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DT 27014

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27014

A full review by gnomethang

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Morning All! – Not my favourite Saturday puzzle of recent times as I felt it didn’t really sparkle for me. There was nothing too tricky about it and many clues went in without too much thought.

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1a           Demonstrator caught in a short fall of rain? (6)
SHOWER – A definition plus cryptic definition (or possibly two defs!)

9a           Strait-laced teacher first’s scarf (4-6)
HEAD-SQUARE – SQUARE for strait-laced (baby!) with a HEAD of school (teacher) first.

10a         Beast you’ll remove without question (10)
ABSOLUTELY – An anagram (removed) of BEAST YOULL

11a         Swimmer with a tailpiece (4)
CODA – A COD with the A from the clue for a tailpiece in music that is repeated.

12a         Buzz following check, initially, and mate (4)
CHUM – The initial letter of C(heck) with HUM for buzz.

14a         Lasting impression conveyed by grafter — ‘I’m a genius!’ (5-5)
AFTER-IMAGE – The lasting impression of light on the retina is hidden in (conveyed/carried by) the last 4 words.

17a         Doctor with a staff shortage that’s severe? (7)
DRASTIC – DR for doctor followed by A then a short STIC(k) or staff.

18a         And in France learn about being immortal (7)
ETERNAL – The French word for ‘and’ then an anagram (about) of LEARN.

20a         Real Madrid’s jinking winger (3,7)
RED ADMIRAL – The winger here is a butterfly. An anagram (jinking?!) of REAL MADRID.

21a         Crowd — I’ll get out of lift (4)
HOST – Remove the I from HO(i)ST.

22a         Not happy with this record on so late! (4)
DISC – A funny one here. No real definition in the clue but if you add the answer DISC to ON SO LATE you get DISCONSOLATE or unhappy.

23a         Little imp returned in passing (5-5)
SHORT-LIVED – SHORT for little then a reversal (returned) of DEVIL (imp).

25a         It captures a moving scene (4,6)
CINE CAMERA – I spent a long time looking for ‘picture’ in the clue due to the potential anagram fodder. In fact it is just a cryptic definition for a device that catches images that are not static with the cryptic misleading us into thinking that moving means tearful.

26a         Air display (6)
PARADE – Two defintiions that are not far enough apart for my liking!.


2d           Obsession with falcon seen above mount (5-5)
HOBBY-HORSE – A HOBBY is a small falcon. Place him above a HORSE (mount).

3d           Get in first round in boozer (4)
WINO – A sot, toper or even toss-pot!. WIN for get in and then O for round.

4d           Complaint of one in fancy summer hat (10)
RHEUMATISM – Place I for one inside an anagram (fancy) of SUMMER HAT.

5d           Royalty for joke delivered within 31 days (7)
MAJESTY – A JEST (a joke) inside MAY – a month with 31 days in it.

6d           The spy is losing this watch (4)
ESPY – Remove THIS sequentially in the phrase (th)E SPY (is)

7d           Command — fast over 31 days (5,5)
QUICK-MARCH – The command being issued to square-bashers on 26a perhaps. Quick for fast then MARCH – another month with 331 days in it.

8d           Composed and delivered number loudly (6)
SEDATE – A homophone (loudly) of ‘SAID EIGHT (delivered number).

13d         Badly suited maiden is game, Edward concluded (10)
MISMATCHED – A charade of M(aiden – from the cricket abbreviation) then IS (from the clue) and MATCH for game followed finally by ED(ward) concluding the wordplay.

15d         Rodent catcher allowed to go in rickety vehicle (10)
RATTLETRAP – RAT (rodent) then LET (allowed going into TRAP (catcher). RAT T(LET)RAP.

16d         Ruminant’s face covering plant (5-5)
GOATS-BEARD – I was one of those looking to put GRASS in as soon as I saw ruminant in the clue. In fact the ruminant is a GOAT (with the apostrophe ‘S from the clue) and the facial covering is a beard.

19d         Twisted about and fleeced (7)
CROOKED – C for about (a Latin abbreviation) then ROOKED for fleeced/diddled.

20d         Excitable seducer fails to initiate contract (6)
REDUCE – remove the starting letter from s(EDUCER) then make it an anagram (being excitable). Contract reads as a noun in the clue but a verb in the definition.

23d         Second comic’s loot (4)
SWAG – A nice easy one – S for Second and WAG for comic/joker.

24d         Man coming up from provinces (4)
IVOR – A man’s name is hidden in (from) and reversed in (coming up) the last word.

I’ll see you all next Friday for the next Saturday review.