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DT 27097 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27097 (Hints)

Big Dave’s Crossword Club

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As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, an assortment of clues, including some of the more difficult ones, have been selected and hints provided for them.

Don’t forget that you can give your assessment of the puzzle. Five stars if you thought it was great, one if you hated it, four, three or two if it was somewhere in between.

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Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.


4a           Everyone sits in afternoon, then everyone follows London street (4,4)
A three-letter word meaning everyone inside (sits in) the two-letter abbreviation for afternoon and followed by the same word for everyone

9a           Magic Circle where one kind of doctor may be admitted (8)
This adjective meaning magic or hypnotic is derived by putting a circle around I (one) and an animal doctor

10a         When premium’s above average size, it’s fireproof (8)
A two-letter word meaning when followed by an adjective meaning premium and an above average clothes size

11a         Take a chance to raise money (4,2)
Raise money by throwing it into the air!

13a         Base protagonist in novel on the fair female doing a flit (4-4)
An anagram (novel) of ON THE (F)AIR without the F (Female doing a flit)

21a         Rider scratches, it’s announced (6)
This rider is a corollary added to an already complete contract and sounds like (, it’s announced) a verb meaning scratches

24a         Document professional first mentioned on the radio (3,5)
PRO(fissional) followed by what sounds like (mentioned on the radio) a word meaning the first mentioned (of two)

26a         Screen volunteers about to finish bitter feud (8)
A three-letter verb meaning to screen and the usual volunteers around verb meaning to finish


1d           Sharp right taken in coach by that Parisian (7)
R(ight) inside a coach then followed by the French (Parisian) for that

2d           Hurry to make progress (4,5)
An exhortation to hurry up and a phrasal verb meaning to make progress – this double definition is going to cause a few problems as there appear to be two equally valid answers; only one of these, the one that is accepted online, is given in Chambers Big Red Book the other (the one starting with M) is not in the BRB

4d           According to boy, immediately cavorting at rag makes one out of favour (7,3,5)
A three-letter word meaning according to followed by a boy, a word meaning immediately and an anagram (cavorting) of AT RAG

14d         Veil’s tied, being narrow-minded (9)
A verb meaning to veil or conceal followed by an adjective meaning tied or secured

22d         Hungry FBI agent following French one (5)
A three-letter abbreviation for an FBI agent follows the French for one

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The Quick crossword pun: {beep} + {repaired} = {be prepared}

78 comments on “DT 27097 (Hints)

  1. Going along nicely with this one until I met 14d which held me up far longer than it ought. I kept thinking I ought to be finding an anagram but it was so much simpler than that. Thanks to, I presume, Cephas and to BD too.

  2. An enjoyable Saturday puzzle for me */***
    I got held up because I misspelled 7d to start with, and I put Race for the first word in 2d. However I eventually saw the error of my ways. Thanks to BD for the hints, which I needed for the wordplay for 13a despite knowing the answer. For some dumb reason I didn’t spot that novel meant it was an anagram! Many thanks too to the setter.

    1. I always have major problems spelling 7d so I don’t write the 5th and 6th letters in until I have a checking letter!

    2. Delightful puzzle for a Saturday morning, however I’m now worried about 2d as mine begins with M and fits in with the across clues :(
      Thanks to setter and the hints – even thought had the answer to 13a was not entirely sure why!

      1. I think that the one that begins with M is a much better answer. It’s a pity that it’s wrong

  3. Took an 11a for 2d and unfortunately it came down in favour of “m” .Enjoyed it nonetheless .
    Thanks very much.

  4. Took an age to work out why 13a was what it was. Apart from that a fair and enjoyable solve. Would rate it **/****.
    Thanx to Compiler and to BD for the partial review.

  5. Great fun, really enjoyed this one which had, for me, one or two tricky clues.
    Totally missed the anagram in 13a but the answer was fairly obvious and needed the hints to explain the radio reference (always miss this, I never learn!) as well as the magic reference in 9a.
    Thx to the setter for an excellent puzzle and for the hints.
    Now the snow has stopped, I can go and do some work.:-)

      1. Thanks little Dave. Is the 3rd letter x. I hope that I don’t incur the wrath of BD for that

        1. Off I go. Is there any cake CS
          Little Dave, could you slip in the answer before BD notices

          1. There is only one slice of cake in the tin and Mr CS and I are already squaring up to arm-wrestle for it., so I have corrected the naughtiness before BD sends you off to the corner.

            1. Your support is much appreciated CS
              What another fine puzzle this was and it got Saturday off to a good start before the rugby begins. Following their trouncing of France last week I wonder if Italy are going to do the same to Scotland

            2. I was out buying a birthday card for Mrs BD (for Monday) and some Stinking Bishop and Hereford Hop cheese (the cheeses NOT being her present!).

              1. They might be Mr CS’s idea of a birthday present but certainly not mine! We went to a farmer’s market this morning and he treated himself to some nice cheese but luckily for me not as smelly as the Bishop.

  6. Interesting – I elected for the less favoured answer for 2d! Each equally acceptable in my view. Like 21a the best. Cold in East Hertfordshire so wrapping up for a golf lesson. Get in the hole!

    1. Me too; also transposed letters 5 & 6 of 7d which held things up.
      Cold & drizzly, but tennis looks possible.
      Cheers everyone.

  7. A most enjoyable puzzle and all the answers fell into place quite easily but I did have to think over the answer to 2d for a few minutes. I’m pleased to say that I appear to chosen the correct option – because I’ve already inked in the solution…

  8. I really enjoyed this and did most of it quickly and fairly easily, for me anyway. Then I got completely stuck with the last few.
    I got the definition wrong for 8a and thought that I was after an old king – tried to do something with ‘LA’ assuming that that is the abbreviation for Louisiana – did it eventually. I was stupidly slow to get 11a and missed the anagram indicator in 13a so didn’t understand that until I read the hint. I also needed the hint to understand 26a – seemed to have a spare letter as I thought that the ‘screen’ was a two letter abbreviation for television. I picked the wrong one of the two possible answers for 2d. Spent too long trying to make 14d an anagram.
    What a lot of mistakes! Oh dear! Thank goodness (and BD) for the hints.
    Thanks to Mr Ron and, again, to BD.
    Snowing this morning but raining now. We’re off to Birmingham to elder daughter and her partner. Going to take NTSPP with me. Have a good weekend everyone.

  9. Good fun, but – as a recently retired lawyer- I don’t agree that 21 across means a rider. (No doubt Chambers says it’s OK.)

    1. Didn’t know the man from Glenormiston was a lawyer?
      I’m with the lawyer. Perhaps provision would have been closer?

    1. Off to Birmingham soon for rest of weekend but am going to take NTSPP with me – and a dictionary – don’t think that daughter or her partner will have a BRB and I should think it’ll be necessary! No access to hints until tomorrow when we get home – I don’t ‘play’ on her computer as I’m too scared of pressing the wrong thing and deleting something vital – it could rather spoil the weekend!

  10. Thx to setter, bd and the banter merchants. Slight dusting of snow here in Boston – they called a curfew on the roads at 4pm. 3 feet of snow was a bit of a problem even for my Audi Quattro with snow tyres. Mrs T and I can’t open front door this morning, 6 ft drift! Send humour.

      1. Perfect – it almost makes up for the tattoo “lift and separate” picture from yesterday. But Mrs T still has not forgiven you.

      2. if just one of those pics are dodgy, BD44.com will be seized, the email list impounded, and we will all end up in gaol debating is it ae or just e. Dont say you have not been warned! (I am speaking to Mr T now – he is downstairs taking pics of the snow).

      3. My doctor told me that I should watch what I ate so I’ve ordered tickets for this year’s Grand National…

  11. Help please anyone – come on to see if BD can help with hints on 18d, 20d and 23a – our last three and no joy – there was a posting about one of these but appears to have been banished with the correspondants to the naughty step!

    1. 18d Anagram of meant plus chemical symbol of silver make a colour

      23a Alternative word for explanation cut off and finished by brief editor.

  12. Bonnie Girl

    18a Misleadingly meant to include silver or red.
    Nagaarm of MEANT with the usual abbr. for Silver from Mendeleev’s chart. The answer means red.

    (BD – I must grumble here – this is not red it is a different wavelength to red (500nm), even in RGB it is , 255, 0, 255. Don’t tell me – Chambers says it is OK !

    23a Two-thirds of explanation by editor will be restricted (8)
    get a long word (9 letters) for explanation, or logic – then lop off the last three letters (2/3), then add ED (editor). The answer means restricted.

    (BD: my angle u angle and angle slash u angle is still NOT working. Thx)

  13. ok lovely people have worked out 18d (what a wombat I am) so just two to do – himself is now “resting his eyes” thinking about the answers….oh yes?!?

  14. Thanks Tantalas – have also got my brain unfuddled about the other two so now can go have a tea and wake sleepy head up (or not, he doesn’t deserve a cuppa!) I too never think of the answer as a red. Until next week….

  15. It took me a long time to get in, and then I got 4d and that started me off. Oh, joy oh joy, what a splendid illustration for 4d, wish I’d thought of it. It made my day. After completing it, I wondered why I found it so difficult. Oh, well, can’t win ’em all. Thanks to all, I did enjoy in the end.

  16. Still struggling I’m rather ashamed to say. Can’t get 2d (with or without an M – &, annoyingly nothing happens on my iPad if I hover over the suggested picture). And 12a eludes me , as does 23a. Any help would be most gratefully received, if I’m not too late in the day… Loved the hints, & esp. the cows humour for Tantalus. Thanks to the setter, and to BD. Any news of Mary?

    1. If your mum wanted you to hurry up when you were a dawdling small child, what would she say to you??

      12a think of how one might refer to a news broadcast, split it 6 2 and see if the penny drops

      23a has been explained above, unless it all got sent to the naughty corner. The definition is restricted. Nearly all of a word that is an explanation of the reasoning behind something followed by the usual abbreviation for editor.

    2. There’s a reasonable explanation for 23a above. Think of a 9 letter word for explanation, cut off the last 3 letters and add abbreviation for editor. After the war, food and petrol was xxxxxxxxx Re 12a think missile from a gun and add ‘in’ from the clue.

      1. Oh thank you both, CS & Caroline – I’ve finally got there. Thank you, thank you. And, in common with some other comments, can’t believe how slow I was now that I can see them!! It was really annoying me not being able to Finish. How great is this site, BD!

  17. Thank you setter and BD for hints. Managed to do this in the car on the way herewith help from Mrs SW. Lovely day here in Bamburgh and a lot to see on the sea ! All change tomorrow I gather – we have brought a snow shovel ! (BD any excuse to get away from The Reebok ! )

    1. I do hope Mrs SW was doing the driving!! Or did she read out the clues, you solve them and she write them in!

  18. Thanks to the setter & to Big Dave for the hints. I enjoyed this puzzle, but found it tricky. I made it hard for myself by spelling 7d incorrectly, which stopped me getting 11a. Needed four hints to finish.Favourite was 10a.

    1. I have a real mental block with 7d – it has been in crosswords a lot lately and every time I have to stop and think.

      1. I got it wrong too, so have decided to imagine the ‘g’ behaves like a ‘q’! They look similar!

      1. You are looking for a word meaning KEEP. The terriers is nickname for part time soldiers inside a word meaning a check – perhaps to control a horse? Hope that helps.

  19. Late on parade. Fairly straight forward except for top left which held me up for some time, eventually sorted it out, all clever stuff though, I do like misdirection, even if it catches me every time.

    Thanks to BD for the hints.

    Thanks to the setter.

  20. just playing about with the tags – please ignore me (as usual).
    cite, code, em, i, strike, strong,u.

    Mr T

  21. I managed to finish without pleading for help ! Thanks to BD and to Bonny Girl for pertinent questions and to the BRB . I insist that 18d is not a shade of red. And I will ask the in-house lawyer whether he thinks 21a fits the legal definition when he gets back.

  22. Very late again to join the party, got about two thirds done yesterday evening and polished off all bar one this morning.

    Only 8a left and still no wiser with all checking letters, can anyone put me out of my misery pretty please?

    I hope you will forgive the pun if I say I jumped on 16a (my first one in) and 22d tickled my sense of humour.

    Thanks as always to BD for the hints and to all contributors to the site, I wouldn’t have got this far without either. BRB and BRB Thesaurus are worth their weight in gold IMHO.

    1. Hi Dawn.

      Louisiana local engineers imprisoned by old king? (6)

      You need to put the usual abbreviation for the Royal Engineers inside a merry old king.

      1. Thank you Gnomethang,

        I will now stand in the corner with the dunce cap on and await pelting with rotten eggs for being so dim, although the lightbulb came on it must have been one of the older low energy types :D

        1. I don’t think that is necessary! It took me a while to get the definition – there is a fair bit to mislead in the clue.

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