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DT 27050

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27050

A full review by crypticsue

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This Cephas Saturday Prize Puzzle would have merited just under 2* difficulty but has been given 3* because of the problems with 23a caused by having the wrong word in 21d  :(  

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3 Everyday fare served up in exotic plates by parliament (6,4)
STAPLE DIET –   An exotic anagram of PLATES followed by a DIET or parliament.

8 Tony goes mad about company magnate (6)
TYCOON –   Insert CO (about company) into an anagram (goes mad) of TONY.

9 Included hug before first of dates (8)
EMBRACED – Included or admitted –   EMBRACE (hug) followed by D (the first letter of Dates).

10 Philip and Edward have to stop talking (4,4)
PIPE DOWN –  Two diminutive boys  = PIP and ED followed by OWN (have) and then split 4,4.

11 Partly rewrites the record book (6)
ESTHER –  One of the books of the Old Testament is partly hidden in rewritES THE Record.

12 Footballer from batting team got out (6,4)
INSIDE LEFT –   The team batting in a game of cricket are known as the IN SIDE and this should be followed by LEFT (got out).

14 Appointing group of church workers during Advent (13)

20 Proposing sex not allowed round home (10)
NOMINATING –   Insert IN (home) into NO MATING (sex not allowed!!)

22 It’s a tricky problem if this vegetable is hot (6)
POTATO –   A cryptic definition that made me smile.

23 Seat in church not finished (8)
CATHEDRA –  My solving of this, my final clue, was held up by the fact that I had put the wrong word in 21d.   Apparently I wasn’t the only one!     Remove the final letter (not finished) from CATHEDRA[l] and you are left with the throne of a bishop.

24 American misbehaves behind closed doors (2,6)
IN CAMERA –   An anagram (misbehaves) of AMERICAN.

25 Dismiss article — this issue’s volcanic (6)
EJECTA – EJECT (dismiss) followed by A (the indefinite article).   Lots of muttering about this one, but not from me as I have been up both Etna and Vesuvius and seen lots of EJECTA!

26 After preparing tea, TV’s dead — heartbroken! (10)
DEVASTATED –  An anagram (after preparing) of TEA TVS DEAD.



1 Stirring icy gin, he should get clean (8)
HYGIENIC –   Another anagram – this time stirring ICY GIN HE

2 Cleo’s new ideology reveals grammatical flaw (8)
SOLECISM –  A non standard grammatical usage.   An anagram (new) of CLEOS followed by an ISM (ideology).

3 Bridge partners mentioned river siesta (6)
SNOOZE –   Two of the partners in a game of bridge – S(outh) and N (orth) followed by a homophone of the River Ouse.

4 Last word in steam engines (4)
AMEN –  Hidden in steAM ENgines.

5 Left one with Bert struggling to find the words (8)
LIBRETTO – the text of an opera, oratorio or ballet.   L (left), I (one), an anagram (struggling )of BERT followed by TO from the clue.

6 Hundreds on planet in want (6)
DEARTH – D (the Roman ‘numberal’  for 500) followed by the planet EARTH.

7 Time when cricketers might appear? (6)
ELEVEN  –  There are, of course, eleven cricketers in a team.

13 Course of salts (5)
EPSOM –  The home of the horse racing course is also the place where the purgative medicine (salts) originated.

15 Popular without little bit of money? That’s naive (8)
INNOCENT – or IN (popular) NO CENT (without a little bit of money).

16 At that place drinks initially will be on the rocks (2,3,3)
IN THE RED – Stony broke or IN THERE (at that place) plus D (Drinks initially).

17 Produce infusion of green tea (8)
GENERATE –  An anagram (infusion) of GREEN TEA.

18 Penny put on weight in spring (6)

19 Prohibit an Australian fruit (6)
BANANA –  BAN (prohibit) AN (from the clue) and A (Australian).

21 Caught — but scored? (6)
NETTED –   Caught like a fish or scored a goal in football.   Obvious really but then I and several others also thought NICKED worked just as well, it just didn’t help with 23a!

23 Shy actors (4)
CAST –  A double definition to finish with –   CAST can mean either to throw or refer to the company of actors in a play.

Seasons Greetings to Cephas and Mrs C too.  I will be back on New Year’s Eve with a festively-delayed review of tomorrow’s Prize Puzzle.

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