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DT 27114

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27114

Hints and tips by Gazza

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

When I printed off this puzzle the first thing that hit my eye was ‘look you!’ in 2d and I thought that we might have a themed puzzle based on today’s anniversary. Alas, it was not to be – instead Giovanni has given us a fairly gentle, but entertaining, challenge. Let us know how you got on.
For those who have just found us (where have you been?) the answers are provided in a way that means you don’t see them accidentally; in order to reveal one just drag your cursor through the gap between the curly brackets under the relevant clue.

Across Clues

1a  Remaining message offering no hope to political radicals? (4,4)
{LEFT OVER} – cryptically this could be a laconic message that radical politics is finished.

9a  Notice the male member of the family hugging one to establish bond (8)
{ADHESION} – string together an abbreviated notice, a male pronoun (the male) and a family member containing (hugging) I (Roman numeral for one).

10a  Leader of Parliament involved in evil massaging of PR (4)
{SPIN} – insert the leading letter of P(arliament) in an evil.

11a  Hiram’s nephew worked somewhere in America (3,9)
{NEW HAMPSHIRE} – an anagram (worked) of HIRAM’S NEPHEW gets us a small US state that we tend to only hear about once every four years at the start of the Presidential primaries.

13a  Looks at lumps of mineral? Ugly things (8)
{EYESORES} – a charade of a verb meaning looks at and quantities of mineral.

15a  Course taken by a bishop outside our own country (6)
{ABROAD} – a course or route taken follows (by) A and the abbreviation for bishop in chess notation.
I was amused by a cartoon in the current Private Eye showing a group of cardinals arriving in Rome to be greeted by a Vatican official with the words ‘Hi there, Pope pickers’.

16a  River invading our allotment (4)
{URAL} – a river that flows through Russia and Kazakhstan is hidden (invading) in the clue.

17a  What doesn’t sound like amateur’s writing (5)
{PROSE} – … it sounds like something belonging to a full-time exponent.

18a  Grainy stuff stained regularly (4)
{SAND} – the odd (regularly) letters of a word in the clue.

20a  Tom noticed you, as some might say (6)
{SAWYER} – combine a verb meaning noticed and how some people say ‘you’ to make the surname of Mark Twain’s young hero.

21a  Quiet pig tucking into something chewy — nothing for one dog here! (8)
{CUPBOARD} – the place where the ageing Mrs Hubbard usually stores her dog food but which is now, alas, empty. Insert the musical abbreviation for quiet and a male pig into something that gets chewed.

23a  Huge limo’s not a car for manoeuvring (12)
{ASTRONOMICAL} – an anagram (for manoeuvring) of LIMO’S NOT A CAR.

26a  After party starts to seek some sleep (4)
{DOSS} – after a festive type of party we need the starting letters of S(eek) and S(ome).

27a  Lacking vitality, like the disorganised supermarket visitor? (8)
{LISTLESS} – cryptic description of someone arriving at a supermarket with no clear details of what to buy.

28a  Lesson resorting to ritual (8)
{TUTORIAL} – an anagram (re-sorting) of TO RITUAL.

Down Clues

2d  Politician (look you!) may be ensnared by top woman boss (8)
{EMPLOYER} – the abbreviation for an elected Westminster politician, an interjection meaning look and an old word for you are all inserted (ensnared) inside our ‘top woman’.

3d  Court entertainer? (6,6)
{TENNIS PLAYER} – this type of court is found at Wimbledon, for example.

4d  One who sees six sheep north of river (6)
{VIEWER} – the Roman numeral for six and a female sheep are followed by (north of, in a down clue) R(iver).

5d  Leading Indian‘s almost shut up (4)
{RAJA} – reverse (up, in a down clue) an adjective meaning almost shut or slightly open. ‘When is a door not a door?’ (as we used to see regularly in Christmas cracker jokes).

6d  Fellow on board has time possibly to seize power (8)
{SHIPMATE} – an anagram (possibly) of HAS TIME contains (to seize) P(ower).

7d  Sound equipment taken out of church if irritating (2-2)
{HI-FI} – hidden (taken out of) in the clue.

8d  Meant to get one series of books finished (8)
{INTENDED} – string together I (one), the abbreviation for a series of books in the more modern part of the Bible and a synonym for finished.

12d  The woman crossing a road should beware of traffic stopped here! (4,8)
{HARD SHOULDER} – a female pronoun (the woman) contains (crossing) A (from the clue), the abbreviation for road and the word SHOULD.

14d  Rod, almost entirely without love and showing little emotion (5)
{STOIC} – another word for a rod or pole loses its final K (almost entirely) and has O (zero, love in tennis scoring) inserted.

16d  Outside front of shop is a foreign item of furniture liable to collapse (8)
{UNSTABLE} – around (outside) the front letter of S(hop) we need ‘a’ in a foreign language and an item of furniture.

17d  Pile for burning noticed up in the mountains (8)
{PYRENEES} – start with a pile for burning a corpse and add the reversal (up, in a down clue) of a past participle meaning noticed to get this range of mountains in Europe.

19d  Another’s swimming in European water (5,3)
{NORTH SEA} – an anagram (swimming) of ANOTHER’S.

22d  Belly full of cake, not a little pouch (6)
{POCKET} – an informal word for a rotund belly contains (full of) C(a)KE from which the A has been removed (not a).

24d  After beginning of term request something to be done (4)
{TASK} – the beginning letter of T(erm) and then a verb to request.

25d  Big road coming on to little one — potential hazard for motorist? (4)
{MIST} – the identifier of the major road running from London to Leeds (and vice-versa!) is followed by the abbreviation for many an urban road.

The clues I liked best today were 11a, 21a and 2d. How about you?

Today’s Quickie Pun: {EATEN} + {CHOLER} = {ETON COLLAR}

60 comments on “DT 27114

  1. Usual super puzzle from the Friday Maestro. Best clues for me def 17a (I love puns) and 20a. If I was being picky (surely not!) I thought 2d a bit weak.
    Many Thx to Giovanni for restoring my confidence after yesterday.
    Thx to gazza for the review although not needed by me today.
    Oh and thx to Mrs B for her anagram talents :-)

  2. Gazza, thanks for the guidance. Re your point about the answers being in the brackets, it doesn’t seem to work on this I-pad. Any clues?? Rgds, Bob.

    1. I can’t even get 2G where I live so I’m not the right person to ask but there are some hints in the FAQ here.

    2. My iPad seems to work OK. Touch the gap and an invitation to get a definition of the word comes up. Touch that and the dictionary definition is shown. I have had a look at settings and cannot see anything which might set this arrangement up and which could be missing from your device.
      Thanks to G & G for a pleasant romp.

    3. If you set site to desk top version, when you open review a grey reader box comes up in address bar. Tap and review comes up in clear text with answers, well it does on mine.

      Sometimes reader box doesn’t appear, expand page and you can make out the answers white on white.

      Of course being so good at x words I never have to resort to viewing answers! :)

      1. Hello Bob – like Colmce I found my iPad worked better on this site if I set it to the Desktop version instead of the iPad version. I found a button on the very bottom of this page which gave me the choice. Good luck!

  3. I agree with Gazza **/****. I found this mostly straightforward, but started by being dozy and putting dose in 26a (i.e. party followed by start of SEek!) until I realised that doze is one of the words in English that we don’t spell with an “s”. I also managed to get the right answer withthe wrong wordplay in 21a assuming that Curd was something chewy and that Boa must be a type of pig that I have never heard of! Thanks Gazza for your hint pointing out the error of my ways.

    When, oh when, is the sun going to shine again in London?

  4. I thought this a much easier cw than yesterdays and managed to complete with no assistance needed although I did get held up with 14D and 21A.thanks for the review.

  5. Very enjoyable and, for me anyway, probably the most straightforward puzzle of the week. Might have only given it 1* for difficulty and at least 4* for enjoyment.
    I was a bit slow to get 21a and 14d and took a while to work out why 22d was what it was. No other problems today which makes a change and, unusually for a Friday, no words that I’d never heard of.
    I liked lots of clues including 10, 16 and 27a and 5, 12 and 25d.
    With thanks to Giovanni and gazza.
    Nowhere near as cold as it has been but raining now.
    When our kids were little they got a bit muddled up with the ending of Old Mother Hubbard and instead of the cupboard being bare they thought there was a bear in the cupboard – whenever we’re running out things we always say there’s ‘a bear in the cupboard’!

  6. Morning Gazza, like you, when I saw (look you!) in 2d I thought we might possibly have a themed puzzle, thank you Dave for the daffodil at the top of the page, sadly mine keeps disappearing to be replaced by an ad for enabling cookies!
    Anyway ‘Happy St Davids day everyone!’ :-)
    Managed this without the hints today but 2d was the last one in for me, distracted by a possible Welsh connection!
    Thanks for hints Gazza, I hope someone is making cowl and Welshcakes for you today

    1. And a happy St David’s day to you too, Mary! I thought of you today and bought some daffodils. :-)

  7. If you like Giovanni puzzles he’s been a bit busy! He’s on parade today in the Grauniad (as Pasquale) and in the FT (as Bradman). The Grauniad’s a bit trickier than we usually get here but enjoyable, not tried the FT (or the DT) yet.

  8. One of the Don’s easier offerings, but no less enjoyable for it. 9A/6D had me stumped for a while until things fell into place and a nice anagram at 23A.

    Hope we get a bit of the yellow thing and a bit of wind as its the annual laundry day (also the start of the ‘thinking about spring cleaning’ season).

    Happy Dai’s day to you all

  9. Smashing simple puzzle .Favorite clue has suddenly become 3d but in fact were 21a and 12d .
    Thanks very much .

  10. Sailed through this until I had a very dense long moment over 21a and 14d. Off to play tennis if it stops raining – I do not look like Gazza’s illustration for 3d however! I get nothing if I touch the definition gap on my iPad too. Perhaps it’s a good thing and makes us think a bit harder.

  11. PS Just had to look up St David to see why it was an anniversary – I obviously knew that he was the patron saint of Wales but didn’t know that it was the anniversary of his death.

    PPS I’m quite surprised that she can play tennis in (or out of) that dress – you’d think she might give herself a black eye!!

      1. Forgive me if I’m being dim YET again but what pussy cat? Or is this something that I’d rather not know?! There have been quite a few of those in the time that I’ve been reading this blog!! It’s extraordinary the things that I have learnt . . .

  12. Always enjoy Fridays, this was no exception almost done in personal best time so it must have been easier than usual.

    Thanks to Gazza for review and to Giovanni for the entertainment.

  13. After yesterday’s teaser this was very light and i can only only muster a */** as it did not outlast two cups of tea! Thanks for the pics Gazza, the young lady falling out of her dress reminds me of the resplendent Erica Roe in her prime-new balls please.

  14. I paused briefly at 15a, where I wanted to include either RR or DD, otherwise all finished in 1* time today.
    Many thanks to Giovanni, and to Gazza.

  15. Yes I agree with today’s rating and general comments.21a last in. I tried sow and hog in there before the penny dropped. Thanks to all.

  16. I too agree with Gazza’s ratings for this crossword which I completed after ‘work’ on another puzzle (to be revealed . shortly). The same favourites too – I particularly liked the Welsh reference in 2d. Thanks to Giovanni too

    There was a very brief moment this morning when I thought Mary had sent us the sun but I think it was a mirage. We are back to grey murky rain now :(

    1. O.K. I give up … Can you please tell me what the connection is between ‘look you’ and St David’s Day/Daffodil Day? I’ve been waiting for someone else to ask, but maybe everyone else immediately spotted the connection, but it’s going way over my head.

      1. “Look you” is a phrase that Welsh speakers use a lot when speaking English (at least that’s what most non-Welsh speakers think).

  17. There’s easy for you, Boyo! Very straightforward today, but nonetheless most entertaining. Thanks G & G.

    I’ve actually finished the Elgar Toughie – therefore, it cannot be a “real” Toughie.

      1. There are a few clues with tendencies to the hobnailed in amongst the fluffy ones.

  18. Thanks to Giovanni and to Gazza, an enjoyable if untaxing puzzle and a beautiful sports picture/review.

  19. Very pleasant, and a little easier than the Friday standard too :-)

    My favourites are the ones that went in last, 21A and 14D.

    Thanks to G&G.

  20. My baggy knitted brain from yesterday’s crossword obviously still has lots of dropped stitches, as I really enjoyed the puzzle, but continued with utterly mad ideas for solutions (eg “rest” for remained, instead of ‘left’ in 1a, and finally ground to a full stop as I attempted to solve 17a with a sound for writing rather than an expert. Living with a pro writer can add complications! Many thanks to the setter, as well as Gazza esp. as I actually needed to look at three answers for the first time in ages :-( Ah well, happy daffodils to all…

    1. Don’t get discouraged Poppy – my brain permanently has lots of dropped stitches – can sew but never could knit!! I think that a really tricky crossword like yesterday’s was can easily bash the confidence and that means that you (one) approach the next couple of puzzles with a different attitude. Just keep going I say!! See you tomorrow. :smile:

  21. Sailed through this one – a great relief after yesterday. Possibly a record time for me (which probably isn’t saying a lot, as it often takes me most of the day, off-and-on) and for once didn’t need any books or hints. Last one in was 15A, which was a bit of a struggle for some reason. Thoroughly enjoyable puzzle – some great clues – particularly liked 17A, 21A and 27A. I’ve been lurking for years and have finally decided I’m brave enough to speak! A fantastic website, which I look at most days. I particularly look out for Mary and Brian (what opposites!) and miss them both when they are not there.

    1. Welcome Sarah – I hope that now you have delurked we will see a lot more of you.

      1. Thanks, CS … possibly, now that I’ve found it wasn’t as daunting as I’d feared!

        1. I remember the first time that I dared to post a comment – I was absolutely terrified!! No-one here bites – they (we) are a really friendly and helpful load of people. Just keep commenting – ask when/if you don’t understand and someone will reply, usually within minutes, which is particularly useful at weekends when there are hints but no answers because they are prize puzzles.

  22. A nice romp, thoroughly enjoyed. I did get held up by 6d and 22d, though why I can’t explain. I completely missed the anagram in 6d, but as soon as I got it, I wondered how I could miss it. Bah, humbug. Must learn to attack these things from all angles instead of having fixed ideas. Thanks to all for a good start to the day.

    1. Forgot to say, thanks for alerting me to daffodil day, must call my friend in Drefach to chat

  23. Really decent puzzle today. Agree with rating. A couple of clue required some fun I’ve got the answer now why moments. Happy days.

  24. Not quite a ** for me , as I am still learning to read word plays.Thanks for the hints ,Gazza , and thanks to the Don.

  25. This was like a nice little wrestle with a three year old. Great fun and no harm to come. Thank you Giovanni.

  26. Agree with **/****. First clue solved was 24d & last in 21a. Wrestled with 26a for a while thinking that doze could possible be spelt with a z as well as an s but then the penny dropped. Grey day here in Guildford but seems warmer. No daffs flowering yet but crocuses are doing rather nicely. Thanks to G&G

  27. Thank you Giovanni for a puzzle that allowed me to finish in reasonable time so that we could get away for our 3 days in S. Lakes doing a bit of birdwatching. Thanks Gazza for your review. It was certainly a lot easier than yesterday’s wrestle ! The yellow orb has been in the sky here overlooking Morecambe Bay. Looking forward to a beautiful sunset and a refreshment or 2 !

  28. We also put “dose” in 26a, with the thought that it needed further looking at. Then promptly forgot about it when we went on to the Toughie so the error is still glaring at us from the paper this morning. Grrr! Last in and favourite was 21a. Good puzzle.
    Thanks Giovanni and Gazza

  29. Enjoyed this one but resorted to hints for 14d and 21a. Glad to know that others got stuck there but no complaints to the setter as the solutions were there to see (I always feel a little cheated if the ones that prove difficult have unnecessarily obscure clues). Liked 23a best as the anagram made a very clever clue. I would score it **/****.

  30. Liked today’s offering very much. A nice peaceful weekend hopefully – Chelsea versus the mighty West Brom for me at The Bridge.

  31. What a relief after yesterday! I actually managed to fill it all in with very little help. There were many amusing clues and I enjoyed 2d and 20a. Many thanks to G&G. :)

  32. Daffs are out on the south coast in Devon. Struggled with 21a ( even though I had all the checking letters) because I was thinking “hog” rather than “boar”; so I agree with Gazza’s rating. 9a was very similar to a clue that appeared recently.

    1. . . . here I go again – the muntjacs have eaten all my daffodil bulbs and are just starting on the tulips. :sad:

  33. Solved this one this evening after getting the DT rather late.

    Faves : 13a, 17a, 20a, 3d, 12d & 17d.

    Had fish and chips for dinner followed by strawbs and cream – the strawbs were super jumbo specimens from Spain.

  34. Thanks, gazza for the review of a crossword that was over a bit quick. I agree on the (look you ) but reckon that is good enough (speaking as my surname!). Not too much trouble but a bit of fun, isn’t it?

  35. Thanks to the 2 G’s, a very enjoyable puzzle, had to think a bit about the last half a dozen clues, but got there in the end. Started with 7d, finished with 1a. Favourites were 21a and 25d. Was 2*/3* for me. A bit late on parade after attending my Auntie’s funeral.

    1. Hi spurkevin,
      You left an S out from the alias you’ve used before so your comment needed moderation. Both aliases should work from now on.
      I believe that the Friday quickie is very often a pangram (though I only ever solve the top bit of the quickie, down far enough to get the pun).

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