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DT 27050 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27050 (Hints)

Big Dave’s Crossword Club

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Today is your last chance to enter the December Prize Puzzle

As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, an assortment of clues, including some of the more difficult ones, have been selected and hints provided for them.

Don’t forget that you can give your assessment of the puzzle. Five stars if you thought it was great, one if you hated it, four, three or two if it was somewhere in between.

Could new readers please read the Welcome post before asking questions about the site.

Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.


3a           Everyday fare served up in exotic plates by parliament (6,4)
An anagram (exotic) of PLATES followed by a parliament, like the famous one held at Worms, at which Martin Luther was summoned to appear – a feeling of déjà vu about that last part; oh yes, it was in last week’s puzzle

10a         Philip and Edward have to stop talking (4,4)
The affectionate forms of Philip (as in the hero of Great Expectations) and Edward followed by a verb meaning to have

11a         Partly rewrites the record book (6)
A book from the old Testament is hidden (partly) inside the clue

12a         Footballer from batting team got out (6,4)
A charade of the two-letter word for batting in cricket, a team and a verb meaning got out or departed

20a         Proposing sex not allowed round home (10)
A phrase meaning sex is not allowed (2,6) around the two-letter word for home

23a         Seat in church not finished (8)
This bishop’s throne can be found by dropping the final letter (not finished) from the church where it is located

25a         Dismiss article — this issue’s volcanic (6)
A verb meaning to dismiss followed by the indefinite article

26a         After preparing tea, TV’s dead — heartbroken! (10)
An anagram (after preparing) of TEA TV’S DEAD


1d           Stirring icy gin, he should get clean (8)
An anagram (stirring) of ICY GIN HE

2d           Cleo’s new ideology reveals grammatical flaw (8)
An anagram (new) of CLEO’S followed by an ideology

5d           Left one with Bert struggling to find the words (8)
L(eft) followed by I (one), an anagram (struggling) of BERT and the TO from the clue give this book of the words of an opera, oratorio, ballet, etc.

13d         Course of salts (5)
A double definition – the town where horses are raced and where a purgative was first found occurring naturally

16d         At that place drinks initially will be on the rocks (2,3,3)
A phrase meaning at that place (2,5) followed by the initial letter of Drinks gives a phrase meaning on the rocks financially

21d         Caught — but scored? (6)
Caught a fish and scored in a ball game

23d         Shy actors (4)
A double definition – to shy or throw and a group of actors

The Crossword Club is now open. Feel free to leave comments. It’s time for me to pop down to the Hanley Swan Village Café and Market (earlier than usual this month) for a cup of tea and a slice of Gwen’s delicious chocolate cake (a bargain at £1.50).  Back in a couple of hours.

Please don’t put whole or partial answers or alternative clues in your comment, else they may be censored!

The Quick crossword pun: {walkie} + {Torquay} = {walkie-talkie}

100 comments on “DT 27050 (Hints)

  1. A birthday puzzle for me this December Morning and my Dad will be proud of my first attempt! I’m still learning lots of the tricks of the trade! About half in already and a few that I know I should get…. Will return after cards and cake! Xx

        1. Great Aunt Kath, glad to see you, “speak” tomorrrow, out to dinner and me phone aint that clever

    1. Strangely enough it’s my birthday as well or as I prefer it the 26th anniversary of my 30th! Many happy returns to both of us!

      For the first time in many a Saturday I had to come to BD’s hints to finish. Originally I got 21d wrong even though I had 3 of the crossing letters. No matter it was as enjoyable as usual & thanks to sitter & to BD as per.

      1. Happy birthday spindrift, today is also my great nephews first birthday, I have only ever see photos of him as he lives in New Mexico USA

        1. I often wonder why peoples childrens children are ‘grand’children but a persons siblings grandchild is a ‘great’ nephew or niece and not a ‘grand’ nephew or niece…just thinking :-)

          1. Thanks Mary. My birthday has somewhat slipped in the scheme of things as our eldest and his girlfriend announced their engagement last night.

              1. Unfortunately not today. They’ve gone down to Norfolk to celebrate with his girlfriend’s family while our other son is also way at his girlfriend’s parents in London.

  2. Thought this somewhat easier than recent Saturdays but quite enjoyable .Liked 12a,6d and 7d. Last in 25a,16d. Some smiles so 2*. /. 3* for me.
    Thanks again .

  3. Most of this went in quickly and easily but it took ages to finish the last three! Namely, 11 and 25A and6D Light finally struck! Thanks to setter and BD. Learned 2 new words, 23 and 25A so tucked them away for the future

      1. Same here Mary. Some new words dotted around for me, but managed to finish. Important ‘cos we are away today with son & daughter-in-law for his 40th birthday. Taking them to a nice place in the Lakes……more refreshments !!

          1. Thank you Mary ! Which reminds me …..manners ! Apologies and Thank you setter and BD for your hints.

      2. Same here: I had never heard of it before – but at least I finished today’s – unlike the previous two days!
        Thanks to the setter and BD.

  4. What a nice Saturday morning crossword, thanks for hints Dave though I didn’t need them today and needed very little help from my friends, no stand out favourites but I did like lots of clues :-) , only one slight quibble…12a – you don’t usually find a footballer in a batting team? :-) enjoy everyone, easy on the brain today IMHO

      1. Oops multi sorry, forgot it was the Prize crossword. Wonder if there is any cake in the naughty corner?

    1. Hi Mary, you don’t find a footballer in a batting team, but for this clue another way of saying the batting team gives you the answer to the first word in the solution.

  5. Quite straightforward EXCEPT for 25a which was pretty daft.
    Learnt two new words today in 2d and 5d, needed my electronic aid for those.
    A workmanlike offering I thought. Thx to BD for the hints.

      1. You two have obviously not been up enough volcanoes – I have been up both Etna and Vesuvius so 25a just wrote itself in.

  6. Thanx to Compiler for an excellent offering today. 2d was a new word for me. Thought second word in 3a was a bit ‘iffy’ but that’s only my opinion. No problem with 25a, thought it was a reasonable clue. **/**** rating for me.
    Thanx to Compiler and to BD for his Hints, ‘tho not needed today.

    1. Chambers has the second word as, a national, federal or provincial assembly, council or parliament.

  7. Woke up this morning, no central heating, boilers shot ( insert rude word of choice),

    So solving punctuated by trying to get hold of plumber.

    Fairly straight forward for most of it but had blind spot on 7&16d…penny eventually dropped.

    Thanks to BD for hints and to setter.

    Nice NTSPP please, to take mind off impending bills.

    1. Sorry we don’t live in your area Colmce, at least I presume we don’t, don’t let them diddle you whoever they are!

    2. You have my sympathy. We suffered the same 2 years ago and had to wait 2 weeks for the “right parts”. Talk about “duvet days”…

    3. The NTSPP is very nice, enjoyably straightforward so everyone, not just those waiting for plumbers, should give it a go.

            1. Brian,

              The review for the crossword is now posted. The hints may give you a way in to solve the crossword.

              1. One anagram got me started, (cooks traps fish) and the rest fell nicely into place. Thx Sue, that was fun.

  8. I wrote all this solutions in fairly short order while waiting for a new spare tyre to be fitted (puncture too bad to be repaired :( ) but having the wrong word in 21d did hold me up with 23a. The word I had in 21d did, in my defence, also fit the wordplay.

    Thanks to Cephas and BD too.

    No cake for the naughty corner as post -office-Christmas lunch disorder meant I didn’t notice several things on my shopping list so will have to go back again!

          1. Ooh now you might just be sent to the naughty corner for that OF, I think Brian might be there to keep you company ;-)

            1. Sorry OF, of course you won’t go to naughty corner for that, I’m not thinking straight, what’s new!

      1. Luckily, I didn’t think of the answer you got, but if I had I probably would’ve put it in. It seems to fit the clue too.

  9. Made this much more difficult than it needed to be. I seem to have a mental block about spelling 1d… it must be something to do with the dentist…

    Two new words for me, 2d and 23a. Familiar with 25a but only because I’m sure it’s been here before.

    Thanks to Cephas(?) and BD

    Have a good weekend all

  10. Nice to be back home again! Alicante airport currently reporting clear sky and 20C which is very welcome. Butt thawing out nicely :grin:

    A fine crossword but 25a was a new one on me! Enjoyed over an alfresco lunch.

    Thanks to Mr Ron and BD.

  11. Enjoyable crossword. Had never heard of 25a but my husband is a geologist so confirmed the word for me. I suppose that still counts as googling! Speaking of temperatures, pommers, our daughter is just home for Christmas from Ghana. A 40 degree drop in temperature for her!

  12. Enjoyed that, gentle Sat morn crozzy.Hope everyone is well, been moving house and things this year so it has been a bit hectic. Plus someone asked me to join face book and I now have to put up with a million people wanting to know me.
    Old age gives you carte blanche to accept or deny without guilt. It has its good points I suppose.
    Thanks to B Dave and the Setter woof woof

  13. First of all, Happy Birthday to Blowsy and Spindrift and I hope that you’re both having a good day. This is probably the latest that I’ve ever posted a comment but it’s not because the puzzle was difficult, although I was grateful for one of your hints, Dave, otherwise I would have been struggling. Welcome home, Pommers. Did you wait until the weather had improved here before you came back? If not, your timing is immaculate…

      1. In Cheshire, Pommers, where it’s started raining since I posted that comment but it’s warm rain!

        1. I was at a friend’s place near Middlewich last Tuesday evening. The freezing fog made the drive back to South Manchester “interesting” to say the least!

          1. Drove, well driven by work colleague to Cardiff earlier in the week, took twice as long should have, freezing fog all way. Manchester and Leeds followed, now in Glasgow, dogs travelled up Thursday, we travel back to Peterborough on Monday, then the New Forest on Saturday. Say Hi to Pommette please. Cheers

            1. Blimus Andy! You are careering round the country faster than the Milk Race!. Hope you have time to enjoy yerself!

  14. Nice, breezy crossword for a Saturday!
    Managed to complete in a hint-free fashion, but there were quite a few words and expessions in there I had not come across before (12a, 23a, 25a and 2d), but all were gettable thought the wordplay, which is how it should be.
    25a I don’t think I ever would have got had it not been for 3d, which led me to believe that this puzzle might have been a pangram – so trying to find room for the letter ‘j’ helped crack that one open.
    I laughed at 20a too! All good fun! :)

  15. Thanks to the setter & to Big Dave. At last a completion, with no hints needed. Started with 4d, finished with 25a, which was my favourite. Was 2*/3* for me. Nice weather in Central London today after all that rain yesterday.

  16. I too had a spelling problem with 1d and struggled with 16d – couldn’t get my mind away from the literal meaning of ‘rocks’. Most enjoyable.

  17. Evening everyone. Did anyone else put in “nicked” for 21d? Otherwise very straight-forward.

  18. Blimey, that was all over rather quickly – very close to a personal best time. Am I alone in finding it rather too easy to be satisfying?

    1. Have you had a go at the NTSPP? That was introduced originally to provide an alternative because the DT Prize Puzzles weren’t very satisfying.

      1. Hi Gazza

        Yes, I’ve just this minute finished it (I did it either side of dinner) and it was MUCH more satisfying :-)

  19. Friends here for dinner in about half an hour and haven’t even started trying to do anything about making a silk purse yet!
    I found this fairly straightforward – just as well as haven’t had much time today. Stupidly got stuck with 11a – they’re always the ones that get me.
    Lots of nice clues – not enough time now so thanks to Mr Ron and BD.

    1. All would have been fine – thought, at 7.31pm, that I had half an hour – didn’t know that husband had suggested 7.30pm . . . :roll:

  20. Heh! I had just about given up in the last five clues and jumped on the hints page. only when looking at the hint for 5a did i realise that a) you don’t have one and b) i am doing the Times !. This looks an altogether more straightforward proposition.

    1. …and so it proved. fun but over too quickly. Does anyone else think that 24a would be better with misbehaving instead of misbehavior?
      Thanks to BD and the setter and Happy Bathday to Spindrift and the newcomer Blowsy .

  21. Thanks again Dave for the help-had five left to do before I turned to you. Like other bloggers have learnt 2new words. Felt quite good but then saw most of you seemed to find it quite easy. Thought some of the clues were quite clever. Did someone say last week that this setter does a Times freebie. Can I do that electronically?? Like his style.

  22. Another one who was caught out by 21d and therefore needed the hints to sort out 23a.

    Very enjoyable crossword. Thanks to Cephas and BD for the hints.

  23. Have only skimmed through comments fairly quickly – was it a Cephas production?

    I like the snow – thought to begin with that I must have drunk more than I thought I had . . . we’ll see in the morning! Not sure yet if it will be :sad: or :smile:

    1. If I’d known you were up Kath I would have had a chat, I couldn’t sleep so printed the crossword off and finished it by about 2am!!

  24. First timer with you BD, lovely easy weekender but would never have got 16d without your help. Thanks.

      1. You’re welcome, I enjoy the banter on the site but only ever get round to the crossword on sunday mornings if I have a lie in (no kid’s sporting events to attend). See how we get on next week, the Telegraph has stopped doing it’s Big Christmas Cryptic, or am I mistaken. It used to be in Christmas Eve’s edition.

  25. Late to the party again, I too put the same wrong answer in for 21d, I did think about the correct answer and chose incorrectly. Bottom half of the grid went in really quickly (for me) and had to resort to the hints for the top half.

    Thanks as ever to BD for the hints, very gratefully received, BRB and thesaurus definitely earning a place on my bookshelf!

  26. I thought it only snowed on the Christmas illustrations at the top but have just noticed it snows on the whole page :-)

  27. Thoroughly enjoyed this crossword, and I’m nearly finished, but am stuck on 7a( and 25a but if I trawl through the dictionary I suppose I will find it).It looks like a time of day but doesn’t fit.Thanks to everybody.It would be so nice to be able to enter.

    1. Assume you mean 7d not 7a. Yes it is time of day and number of players in team. If you hover your mouse (or whatever you use) over the picture in the hint you might get a help with 25a.

      1. Yippeee! thank you both! Bon Noel ! (or is it bonne noelle, looked up the french dictionary but it says noel is masculine.)

  28. I finally did it ! Worked out 25a without the dictionary. Thanks to all New Zealanders and Big Dave and everybody else for all the couching over the last 3 months.(I started late sunday afternoon and corrected 25 exam papers inbetween the pleasant distraction of a crossword.)

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