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DT 27098

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27098

Hints and tips by Libellule

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BD Rating – Difficulty * Enjoyment ***

After a day of rain yesterday, the sun has come out, which put me in just the right mood to enjoy this crossword from the Monday maestro.


1. Musical passages for beginners? (8)
{PRELUDES} – Pieces of music that form the first music of a suite, or an introduction to an opera for example.

6. More than one rock group? (6)
{STONES} – A collection of pebbles or boulders, could also be a rock group comprising Mick, Keith, Ron, Brian etc.

9. Corrects final part in a script (6)
{AMENDS} – The definition is corrects, put another word for a conclusion inside A MS (manuscript).

10. Rex — Joy’s brother perhaps (8)
{RELATION} – R (Rex) and another word for a feeling of joy, pride or high spirits.

11. Profit from hobby (8)
{INTEREST} – Double definition, a charge for borrowed money, or something that attracts your curiosity or attention.

12. Cheat with contract (4,2)
{TAKE IN} – To deceive or swindle, or to reduce in size.

13. A despatch note? (5,7)
{DEATH WARRANT} – A cryptic definition that refers to an official order that authorises a person’s execution.

16. Sign language comes before volumes of words (12)
{DICTIONARIES} – place a word for the choice and use of words before an astrological sign represented by a ram.

19. Confused brides refuse (6)
{DEBRIS} – An anagram (confused) of BRIDES is another term for trash or rubbish.

21. Sort of error made by clumsy tic-tac man? (8)
{TACTICAL} – An anagram (clumsy) of TIC-TAC followed by a mans name (you can call me) is a strategic mistake.

23. Drawing instruments — possibly rulers (8)
{DIVIDERS} – A type of compass used for measuring lines or splitting them, is also how you would expect a leader to handle opposing factions.

24. Workers’ associations in unison perhaps (6)
{UNIONS} – An anagram (perhaps) of UNISON.

25. Highballs for winter sportsmen? (6)
{SKIERS} – People who travel downhill on runners, could also be very high shots (usually mishits) in cricket.
26. The class rioting which scholars carry out (8)
{SATCHELS} – An anagram (rioting) of THE CLASS.


2. A trying delay (6)
{REMAND} – when someone is sent back into custody…

3. Weapon point caught in material (5)
{LANCE} – Place N (North) inside a delicate web like fabric to get a long pointed weapon used by horsemen.

4. Reckless person’s crazy road speed (9)
{DESPERADO} – An anagram (crazy) of ROAD SPEED.

5. Extend a term of imprisonment (7)
{STRETCH} –To lengthen or widen, or a slang term for a period in jail.

6. Disunity somewhere in former Yugoslavia (5)
{SPLIT} – A word that means to divide or separate, is also a city in southwest Croatia.

7. Fringes for old-fashioned garments (9)
{OUTSKIRTS} – Take a word that means no longer in fashion, add another word for female garments worn from the waist down to get outlying areas of cities or towns.

8. Time soon modifies feelings (8)
{EMOTIONS} – An anagram (modifies) of TIME SOON.

13. Decide to put off when on my own (9)
{DETERMINE} – A charade of a word that means to prevent or dissuade, plus another word that means that something is associated or belongs with me to get a word that means to settle exclusively.

14. A spirit to woo results in engagement for Henry (9)
{AGINCOURT} – A GIN (spirit) and a word that means to seek to marry, is also a battle fought in 1415.

15. Close associate in team given boot (8)
{SIDEKICK} – A close companion or comrade can be constructed from an opposing group, and a word that means to strike with the feet.

17. Dire Straits would be recording ones (7)
{ARTISTS} – An anagram (dire) of STRAITS.

18. Four may opt out from revelry in the flesh (6)
{CARNAL} – Remove IV (four) from a festive occasion to get another word that means relating to the body.

20. Measures taken for the sake of progress (5)
{STEPS} – A series of actions taken to achieve a goal.

22. Hibernian flag on hospital (5)
{IRISH} – Flag in this instance is a type of flower, then add an H (hospital) to get someone who might live in Galway for example.

The Quick crossword pun: {come} + {pass} + {shun} = {compassion}

81 comments on “DT 27098

  1. I felt this was more of a ** and *** for me this morning, possibly due to an early morning stint of dad’s taxi duty. Nothing too difficult or contentious, all in all a good start to the week. Thanks to all.

  2. Good morning Libelulle et al, just popping in to say sorry for not putting in a sick note or leave of abscence note last week or so, two reasons, I have not been very well and we also had to have one of our beautiful little dogs ‘Angel’ put to sleep last week, heartbreaking, although we still have her sister,’Shadow’ , the house is eerily empty without her, thanks to Kath for taking over the ‘chatty chair’ as she calls it :-) , she is more than capable ;-) , although I have started doing the crosswords again and will call in on the blog I will not be in as often for a while but I will be keeping an eye on you all and hope to be back to normal before too long

    1. Hope you’re feeling better.You have been missed. Even though I seldom comment, I do read and enjoy your contributions. Take care. x

    2. So sorry to hear you have been having a rough time lately Mary. Losing a beloved pet is a heartbreaking experience. Hope you feel better very soon.

    3. I’m so sorry about your Angel – how sad and horrible for you. :sad: I’m also sorry to hear that you haven’t been very well – do hope that you’re feeling a bit better soon – beastly winter weather probably doesn’t help much either.

    4. Oh Mary -so lovely to hear from you, but horrid to hear the two awful reasons for the silence. I’m so very sorry & do hope that your health picks up soon, & the yawning gap left by Angel will become more manageable with time & Shadow’s sorrowful company… Thinking of you…

    5. Sorry to hear you have been having a rough time. Hope you are back to normal quickly, we’ve missed you.

    6. So sorry Mary, having lost a beloved but elderly spaniel not too long ago I know just how you feel.

    7. Sorry to hear the news, we lost our lovely Greyhound the same way just before Christmas and the house is so still! Hope you feel be better soon. Mrs B sends her thoughts as well.

    8. So sorry to hear your bad news on both accounts. Here’s hoping for happier times ahead for we certainly missed you

    9. I join with others in commiserating. In 2011 we lost our Westie to bone cancer and just before that Christmas our Scottie lost a brave fight with lung worm. My belated 2011 Christmas present to SWIMBO was two replacement dogs; the Scottie born on Christmas Day and the Westie being 20 days older. The vet calls them terrierists … and that sums them up perfectly. The running and flying rat population is steadily being reduced, but SWIMBO still hates it when they lovingly bring her the carcasses.

    10. Very late responding Mary, hope you accept my apologies. If Thabo were were still with me he’d give you an e-hug. As it is Cynthia and Cuthbert are sending e-hugs to you and e-woofs to Shadow. Much love Andy

    11. Mary,

      Sorry to hear your news. Hope that your health recovers quickly and that in time you and Shadow feel less bereft after the loss of Angel.

  3. A bit harder than a 1* but a nice straightforward puzzle which I did enjoy. Thanks to Rufus and to Libellule for the review.

  4. Fairly straightforward as one comes to expect from Rufus. I was held up briefly by confidently putting RECESS in for 2D, Grrrrrr. Can’t say I’m overly happy with 23A, whilst I agree they are drawing instruments, but not sure about the rulers part. Other than that I rather enjoyed today’s puzzle – nice to see the BRB gets an indirect mention.

  5. Good morning all,this is my first post I have been doing the DT crossword for over 30 years and still struggle from time to time but this site comes to my rescue.Yes it was a nice gentle start to the week.

  6. Absolutely sailed through this until 23a which was my last one in and probably took longer than the rest altogether .Usual pleasant start to the week on a remarkably sunny day in North Yorkshire .
    Agree with the ratings .
    Thanks very much .

  7. Didn’t know the cricket term in 25a – but then I don’t know many cricket terms and would like to ban them from crosswords! Other than that fairly straightforward. Favourite was 14d.

    1. I think if cricket terms (and football, rugby, golf etc etc) were banned from crosswords you’d probably have a riot on your hands!

  8. */*** for me today. Very enjoyable but not too taxing. I wish I was where you are Libellule. After a day of rain here in London yesterday the snow is falling steadily. Still at least England had a great win to savour against the Irish yesterday.

  9. A**/*** for me as i pondered a long time over 23a, like Skempie, then i remembered someone saying ‘divide and rule’ which i assume is what Rufus is alluding to, the rest were logical,did’nt help when i initially put the answer for 6a in 8a;sorryto hear about your dog Mary.

  10. I too think this more a **/***. 23a a bit contrived particularly as I was unaware of such a drawing instrument. All good fun nevertheless. Thank you “Monday Maestro” and Libellule.

  11. Sailed through this at first – especially enjoying 6d & 14d. Didn’t know the other meaning for winter sportsmen, so hope my filing system can retrieve it in the future. But then took ages to find my very last solution for 16a. Spent far too long trying to fit in a specific language at first – d’oh! Many thanks to the setter & Libellule, although I’m rather chuffed that I only needed help with 16a on this occasion – makes a change… 1*/4* pour moi aussi.

  12. This was more than 1* difficulty for me but I’m now used to finding Monday crosswords trickier than others do – at least 2* from me.
    The second word of 13a took me for ever – don’t know why. 23a was my last one and even then I wasn’t too sure about the ruler bit. No-one here will be surprised to hear that I didn’t know the ‘crickety’ part of 25a and neither could I find it in the BRB but it had to be what it was. 14d took a while too, not helped by still not having done second part of 13a.
    All that sounds as though I didn’t enjoy the puzzle – I did!
    I liked 6, 10, 16 and 21a and 2, 4 (sounds like husband!) 7, 15 and 18d. Also 17d because I love anything to do with Dire Straits!
    With thanks to Rufus and Libellule.
    Loads of snow here but it’s stopped now.

    1. With you all the way, def more than a one star which is a bit condescending I thought. Needed the answer to 1a to get me going (would never have got it on my own – detest opera). Anyone else put STRATA for 6a?
      Once I got going it was OK but not much fun apart from 14d which I loved.
      Not enjoying Mondays puzzle much these days, they used to be nice ones to get the week going but not recently at least for me.

    2. I put in “penalty” for my second word of 13a, which threw me off until I came to 8d which had to be correct.

  13. I’ve been waiting for the explanation for 25a for a few hours as I am vsiting my daughter in Bathurst NSW. Couldn’t find any reference to Highballs any where else.
    Will be even more ahead on Wednesday as we are going to Christchurch, so will have to do the crossword a day behind. Really enjoyed todays puzzle.

    1. 1pm is the time that you will be able to get at the puzzles from Wednesday. Hope you enjoy your time in NZ. Cheers.

  14. I don’t know whether it is being unaccustomed to doing my puzzles so early in the morning now I am back at work but I would have given this one 2* difficulty and 3* enjoyment.

    Anyone looking for further crossword entertainment should try the Arachne Quiptic in today’s Guardian (available free on line).

    Before I go off home in a minute (I am on phased return to work, its going to be horrid when I have to go back to my usual hours), I would like to wish the long-suffering Mrs BD a very happy birthday.

    1. Good thought, CS – I woke up thinking I must remember to wish Mrs BD a Happy Birthday, & then a flurry of snow flakes & other events wiped out my resolve. So HB from me too, & appreciation for the innumerable times she ‘lends’ BD so generously to us all! Although I have a sneaking suspicion that BD has access to a secret supply of intergalactic travel aids as well as a broad talent for multi-tasking. :-)

  15. Thanks to Rufus and to Libellule for the review and hints. A great start to the week, quite a few clues made me smile. Started with 3d, finished with 6a. favourites were 21,23,26a and 18d. I took longer getting the last three clues in the NE corner, than the rest of the puzzle, so was 2*/3.5* for me. Snowing but not settling in Central London.

  16. I really struggled to get into this one and had to double check that it wasn’t Sunday!! After getting a couple of down clues it all then fell into place. Was stumped with the reasoning for 25a and being a cricket fan in Chamonix the penny should have dropped a lot sooner.

    Loved 17d.

  17. I give this **/*** – got stuck in the NW corner – thanks to Libelulle for helping me out and to Rufus for an otherwise enjoyable start to the week. Favourite would be 7d – made me chuckle when the penny dropped. Well done to England – onwards to the Triple Crown and the Grand Slam!

  18. Very enjoyable crosswword from Rufus and the usual excellent review from Libellule, thanks to both.

  19. A pleasure to be able to join this blog at a sensible time. I live in Melbourne and have usually gone to bed by the time the comments are flowing. Currently back in Blighty for a wedding so can join in again. Mondays are the day I usually find the easiest, but never 1 * easy.

    Today was no exception with all but five soon locked in. 6d and 6a were the particular d’oh moments when they finally arrived. I would like to blame them on the 35C adjustment my body has had to endure in the last two days, but I have just as many brain fades in Melbourne as well. Happy to learn the abbrevation for a manuscript today as I suspect it will come up again.

  20. I hate Monday’s offerings I am afraid. Every time I just don’t get the mindset and always find it ****+. I go through the toughies with comparative ease to this setter’s clues.

    The second reason – why is their no toughie on a Monday?

    1. I certainly don’t hate Monday puzzles but I never find them easy – I don’t do Toughies easily either! I think that the reason for the lack of a Toughie on Mondays is that the Herculis GK crossword has been there for a long time – well before there were any Toughies.

  21. I got really stuck in the southwest corner, and needed hints, mostly because I put the emphasis on the second syllable in refuse.So, more of a ***/*** rating.Favorites were 6a+d,11a, and 7d. Thanks to Rufus and Libellule.

  22. Very enjoyable puzzle which mostly gave me no problems. Favorite clues were 6a and 17a ( very clever I thought).
    Question about 25a though – is the cricket term spelled and pronounced the same as the winter sportsman/woman? Obviously I have never heard of it but knew this blog would enlighten me.
    Also had a bit of trouble justifying my answer to 23a. Must be divide and conquer as people have said.
    Thanks to Rufus and to Libellule for the explanations.
    Sorry to hear of your troubles, Mary. All the best to you.

        1. I don’t know anything about baseball, but from the BRB it would seem that the two are the same.

  23. Sorry I’ve been a pain in the past and I will try and be less forthright in future but, genuinely, why is there no Monday Toughie?

  24. Thanks for a challenging puzzle, which I give 2+ difficulty. I loved 14d. I just thought 25a was some esoteric word in some sport and left it at that, which it was.

  25. Reasonably straightforward. **/*** for me. Nothing overly difficult, but still needed thinking about. Steady start to the week.

  26. How’s this for the coincidence department? As I came to 17d, I was listening to the peerless guitar work of Mark Knopfler on Tunnel of Love.

  27. Sorry to hear your news Mary, hope things improve for you soon.

    Thank you Rufus for an enjoyable puzzle and Libellule for your review. Managed to escape from the “Clueless Club” today for the first time for a few weeks – probably because I forgot to take the electronic gadget out with us ! Biting cold East wind here on NE coast but at least no snow, so no complaints.

  28. I do like the Rufus style. Clues short and to the point. No messing about. I wish all the crosswords were like that

  29. Our only complaint is that it was over too quickly. Lots of lovely clues but our favourite was 14d.
    Thanks Rufus and Libellule.

  30. The usual pleasant start to the week from Rufus.

    Faves : 9a, 13a, 16a, 25a, 6d, 7d, 14d & 18d.

    Must get my eyes tested for new reading spectacles – the current pair are becoming useless – must be becoming old!

  31. Thank you all for your lovely kind thoughts and wishes, who’d have thought a crossword blog could bring so much comfort, thank you :-)

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