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DT 27046

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27046

Hints and tips by Deep Threat

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

Good morning from a sunny but frosty South Staffordshire. I found this a little more challenging than last week’s effort, with the NW corner taking the longest to crack.

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1a    What chef prepares food on duty? The best! (7)
{ WORKTOP } Another word for duty followed by an informal term for ‘the best’.

5a    Travelled on horse, by the sound of it, with Member of Parliament holding a route finder? (4,3)
{ ROAD MAP } A homophone (by the sound of it) of a verb meaning ‘travelled on horse’, then the usual abbreviation for a Member of Parliament with A (from the clue) in the middle.

9a    Ascetic possessing cold nature (7)
{ ESSENCE } C old inside a member of an ancient Jewish sect, often linked with the Dead Sea scrolls.

10a    Typical ancient city in old African province (7)
{ NATURAL } A two-letter ancient city inside the former name of part of South Africa. I’m not particularly comfortable with the definition of this one, though the wordplay is straightforward. It doesn’t seem to feature in Chambers, nor in the OED.

11a    Bully‘s mistake — wearing crooked ties (9)
{ TERRORISE } A mistake inside (wearing) an anagram (crooked) of TIES.

12a    Strike a mate (5)
{ CHINA } A slang word for ‘strike’ followed by A gives us a piece of rhyming slang.

13a    Conclusion about this compiler’s correct (5)
{ EMEND } A conclusion wrapped around the pronoun the setter might use to describe himself/herself.

15a    Spinning, thin pike caught not initially in perfect condition (2,3,4)
{ IN THE PINK } An anagram (spinning) of THIN PIKE and the first letter (initially)of NOT.

17a    Needing support of French writer, having depression (9)
{ DEPENDENT } A charade of the French word for ‘of’, something you write with, and a depression such as you may get in a car’s bodywork.

19a    Some task I’m prepared to economise (5)
{ SKIMP } Hidden inside (some) the clue.

22a    Plague remedy includes sulphur (5)
{ CURSE } The chemical symbol for sulphur inside a word for remedy.

23a    All at sea like tar — on this? (3,6)
{ OIL TANKER } Anagram (All at sea) of LIKE TAR ON, and lit.

25a    Rock tour in US without hit, finally getting wrecked (7)
{ RUINOUS } Anagram of (T)OUR IN US without the final letter of ‘hit’.

26a    Fatty apes do start to ignore bananas (7)
{ ADIPOSE }Anagram (bananas) of APES DO and I gnore.

27a    Beware of group’s fixed attitude (7)
{ MINDSET } Another word for ‘beware of’ and a group or clique.

28a    Intellectual urge by school principal (7)
{ EGGHEAD } A charade of a verb meaning ‘urge’ and a school boss.


1d    Women are dancing the twist (7)
{ WREATHE } A charge of W omen, an anagram (dancing) of ARE, and THE (from the clue).

2d    Extra something inaccurate tennis player might do? (7)
{ RESERVE } What tennis players whose first serve misses have to do, possibly written as (2-5).

3d    Dance beat with energy (5)
{ TANGO } A verb meaning ‘to beat’ and another term for energy.

4d    Sheer drop in cost is epic, possibly (9)
{ PRECIPICE } Anagram (possibly) of EPIC inside a word for cost.

5d    Gran cooked on English stove (5)
{ RANGE } Anagram (cooked) of GRAN on top of (in a down clue) E nglish

6d    Those who criticise fancy cakes and tart (9)
{ ATTACKERS } Anagram (fancy) of CAKES and TART.

7d    Swallow one drink (7)
{ MARTINI } An alternative name for the bird followed by I (Roman numeral for one)

8d    People regularly want fish (7)
{ POLLACK } Alternate letters (regularly) of P e O p L e followed by ‘want ‘, in the sense of ‘shortage’.


14d    Party held to annoy American? Risky (9)
{ DANGEROUS } The usual crossword party wrapped around (held) a word for annoy, followed by an abbreviation for American.

16d    Bird’s poorly — took food to stimulate (9)
{ TITILLATE } A charade of a small bird, poorly, and took food. There is a misprint in the paper and online print version, which read ‘srimulate’; the online version has been corrected.

17d    Colour scheme by mummy oddly ignored good taste (7)
{ DECORUM } A fancy word for what colour you’ve painted your room followed by the even letters (oddly ignored) of m U m M y.

18d    Left on ship with one working part (7)
{ PORTION } The nautical term for left, followed by I (one) and a word meaning ‘working’.

20d    Bogarde, perhaps, missing first part? Tedious (7)
{ IRKSOME } Drop the initial letter (missing first) from the film star’s first name, and add a word meaning ‘part’.

ARVE Error: need id and provider

21d    Don crept out, ignoring BBC’s last forecast (7)
{ PORTEND } Anagram (out) of DON (C)REPT, leaving out (ignoring) the last letter of BBC.

23d    Genesis on television (5)
{ ONSET } ON (from the clue) followed by a word for the box.

24d    Copying recording but missing start (5)
{ APING } Drop the first letter (missing start) from the sort of copying we used to do before the days of hard disk drives.

The Quick crossword pun { WAITER } { ROUND } = { WAIT AROUND }

53 comments on “DT 27046

  1. I must have been on the right wavelength today because I found this much easier than yesterday. * and ***. Very enjoyable without too much difficulty. Many thanks to all.

  2. I struggled a bit with the NW corner but otherwise reasonably straightforward And enjoyable.. Thanks to setter and to Deep Threat for the review.

  3. I found it not too taxing, last in were NW clues, too. I thought 1A was really good and difficult to spot the join. Enjoyed it, thanks to setter and blogger

  4. 3*/3* for me today. No particularly favourite clues with the NW corner being the last to crack. Thanks to setter and Deep Threat – yes it’s frosty but sunny here too.

  5. No big problems today. Had a bit of brain seizure over the NE corner, but then 2D popped into my head and the rest fell into place.

    Enjoyed 25A as I was convinced on one word ], but a vital letter had to be omitted so confused me for a while.

    Incidentally, do you realise that today’s blog appears in its entirety on the home page?

    1. Yes, I’m still learning my way around the posting system, and couldn’t see how to do the usual shortened version. I’ve asked BD to sort me out!

  6. I really enjoyed this and found it much simpler than yesterday’s once I’d spotted and dealt with my two bits of complete stupidity.
    The first problem was automatically writing in ‘rode map’ for 5a and the second one was putting ‘predict’ for 21d – that’ll teach me to write down the anagram letters rather than just having a quick look and jumping to the wrong conclusion! :roll:
    I was a bit slow in the top left corner – always have to say it like that – not too good on north, south, east and west.
    I wasn’t very happy about 10a but it had to be what it was and took a little while to untangle 14d although the answer was obvious. I didn’t know the slang word for strike in 12a.
    I liked 1 and 9a and 1, 6, 16 and 17d.
    No sun in Oxford – thick fog and 0.6C.
    With thanks to Mr Ron and Deep Threat.

    1. PS I was also slightly doubtful about 25a – if something is wrecked shouldn’t it be ruined not ruinous?

      1. Wrecked can be used as an adjective, Kath.

        Chambers Thesaurus gives the following synonyms of ruinous:
        ruined, in ruins, damaged, dilapidated, broken-down, ramshackle, decrepit, destroyed, devastated, wrecked, shattered, catastrophic, calamitous, disastrous, devastating, cataclysmic

  7. A quicker solve than yesterday, so a **/*** for me. assumed 16d was a ‘typo’ as the charade was eminently logical, thanks for the confirmatory blog.I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but the seems to be a plethora of ‘omission’clues like 21a, this seems a fairly recent type of clue and now lacks it’s surprise value. Thanks setter for an enjoyable start to the day.

  8. 1* 3* for me. Thanks to Mr Ron and Deep Threat.

    The Petitjean Toughie is a nice start to the Toughie week and when you have done that one, there is a very nice themed Brendan (Virgilius) in today’s Guardian.

  9. A relatively straighforward and untaxing solve.
    Started in the North East with 5a, then worked clockwise until, like eXternal and our blogger, a slight road block in the NW.
    Thanks to setter & DT.

  10. Had to get up at 6 today to drive my husband to the airport so am earlier on the blog than usual! Enjoyed the puzzle although like others the nw corner took a while. Was stuck on 1d until the obvious jumped out at me. Enjoyed 15a and 25a. Two days in a row for me without needing the hints – waiting for my comeuppance!!
    Thanks to the setter and to Deep Threat.

      1. I’ve finished the whole of South in next to no time and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought RayT was on duty on Wednesdays. However, we could do with more of this Mystereon. Now to attack the Great North West Corner

        1. I am confused (a) it is Tuesday (well it is here in Kent, not sure about France) and (b) Ray T does alternate Thursdays. Jay does Wednesdays.

          1. I keep thinking it’s Thursday because I did the shopping today instead of going to French classes

            You don’t seem to be confused at all.

            Is this your lunch break? When does work start again?

            1. About 2 minutes ago. We had a lunch for someone leaving us so I reckon I can add a bit on for crossword related activities.

  11. Thanks to the setter and to Deep Threat, untaxing but reasonably enjoyable crossword and an entertaining review.

  12. Wondering why I wasn’t getting any e-mails through and noticed that my original contribution must have gone off into the ether !

    Very enjoyable – thank you setter and DT. Much easier than yesterday, possibly due to temporary self inflicted loss of brainpower !

  13. Interestingly, Google recognised srimulate as a tablet to stimulate the appetite, so even the mistake makes kinda sense.

  14. Thanks to the setter & to Deep Threat for the review & hints. A nice mixture of clues, but the answers went in a clockwise direction starting in the NE corner, finishing in the NW corner where I messed it all up. Had tempo for 3d, then needed the hint to correct it. Couldn’t get 2d & had forgotten the sect in 9a. Was 3*/3* for me. Lovely day for a run round Parly & Hampstead Heath. My newspaper had a misprint, 16d had the last word as srimulate. Favourite was 12a, made me laugh out loud. 20d also worth a mention. Enjoyed it overall.

  15. So much more enjoyable than yesterday’s stinker. Lots of good clues such as 5a, 12a, 26a and 20d to name but a few. Many Thx to the setter and to deep throat for the hints which I needed to explain the answer I had for 1d.

      1. Ever since last week I have been typing that in SO carefully and, having done so, have checked again before pressing the send comment button. I KNOW that I will soon make the same mistake!

  16. Agree with most of the previous comments, straightforward but enjoyable. Finished in my fastest time ever however that did not detract from the enjoyment. **/**** for me today. Thanx to Compiler and to Deep Threat for the review.

  17. Curates egg, bottom went in quickly and then had to grind out the top, took ages to eventually finish it.

    Thanks to Deep T for the review and to the setter for a nice tester.

  18. Finished but got stuck on NW like everyone else so thanks to Deep Threat for the hints and to Mr Ron for an excellent puzzle

  19. Did not like 1a – not a great clue unless I am missing something? Fairly nice distraction from a very chilly London town. Beautifully clear day.

    1. Clear day? Lucky old you. In Oxford thick fog all day and our highest temperature was 0.7C. It’s now -2C – goodness knows what it will go down to – NOT looking forward to morning dog walk! :sad:
      Where’s Mary today – has she gone off without filling in all the necessary paper work again? Hope she’s OK. :smile:

  20. A fun and reasonably straightforward puzzle for me. agree on 1a taking a time to crack but i think i was on the wavelength for the rest. thanks to the setter and to Deep Threat for a second accomplished blog.

  21. The NW corner extended my usual time.
    But, on reflection, annoyed that it did.
    Therein lies the setter’s skill.
    Many thanks to the setter and Deep Threat.

  22. Straightforward and quite enjoyable.

    A certain repetitiveness about a few of the clues I thought – ‘missing start’ – ‘without hit, finally’ etc. I counted 7 of this type.

    Nevertheless, an eminently solvable puzzle despite coming after a 4 hour drive through fog.

  23. Agree with Beaver’s earlier comment about omission clues but all rather enjoyable and they make a nice change from time to time. Thanks to setter and DT.

  24. I did this on the train going up to London. For the first time I managed to finish one without using any electronic devices – rather pleased with myself! (NW corner WAS the last to be solved)

  25. I didn’t like 13a. As far as my knowledge of mythology went, I thought it was another individual in the story who saw the reflection? Am I reading too much into the clue? I get it, but I don’t like it.

    1. Welcome to the blog paintedplank

      Notwithstanding the mythology, an echo has come to mean a reflection, and Chambers Thesaurus lists it as a synonym.

      1. Ha! Thanks for pointing that out. I spent a while trying to work out how to login in, then realised I didn’t need to. I must have gone back to the wrong link.

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