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DT 27235

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27235

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Morning All!. I thought that this was a Cephas production upon review but may be wrong. Thanks to CS for sending me the solution and template whilst I was away working on the South Coast. I quite enjoyed this one!.

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1a  Possible murder weapon is hot clue at first (4,6)
LEAD PIPING – A charade of LEAD (clue/hint) in front of PIPING (for hot).

6a  Gamble pawn in short time (4)
SPEC – A SEC(ond) or abbreviated instance of time containing P for Pawn from the Chess annotations.

9a  Group bent on dominating the old woman’s street (6,4)
MASTER RACE – A charade of MA’S TERRACE (the old woman’s street)

10a  Aquatic creature in ocean and lake (4)
SEAL – Another charade of SEA and the abbreviation L for Lake.

12a  Feel longing when away from girl (4)
MISS – A cryptic definition and definition.

13a  Fanatic keeping slim having space for healthy food (9)
NUTRIMENT  – The fanatic is a NUT. Add inside (keeping) TRIM (slim) and EN – a spacing measure in typesetting that is smaller than an EM.

15a  Clergymen with afterthought about group helping couples (8)
PRELATES – P.S.  the abbreviation for Post Scriptum (afterthought) around the outside of RELATE – a vocational service for marriage guidance in the UK ( a group that helps couples).

16a  Fool to make sarcastic remarks about saint (6)
JESTER – JEER (make sarcastic remarks) around (about) ST – the one of abbreviations for Saint

18a  Mischievous creature in the style of an antelope (6)
IMPALA – A charade of the mischievous IMP and ALA (French for in the style of).

20a  Prosperous time round New Hampshire that is creating good will (8)
BONHOMIE – BOOM (prosperous time) around the abbreviation NH for New Hampshire followed by I.E – Id Est in Latin or ‘That Is’.

23a  It has the makings of a scariest flight (9)
STAIRCASE – An anagram (having the makings of) SCARIEST.

24a  Breathe with difficulty when restrained by doctor (4)
GASP –  AS (when) inside GP for General Practitioner.

26a  Could be evens? Yes and no (4)
ODDS – A cryptic definition – A horse at Evens money is 1/1 which is still the ODDS of it winning.

27a  Mother or father restricting Irish boy’s diet (10)
PARLIAMENT – LIAM (an Irish boy) inside (being restricted by) a PARENT – either a mother or a father.

28a  Rubbish displayed by European art gallery (4)
TATE – TAT (rubbish) followed by E for European.

29a  China to top local competition (5,5)
CROWN DERBY –  A charade of CROWN for top/best/beat and DERBY – a competition between e.g. two local football teams.



1d  Member in political party branch (4)
LIMB – M for Member (of parliament, say) inside LIB(eral) – a political movement.

2d  Gold mace perhaps an omen (7)
AUSPICE – A charade of AU (Aurum) the chemical symbol for gold) and SPICE (of which mace is an example).

3d  Iron ship propelled by oars includes right place for reporters (5,7)
PRESS GALLERY – PRESS for Iron and GALLEY for ship including R for Right.

4d  Cremation facility observed when climbing mountains (8)
PYRENEES – PYRE (a cremation facility) and a reversal (when climbing of SEEN (observed)

5d  Subtle point in Hellenic etymology (6)
NICETY – The definition subtly hidden in the last two words.

7d  The Now Show (7)
PRESENT –A lovely clue given that it is a show on Radio 4. Two definitions – The present (now) and to present (show).

8d  Withdrawal symptoms make lord cut out what’s essential (4,6)
COLD TURKEY – An anagram (out) of LORD CUT with KEY for essential.

11d  She’s author drawn to follow horseman (5,7)
RIDER HAGGARD – The author of the book. Place HAGGARD (drawn/gaunt) after RIDER – a person on horseback)

14d  Killjoy takes booty to harbour (10)
SPOILSPORT –  The SPOILS of war (booty) on (above in a Down Clue) PORT for harbour.

17d  Ashley or Cheryl’s regulation salad (8)
COLESLAW – Another charade, this time of Ashley or Cheryl COLE (Who he?, Ed) then LAW for regulation.

19d  Orchestra’s place is to receive praise, praise for performance (7)
PLAUDIT – LAUD (praise) inside an orchestra PIT.

21d  Sums are wrong — get a rubber (7)
MASSEUR – An anagram (wrong) of SUMS ARE.

22d  Unknown group of problem drinkers in pub will provide a market (6)
BAZAAR –Z – an unknown variable in Mathematics (along with X and Y) plus the abbreviation for Alcoholics Anonymous (wine, as we speak) inside a BAR (actually I am in a hotel room!). BA (Z) (AA) R.

25d  Guy is last (4)
STAY – Two definitions – the noun meaning a tent rope and a verb meaning to abide. Not a ropy clue at all.

Thanks to the setter – I had little time for this on the day due to the nuptials and 50th birthday of my brother but did enjoy the review. Lots of charades though!