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Get Well Soon Pommers!

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While celebrating tonight, please spare a thought for Pommers, who is spending the next few days in a Spanish hospital suffering from pneumonia, pleurisy  and a pneumothorax.  He was operated on at 2:00 am and had a chest drain inserted.

Add to that a massive chest infection and high fever as well, so he’s being whacked with antibiotics and paracetamol via an IV line.  According to Pomette, he is not a happy bunny.

I’m sure you will all join me in wishing him a speedy recovery.

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  1. With best wishes for a very speedy recovery, and hope to see you back here as soon as possible.
    Get well soon, and best wishes to Pomette too, from all the jezza family.

  2. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Pommers. The blog’s not the same without your contributions.

  3. Now that’s taking Man-Flu to a whole new level! Seriously though get well as quickly as possible Pommers. I once spent 10 days in a Spanish hospital following diabetic complications so I know you will be very well cared for
    Happy New Year to you & Pommette.

  4. Thanks for all your lovely thoughts – he’s feeling a lot better already now that the fluid is off his lung and he can breathe again. The fever is already starting to reduce as well.
    I’ve just popped home to have some lunch, a few hours kip (as I got about 1 hour dozing in a chair) and then I’ll go back and see how he is. He’s already started to get grumpy again so that’s a positive sign. They’ve also revised their estimates and provided there are no complications they reckon they may let him come home in 2 or 3 days. May heaven help me. An ILL grumpy old man to cope with.
    And you are so right Spindrift, Spanish hospitals are very good. Had to wait over 2 hours to be seen even though we arrived in an ambulance, but once they saw the x-ray results things started to move pretty fast.

    Once again thank you for your kind thoughts and have a great New Year. Try not to overindulge – you’ll only regret it in the morning

  5. I too spent a short time in a Spanish hospital albeit 21years ago and again the treatment and aftercare was terrific .Buena Suerte !

  6. Oh dear – poor pommers and pommette. That sounds awful, for both of you!
    I do hope he gets better soon and that you survive the process, pommette. In my experience looking after really ill men is a damn sight easier than looking after really ill women but when they are beginning to recover the men get grumpier much more quickly than the women! I think it sounds as if he’s feeling better – good luck.
    Happy New Year to both of you, even if any celebrating may be delayed for a few days.

  7. I was thinking there must be something seriously wrong as the last time we heard from Pommers was on Friday when he was going for a siesta.

    I hope that you get better soon and are soon back home with Pommette.

  8. Have just read about Pommers — my thoughts and wishes for a comfortable recovery are totally in my mind and my prayers for Pommette too. Come on, Pommers, you can do it!

  9. Benidorm is off my list of potential Christmas destinations if that’s what it does to you! Hope you recover soon. Good luck Pommette….

  10. Well I was shocked and upset to read this news. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Pommers in the flesh, but I sense that we share a very similar mindset (chaotic but logical) and sense of humour (dirty).

    Get well soon Pommers – I still can’t do the Thursday puzzles without your help…

  11. Get well quickly Pommers, keep your chin up Pommette and a prosperous and Happy & Healthy New Year to you both

  12. Best wishes for a quick recovery Pommers. I miss you on the blog!
    All the best to you and Pommette.

  13. May your powers of recovery be as strong as your powers of analysis! Mucha suerte, Mike, and best wishes

  14. All the best, Pommers. Hope you feel much better soon and best wishes to you both for the New Year.

  15. What a thing to greet us on New Years morning. Our thoughts and love go out to you pommers and to Pommette too.

  16. So sorry to hear your news. You don’t do things by halves do you?

    I hope that you have a quick recovery before you are discharged into the tender care of Nurse Pommette.

  17. I am totally overwhelmed! So many people have posted to say such lovely things.
    A heartfelt thank you one and all.

    He’s a bit better tonight although still having some trouble breathing and when I left him tonight he was staring blankly at an Araucaria. But then again he always stares blankly at them.

    Hope you all have a lovely New Year.

    I’ll take a screen dump of this thread and take it to show him tomorrow! He’ll be gobsmacked!

    1. Hi pommette I have only just seen that pommers is ill, poor pommers, please give him all my best wishes, I hope he’s home soon and that the Spanish sunshine will speed his recovery, hope 2013 sees you both fit and well
      Mary xx

  18. First post of the New Year and it is a get well wish for Pommers as I have just read the news. Hope you are soon back on the Rioja and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  19. For anyone suffering from pleurisy, I can only suggest contemplation of the work of Scotland’s substitute national bard:

  20. Best wishes for a speedy recovery pommers, & best wishes too to pommette. I have a grumpy old man as well, but we wouldn’ t be without them would we.

    1. Sheila, your good wishes went to moderation as you changed your username from SheilaP – both should work now.

      1. Sorry about the name change. I’ m using a different tablet, and forgot which bit of my name I used before.

  21. My heart goes out to both Pommers & Pommette – I do wish him a speedy recovery as he is a splendid blogger who makes me laugh so much

  22. Very best wishes for your total recovery Pommers and greetings to Pommette for the New Year.

    I just saw the note that he was in hospital as I was at my daughter’s over jaarwisseling
    (year changeover).


  23. Update for everyone! He’s getting grumpier which means he must be getting better.

    His breathing is a bit laboured still and he still can’t fully inflate his lung but the paracetamol got his temperature down and the antibiotics are beginning to do their job so he’s feeling a bit better.

    He kicked me out again last night though as he was starting to feel quite tired – he is spending a lot of time sleeping and is struggling to concentrate on crosswords. Ones that he would normally polish off quickly are taking him 6 times longer. He’s reading a book occasionally but finding that hard too.
    We did do one together today – an old RayT and we polished it off in about twice normal time so his brain is starting to work again.

    He’s a bit “down” though today as the doctor called round this morning and told him it will be at least a week before they release him. Proably why he’s so grumpy! But he did ask for his laptop so I’m taking that to him tonight together with the dongle so you may well find him on here later!

    Thank you all once again for all your kind thoughts. He filled up a bit when I gave him the printout from this post! He really appreciates your thoughts.

    1. Thanks Pommette. We are constantly saying to each other “Wonder how pommers is getting on”.
      I hope you have pointed out that he already has more than twice as many comments as the average Toughie gets, which must put him in the “Super Tough and Much Enjoyed” category. Best wishes again from us.

      1. Bev tells me Manolo in our local is getting worried already!
        He sent get well soon wishes and told me to get back asap to ensure he makes a profit this week!

        1. As if the spanish economy isn’t struggling enough!! Seriously Mr my woes of 2012 put big time in perspective, as Prolixic commented you don’t things by halves do you. Best woofs from Cynth and Cuth…Though I do worry I about your seepages, cue RayT……

  24. Better late than never to join the chorus of well-wishers! Sorry to hear that you are in hospital, Pommers. Here’s wishing you a speedy and full recovery.

  25. I’m so glad to hear that he is at least a bit better. What a horrible time for both of you – pommers because he’s SO poorly and pommette because it is really difficult to see someone you love having a rough time, not to mention taking the ‘grumpy flak’ which nice people reserve for the people closest to them!
    I do hope that the improvement continues. I also hope that he turns up here later, although as an ex-Ward Sister I would say that he needs to sleep a lot. I will be thinking up all my best jokes to help to keep him entertained when he is feeling even better!
    I’m thinking of both of you and sending lots of :smile: and, hopefully later in the week even a :grin:

  26. Hola from the Hospital Vega Baja de Orihuela ( to give its full title) where pommers is “bloody but unbowed!
    I still cant belive that “a bit of a chest infection” could trigger off so many wonderful comments! Really quite overwhelming and humbling as well. Many, many thanks to you all – you really are the best cyber friends a man could have!

    I see pommette has told you that it looks like I’m here for another week, hence need for computer! This is one of those places where there’s nothing to do during the day, but at night, there’s nothing to do!

    They’ve started washing out my lung, apparantly not a job for Mrs Mopp and the Cillit Bang, every afternoon they come and disconnect the chest drain and sqiurt about 250ml of “cleaner” into the lung. 2 hours later they put everything back together but that was tonight’s entertainment I leaked big time!

    1. Great to have you back. Next time you announce you are going for a siesta before tackling the Giovanni, make sure it is only a siesta and not major medical treatment!

      Seriously though, I hope you will soon be properly mended and back at home (or do I mean the local!)

    2. What do you mean “a bit of a chest infection”?!! Sounds a bit worse than that to me and I’m speaking as a really fearsome ex ward sister of a male medical ward so I DO know what I’m talking about, just for once!!
      I’m really glad you’re back – you need lots of sleep but not, as CS says, a siesta before tackling a crossword – just lots of sleep.
      I’m sending you an e-rioja and hoping that you’re home again soon!

      1. hi Kath

        It was me who said it’s only a bit of a chest infection about a hour before asking pommette to hit the red button. Certainly a lot more than that but haven’t a clue what. Had quite a long conversation with the doctor the other day when he was asking all sorts of odd questions about my health going back months. I must have ticked some of his boxes as he eventually smiled in a tired sort of whay a stopped. It was then that he sain I’m here of a week as “it will take time to cure what you have”!

  27. Hi pommers, so glad to see you haven’t lost your sense of humour, despite the horrendous time you are having, having been in hospital unexpectedly for 10 days in 2012 I know how much the wishes and thoughts of friends mean even cyber ones, I hope you’re behaving and doing as you’re told, all good wishes pommers, hope you’re back with us soon, don’t try too hard with todays crossword, personallly I thought the bottom half was a toughie!! Loads of love to you and Pommette xxx

  28. Ay up jockey from sunny Shropshire. Glad to hear that you are on the mend – but do take Kath’s excellent advice and listen to the clinical staff. I was in hospital last year and tried too hard to get home. So much so, I had a slight relapse which prolonged my stay further – much to my chagrin. Anyway, Happy New Year to you and yours and take your time.

  29. Just thought that I’d ask how the impatient inpatient is ce soir – can’t do Spanish, sorry! I hope that you’re feeling a bit better, and if you answer this tonight you’ll be in big trouble – you know what I said about needing lots of sleep and it must be at least 11.00 pm if not midnight where you are – don’t know what the time difference is.
    Anyway a big :smile: to you and pommette.

  30. A summary of the comments that were lost when the database crashed:

    Friday, 4th:

    Still haven’t got around to that Giovanni!

    The Spider Lady did the Quiptic this week too so add that to your list of puzzles to do while recovering

    A bit of trauma yesterday. I thought he was improving and so did he as they said they were going to take the drain out. But then at 7pm they did another x-ray and carted him back off to theatre. Apparently the drain had moved and was no longer doing it’s job and there was still “stuff” to come out.

    BUT – I think he might finally be on the mend. Cross your fingers that he is.

    The drain is doing its job again and a load more “stuff” has come out. He really is breathing a lot better and he can focus and concentrate for a short time on his beloved crosswords – although not for that long still. But he is managing to read a book now so isn’t quite so bored. His lack of concentration was worrying both him and me but doc said it was normal and due to all the medication that he’s on.

    I also had a bit of a run in with one of the nurses yesterday. So if anyone wants to come and help me strangle her you are more than welcome.

    Will post again when I have some more news.

    Sorry to hear that pommette, hopefully it will his recovery will be ongoing from hereon in, thinking of you both xx

    Saturday 5th:

    Captain Beefheart:
    Hope you are recovering well Pommers, best wishes.

    Just back from Newquay and checked the Blog.
    Best of luck Pommers and I hope you have a speedy recovery.
    Tienes suerte,

    Only just read this – sorry about the trauma and the run in with the nurse. I hope things are improving and that pommers will be better soon.

  31. Pommette here – actually sat with pommers at the hospital.
    Good news. They did another x-ray last evening and the consultant came round this morning to look at it and him. Also had a good listen to his chest and says the drain can come out this afternoon. Yaaaaaaay :smile:
    Hopefully he should get out of here in a couple of days so then he can come and grump at me at home!

    Thank you everyone for all your kind thoughts and good wishes. He’ll be back in full voice on here soon.

    1. That’s great news. Surely better for him to grump at you at home than you have to travel to the hospital every day. Also you then have the option of escaping to the ‘local’ to get away from him :D

  32. Morning everyone

    Doc just been round and he’s said he can come home! Just finishing my cup of tea and then I’ll go and get him. No doubt he’ll post later.

    Yippee :grin:

    1. That’s good news. I hope that 2013 continues in a much better way than it started for both of you.

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