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DT 27236

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27236

Hints and tips by Libellule

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ****

Its currently scorchio here (31C at 10.30am and rising). The usual fun and pleasant solve from Rufus. If you get through this too quickly, there is another Rufus in the Guardian to try.


1. But nettle-rash can erupt and gain the ascendancy (4,3,6)
{TURN THE TABLES} – An anagram (can erupt) of BUT NETTLE RASH is a phrase that describes the reversal of a situation where you then get the advantage.

10. Gets level, being faster (7)
{HASTIER} – The third person singular present tense of HAVE, followed by another word for a layer or stratum.

11. Boasting about a number well done (7)
{BRAVADO} – A word for defiant or swaggering behaviour can be made from a word that is used to indicate approval (usually of a performance) around A and D (Roman numeral for 500).

12. Born and died in poverty (4)
{NEED} – A word used to indicate the maiden name of a married woman is followed by D (died).

13. He will shortly ring — to say this? (5)
{HELLO} – Make a contraction of HE WILL and then add O (ring).

14. Make an issue of time to return (4)
{EMIT} – Reverse (to return) TIME.

17. Stay longer than most at the wicket? (7)
{OUTLAST} – A word that means to endure could also when split (3,4) describe the final batsman to lose his wicket.

18. Pinero’s play persuades one to take part (5,2)
{ROPES IN} – An anagram (play) of PINEROS.

19. Acts for different agents (7)
{FACTORS} – An anagram (different) of ACTS FOR.

22. It’s forbidden, and badly one hundred may take it (7)
{ILLICIT} – A word for not normal or unsound, is followed by I (one) C (hundred) and then IT.

24. Returned to show off clothes (4)
{GARB} – Reverse a word that means to talk boastfully.

25. There’s something hidden here — sounds like money (5)
{CACHE} – Sounds like CASH.

26. In for a long viva voce (4)
{ORAL} – The answer is hidden between the words “for a long”.

29. Batter section’s defence (7)
{RAMPART} – The surrounding embankment of a fort for example, is a word that means to force or drive using heavy blows, followed by another word that describes a portion or piece.

30. Soldiers ordered to carry equipment (7)
{BRIGADE} – An old term for commanded or directed in placed around RIG (equipment).

31. Saucy play from which friends will return with delight (4,3,6)
{SLAP AND TICKLE} – A phrase that describes a bit of hanky-panky, can be put together by reversing (will return) a terms for chums and then adding something that could tease or excite pleasurably.


2. News put out, with the dust allowed to settle (7)
{UNSWEPT} – An anagram (out) of NEWS PUT.

3. It has a point, may need filing (4)
{NAIL} – a fastener for wood perhaps, or something on the end of a finger.

4. Farmers may combine to gather it in (7)
{HARVEST} – The combine is a cutting, threshing and cleaning machine.

5. In piping form (7)
{TUBULAR} – Piping is this context refers to hollow cylinders.

6. Display stand (4)
{BEAR} – Double definition, to show or be marked with, or to tolerate or endure.

7. Scholar finding sums are uplifting (7)
{ERASMUS} – Reverse (uplifting) SUMS ARE to get a Dutch renaissance scholar.

8. Conjured up nightmare of apparition (7,6)
{PHANTOM FIGURE} – An anagram (conjured) of UP NIGHTMARE OF is also a ghostly apparition.

9. One predicts there’ll be a lot of money on the counter (7,6)
{FORTUNE TELLER} – Someone who can reveal your future (allegedly) could also be a cashier in a bank (for example) with a large amount of currency.

15. Meat company included in embargo (5)
{BACON} – Place CO (company) inside a word that means to prohibit (usually officially).

16. Put on a soft layer (5)
{APPLY} – The definition is “put on”, A, musical notation for soft, and then a sheet or fold of wood or paper.

20. Am clear out of sugar after cooking (7)
{CARAMEL} – An anagram (out) of AM CLEAR.

21. Fight and give a thrashing to a tough character (7)
{SPARTAN} – A word that for trading blows in training is then followed by a slang word that means to beat or flog to produce a person who is rigorously self disciplined or self-restrained. (They originally came from a part of Greece).

22. Occupy in monastic style? (7)
{INHABIT} – A word that means to live or reside in could also describe someone wearing the dress of a religious order.

23. Copper on trial, composed in dock (7)
{CURTAIL} – The symbol for copper followed by an anagram (composed) of TRIAL.

27. Buzzer was quiet (4)
{WASP} – This stinging insect is WAS and then the musical instruction to play quietly.

28. The record is held by District of Columbia (4)
{DISC} – Put IS inside (held by) D.C.

The Quick crossword pun: (rest} + {tour} + {rant} = {restaurant}

62 comments on “DT 27236

  1. I really enjoyed this one today. 2*/4* for me.
    Thanks to Rufus, and to Libellule for the review.
    8d – anagram?

    1. yes jezza of ‘up nightmare of’ indicated by ‘conjure’ took me a while to see it though

    2. Jezza,

      Thanks for that, I was sure I was missing something, but couldn’t see the wood for the trees. Now corrected.

      1. Keep some sunshine over there for me. This time next Monday, i’ll be hurtling towards Marseille from Paris via TGV.
        I’d imagine the weather there is a safe bet for a few more weeks :)

        1. Jezza,

          The temperature is likely to drop a bit (down to more acceptable levels), but other than that, the short and longer term forecasts look good :-)

  2. Good morning Libelulle, thank you for the blog although I didn’t need any hints today, I didn’t really find it all that easy, the top left hand corner was the last to go in for me. 8d, is an anagram of ‘up nightmare of’ indicated by conjure, fav clues for me were 13a, 22a and 17a, another nice day here but storms are forecast, better get some shopping in I think!!

  3. I agree with **/****. Many thanks to Rufus for an excellent start to the week, and to Libellule, whose hint I needed for 10a, my last one in, to explain the wordplay.

    I spotted the anagram for 8d, but with the F as the first checking letter for the second word I was convinced the answer must be _______ FRIGHT, which held me up for a bit.

    17a does not apply to the abject Australian batsmen at the moment.

    1. Yes, fright was tempting, but as I went round the puzzle in a clockwise direction, I already had 24 and 29, so 8d was a slog. Knew it was the anagram, but figure took a ridiculously long time to emerge.

  4. Right, I’ve finished it but don’t understand the cryptic definition of 3d – on second thoughts I think I’ve got it – I assumed ‘it has a point’ must mean either ‘N’,’S’,’E’ or ‘W’ and I got a ‘N’ from 1a therefore it must be ‘N’ followed by a another word meaning ‘it’ etc etc – when all along it was a four-letter word beginning with ‘N’ that has a point and may need filing – Doh!

    A very good puzzle – thanks to all!

  5. What a nice way to start the week off, my favourite has to be 2D as it just like my house at the moment
    A very nice gentle puzzle, many thanks to libellule for the review
    Its still very hot here in the deep south.

  6. Perhaps a little easier than some recent Monday offerings? (For which many thanks).

  7. Agree that this puzzle was a good start to the week, and a **/*** for me, I too didn’t see the anagram in 8d,kept thinking of the phantom menace from star wars! never mind at least the answer was right. I almost feel sorry for the Australians, then remember how smug they were in the Warne/ Mc Grath days- come on 5-0

  8. Quite enjoyed this, but particularly liked 26a for its clever simplicity and surface reading. Thanks to all. Sun just broken through in Warwick.

    1. Took me ages to see it was an inclusive clue Ian! Its been hot and sunny all day here once again, beautiful

  9. Thank you setter for easing us into the week, especially as the predicted temperature rise has started. No hints required today – sorry Libellule.

  10. Enjoyable fare today with no real problems (despite the fact I was woken at 6 ‘cos I was b*****y cold – window open, no duvet). Coming down with withdrawal symptoms already – no cricket, rugby, golf or cycling.

    1. It’s very hard to get the TOG right at the moment, isn’t it?

      What works at bedtime doesn’t work by dawn. I haven’t had more than 6 hrs in one go for weeks…..

  11. Thanks Rufus for nice gentle amusement in this heat and Libellule for explanations to 6d and 8d – I didn’t figure out the figure.

  12. Now that’s better for a Monday, a gentle stroll to start off the week before the challenges appear later.
    No particular favourite today, just very enjoyable all round.
    Many Thx to all concerned

  13. Good fun, thank you Rufus. Got 8d without realising it was an anagram – Thank you Libellule for your review which helped. Also needed to check 6d for the explanation.

  14. Thanks to Rufus and Libellule, very gentle yet enjoyable crossword and succinct review.

  15. My usual Monday trouble so 3* for difficulty and 4* for enjoyment. I think it’s becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy like the Toughies – I know I can’t do them so I can’t, and I now expect to have problems with Mondays, so I do. Oh dear.
    Apart from 9d I was slow to get the long answers round the outside. Eventually did them although failed to notice that 8d was an anagram.
    5d was my last answer. I didn’t understand 11a for ages as I couldn’t get beyond seeing the ‘V’ as the number – stupid!
    Should have gone to Specsavers as I read ‘filing’ in 3d as ‘filling’!
    I liked 13 and 31a and 20 and 23d. Didn’t like 27d but only because I hate the little beasts so much!
    With thanks to Rufus and Libellule.
    Didn’t have time to even look at yesterday’s crossword so have that to look forward to this afternoon. :smile:

    1. It’s probably tempting fate to say so, but I don’t think I have seen a single 27d in the garden this year! Long may it last.

      P.S. I noticed you were AWOL yesterday :wink:

      1. There are always a couple of them buzzing round the tap by the greenhouse when I’m watering stuff – makes me a bit anxious and VERY careful as I’m horribly allergic to their stings. :sad:
        As for yesterday I wasn’t very AWOL just spent longer than planned doing things in the garden – masses of fruit to pick plus weeding and watering – started out there at 8.00 am and didn’t stop until 6.00 pm. Got lots done though . . .

          1. Sorry miss! :smile I didn’t know that I was going to be out there for ten hours – good thing husband cooked supper as if it had been up to me we would either have had it at midnight or, more likely, not at all!

        1. I’m allergic as well and the brutes are always nesting in my hurricane shutters.

          1. They’re SO horrible aren’t they? I can’t help feeling a little tiny bit sorry for them as no-one likes them and that must be beastly.

            1. We tend to see quite a few of these in the spring
              They try and build nests inside the car doors, but although that’s annoying, they have never been aggressive even when removed. Bearing in mind their diet, I would say they are generally considered to be beneficial.
              Normal wasps etc, however, that’s another story
              Its easy to tell the two apart because of the way they fly..

  16. Enjoyably puzzle today. Didn’t realise 8 down was an anagram, but we quite often work out the cryptic bit after we get the answer. Overcast here in N. Yorkshire but quite pleasant after a fortnight in a motor home in the Peak District with 2 dogs in soaring temperatures, which was our experience recently. Not for the faint hearted. Thank you setter & hinter.

  17. Thanks to setter and to Libellule. I would give this **/*** but needed a couple of hints and also got the answer to 8d without realising it was an anagram. Lots of good clues to enjoy. Warm here in Cheshire but sun struggling to break through. Have been watching a pheasant trotting round the garden and making use of the bird bath.

  18. This was such a nice romp for a Monday morning. I so wanted to show off my very limited cricket terminology by making 17a something like “increase” but no go. I wuz had, so no boasting today. I rather liked 31a.

    Tol’ ja, the baby would be born on my Dad’s birthday. The world watches.

    Thanks to setter and hinter, not needed today for answers but helped identify the anagram of 8d

    1. I wanted to make it ‘over…” and got stuck because of that for a while, cricket!

  19. Thanks, Rufus! A very amusing crossword!

    I once liked a bit of “slap and tickle”. But the memory is going! Please, remind me … what is it?

  20. Usual Monday Rufus!

    Faves : 1a, 12a, 22a, 31a, 8d, 9d, 22d & 23d.

    Weather is still tropical but a cooler period is forecast.

    My British friends that also live here in ZH (Zuid Holland) are down at their house in SW France and he told me today that the pool is 30 Celcius!

  21. Thanks to Rufus and Libellule for the review and hints. Found this very enjoyable with only one problem had beep for 27d until I saw the error of my ways , until I got stuck on 2d and 10a, needed the hints for those two, just couldn’t work them out. Favourites were 31a and 13a. Was 3*/3* for me. Managed a short bike ride, very hot in Central London.

  22. Great fun, completed on morning commute, and that doesn’t often happen.

  23. The answer to 14a is clearly “moot”……. but it makes 7d very hard to solve……

  24. The answer to 14a is clearly “moot” …. but it makes 7d very hard to solve…..

  25. Like a few others totally didn’t see 8d was an anagram, although I’d got the right answer! And totally missed the hidden word in 26a. Mad. Thank you Setter for a very enjoyable puzzle. And thanks to Libellule also. Got a damp towelling coat on Poppy today & wish it would fit me! Can’t imagine what it’s like to give birth in this heat…

      1. Presumably so!! And you must be delighted that it has all happened on your father’s birthday…

    1. Crazy isn’t it, my normally shivering Mutts have decided today that they do like water,in fact I’ve just had a shower with both of them, not planned they jumped in the bath!! At 22:50 can I face cleaning up what is utter utter mess and now they will not leave the bathroom. Madness at andytowers

  26. Pleasant and some quite unusual clues e.g 23d.I found most of that south east corner tricky.My anagram solver wouldn’t do 8d, but I got it in the end myself.Thanks to Rufus and Libellule.

  27. Oh but back to the blog, thanks Rufus and Libellule and am also guilty of missing anagram at 8d

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