunately) placed on top of the MI (motorway).

20d         Produce new script about model (6)
RETYPE –   RE (about) TYPE (model).

23d         Exploits when holding court (4)
ACTS  –  Insert CT (abbreviation for court) into AS (when).

By the time you read this, I will be in Northern Ireland having fun with my baby grandson.   It is a good job  that I have the Sunday blogging duty to look forward to on my return, as I don’t think thoughts of the day job will do anything to lure me back!

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  1. Thanks for this. I have now discovered I entered the wrong four letter word for 24a (IDOL), and of course my answer was not logical, was it. Oh well. try for the £50 tomorrow again:)

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