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DT 27085

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27085

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Morning All! Pretty standard fare this week I thought with a mix of easy starter clues an a few to make you think..

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1a           Really it is the quickest way to get high (8,2)
STRAIGHT UP – Two definitions or one definition and a cryptic – take your pick!.

6a           Warning: one may get passionate about nothing (4)
HOOT – HOT/passionate around the outside of O for zero/nothing.

8a           Worthless weapon returned by a politician (8)
NUGATORY – A lovely word!. Reverse a GUN and follow with A TORY (politician)

9a           Regretted overtaking child’s horse, by the sound of it — that’s rough (6)
RUGGED – RUED (regretted) around GG – The sound of a horse for a child.

10a         Sentimental type having nervous reaction (8)
ROMANTIC – It took me a while to spot type as a font (ROMAN is a kind of font). Then add TIC for the usual crossword nervous reaction.

11a         Marchers should be foot division? (6)
INSTEP – The second part is the definition, being a part/division of the foot. The first is the cryptic – marchers on a parade ground should be IN STEP (with each other).

12a         Miss a festivity (4)
GALA – Nice and simple – GAL (a young miss) followed by A.

14a         Imagine having drink with model (7)
SUPPOSE – A charade of SUP (drink) and POSE (model). With acts as the instruction to add one to the other.

18a         Sign first letter only (7)
INITIAL – Two definitions, a little close together in meaning for me with the whole clue being the same as the second definition.

20a         Regularly misread ‘Queen and Country‘ (4)
IRAQ – Take the even (regular) letters of mIsReAd and add Q for Queen as opposed to R(egina) or even E.R.

23a         Playful little woman has company going to Kent maybe (6)
JOCOSE – One of the Little Women in Alcott*****’s book is followed by CO, the abbreviation of Company and then the SE for South East of which Kent is a part. Maybe correctly tells us that Kent is only one example of an area in the South East.

24a         Advance twice — but be reasonable! (4,4)
COME COME – Another very straightforward starter clue. Repeat a synonym for advance.

25a         Generous number from Rome having whip-round (6)
LAVISH – Once you had some checking letters it was quite easy to get LASH for whip around VI – 6 in Roman numerals.

26a         Heather, for all to see, at home before one making pasta (8)
LINGUINI – Heather is one of those words that always rings a bell in crosswords as the plant is also known as LING. After that add U (for all to see in Film Classifications) , IN (at home) and finally I for one.

27a         Tax produces flippancy when it’s dodged (4)
LEVY – What you get when you remove IT from LEV(it)Y/flippancy.

28a         Shake and stretch? You’ll get it if you’re on mine (10)
WAVELENGTH – A charade of WAVE (shake/brandish) and LENGTH – a stretch in terms of distance.


1d           Second strip that’s worn in summer (8)
SUNDRESS – S, the Seconds , is followed by UNDRESS for strip.

2d           Three-quarters of army group in administration (6)
REGIME – 6 of the 8 letters (three quarters) of REGIME(NT)/army group.

3d           Determined where camper might be found (6)
INTENT – The cryptic definition is the second and when split (2,4) shows where a camper turns in for the night.

4d           Her baring could be sign of what is to come (9)
HARBINGER – An anagram, indicated by could be, of HER BARING for an omen or portent .

5d           Priest takes craftsman to be supporter of a cause (8)
PARTISAN – The abbreviation of P for Priest followed by an honest ARTISAN (craftsman).

6d           Perhaps Snowdon’s most memorable part? (4,4)
HIGH SPOT – Snowdon being a high spot in Wales and also a high spot is a highlight of the day etc.

7d           To repeat jazzed-up form of entertainment (8)
OPERETTA – A jazzed up anagram of TO REPEAT.

13d         Sweet drink on the rocks? (9)
LIQUORICE – A charade of strong LIQUOR (drink) with ICE (on the rocks tells you to have it WITH ice – neat clue).

15d         A top duet performed that’s modern (2-2-4)
UP-TO-DATE – Another anagram (performed) of A TOP DUET.

16d         In abbey, technology is given precedence (8)
PRIORITY – Place IT (the abbreviation of Information Technology) inside a PRIORY (abbey).

17d         Teams who arranged stall at fairground (8)
SIDESHOW – SIDES for e.g. a football team followed by anagram (indicated by ‘arranged’) of WHO.

19d         Cooking his meat first makes you irritable (8)
LIVERISH – An anagram (cooking) of HIS with LIVER (meat) first will make you a word for irritable.

21d         Black bird dog (6)
BEAGLE – Another starter clue – B for Black (from the pencil grading system) followed by an EAGLE.

22d         Falling out on the lake? (6)
ROWING – A nice definition plus cryptic definition exploiting the fact that people on a lake are likely to be using oars.

I’ll see you all in a couple of weeks unless you are meeting us in London tomorrow!.