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DT 26933

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26933

Hints and tips by Falcon

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** / *** – Enjoyment ****

Greetings from Ottawa where it looks like the drought will be interrupted by a few rainy days. At least, the farmers will be happy – although it may be too little, too late. Today’s puzzle has a good mixture of clue types with varying levels of difficulty – a few easy ones to get you started and a few challenging ones to make you think.

Please leave a comment telling us what you thought. You can also add your assessment by selecting from one to five stars at the bottom of the post.


1a Enjoy dressing for dinner? (6)
{RELISH} – a verb meaning to enjoy something greatly or with discrimination is also the name of a sauce which adds a spicy appetizing flavour to food

4a Charged across river, doomed (8)
{ACCURSED} – charged, as one might be before a court of law, when wrapped around R(iver) produces a word meaning doomed (or, at the very least, disliked or hated)

9a Early risers? They need the dough (6)
{BAKERS} – they also knead the dough

10a Cancel monies owing for car damaged beyond repair (5-3)
{WRITE-OFF} – the cancellation of a bad debt or worthless asset (as many banks have lately been forced to do) could also describe a vehicle that has been severely damaged in an accident

11a Tax from character initially doing under ten years (5,4)
{STAMP DUTY} – the first part of the solution is a word meaning a characteristic or distinctive impression or quality; the second part is a charade of the initial letters of the last four words in the clue

13a Plant extract stocked in stores indefinitely (5)
{RESIN} – you can extract the solution from the final two words of the clue (where it has been hidden)

14a Gruff-sounding enthusiast hugging box tree (5,8)
{HORSE CHESTNUT} – a word that sounds like a description of a rough voice and a fanatical supporter surround the type of box favoured by pirates for their loot to give us a tree that produces conkers

17a Exhibition’s price set voter off (13)
{RETROSPECTIVE} – the setter uses an anagram (off) of PRICE SET VOTER to mount an exhibition which shows how an artist’s work has developed over the years

21a Tiger’s back! It’s understood, but not said (5)
{TACIT} – start with a reversal (back) of the type of animal of which a tiger is an example; then append IT (from the clue) to get an adjective denoting implied

23a Leans on back-to-back articles from recorders (9)
{ANNALISTS} – two articles standing back-to-back (meaning the second one is reversed) are followed by a verb indicating that a ship is leaning to the side to give people who compile yearly historical records of events

24a Transported around one in ten capable of feeling (8)
{SENTIENT} – this clue is constructed like one of those Russian Matryoshka dolls; the outer layer is a synonym for transported; the middle layer is TEN; and the inner layer is the smallest Roman numeral. When assembled, it creates an adjective meaning conscious or aware of something.

25a Work out the shape of a person (6)
{FIGURE} – a double definition; Chambers says the first meaning. to think or reckon, is North American usage; the second, a representation of the human form, is universal

26a Cover for stars getting hot and jaded inside (8)
{SUNSHADE} – this cover which is designed to protect one from the rays of our closest star is a charade of this star and others like it followed by H(ot ) and the inside letters of (j)ADE(d)

27a Full of joy, but tardy, having missed start (6)
{ELATED} – an adjective describing someone who is intensely happy when the first letter is removed from another adjective denoting tardiness (like late-arriving birthday greetings)


1d Nonsense about public transport being in a healthy state (6)
{ROBUST} – wrap nonsense or rubbish around a public transport vehicle to get a word describing someone who is strong and healthy

2d Be fond of a son — passionate and without hesitation (4,1,4)
{LIKE A SHOT} – the definition is without hesitation; to build it, start with a word meaning be fond of, then A (from the clue) , then S(on), and finish with a synonym for passionate; how many tried to delete ER or UM

3d Tool required if rep’s car breaks down (7)
{SCRAPER} – an anagram (breaks down) of REPS CAR is a tool that is indispensable in an ice storm but likely won’t be of much use in a break down

5d Accept responsibility and bear prison (5,3,3)
{CARRY THE CAN} – a phrase meaning to take responsibility for a mistake or misdeed might literally be interpreted to mean to tote a gaol

6d Improvements for party leader in sudden changes of opinion (7)
{UPTURNS} – insert the leading letter of P(arty) into a total change of opinion or direction to get an upward trend, especially in economic activity

7d Packs up for some serious students (5)
{SWOTS} – a reversal (up) of a word meaning packs or stores out of sight would produce a group of students burning the midnight oil preparing for tomorrow’s exam

8d Sure, some get in if editor is rejected (8)
{DEFINITE} – a word mean sure or certain is hidden (some) and reversed (is rejected) in gET IN IF EDitor; I had the answer long before I knew why

12d Former flyer reportedly trapped by dune collapsing with no discernible reason (11)
{UNEXPLAINED} – a former lover and a word that sounds like (reportedly) something that flies are placed inside (trapped by) an anagram (collapsing) of DUNE for no discernible reason

15d Nut messed around as the occasion demands (5,4)
{NEEDS MUST} – a phrase meaning it is or was necessary or unavoidable is an anagram (around) of the first two words of the clue

16d Marches in support of exams? (8)
{PROTESTS} – a straightforward charade of words meaning in support of and exams gives the type of marches that are anything but a show of support

18d Runner in Africa who’s refusing to face reality? (7)
{OSTRICH} – a cryptic definition of a fast bird notorious for burying his head in the sand

19d Hostility that’s complete — without feminine determination (3-4)
{ILL-WILL} – a synonym for hostility is a verb meaning to complete (a form, for example) without the initial F (feminine) followed by a word meaning determination

20d Go up for a broadcast full of cold (6)
{ASCEND} – the definition is go up; start with A (from the clue) and append a synonym for broadcast into which C(old) has been inserted

22d Head of church’s unidentified set of rules? (5)
{CANON} – the head letter of C(hurch) plus the person to whom a work is attributed when the author is unknown combine to create a Church decree enacted to regulate morals or religious practices

There were no clues that stood out from the crowd today, just a solid all-round team effort. I thought that 2d read very smoothly and the definition was well-concealed. For myself, 8d had the trickiest wordplay to decipher. I was still puzzling over it long after the puzzle was complete.

The Quick crossword pun: {folly} + {calls} = {follicles}

65 comments on “DT 26933

  1. Morning Falcon. I really enjoyed this crossword – a very nice write it in as you go with lots to smile at crossword. Thanks to you and Jay too.

    Now for the Toughie before I have to start work.

  2. Yes, Wednesday is definitely the new Monday!
    Enjoyable, though.
    To redress the balance, let’s hope that tomorrow is a repeat in kind of last Thurs. brilliant teaser.
    Thanks Jay and Falcon.
    1d – Thanks for dear old Erica.

    1. If you read the preamble you will see that Falcon lives in Ottawa, which is 5 hours behind the UK, so he actually gets the puzzles a day early!

        1. THe DT is published at Midnight Wednesday morning say 0001 Hrs. Falcon picks it up at 1901 Hrs Tuesday evening for Canada.

          1. I get it Gnomey, many thanks for you helpful input. And Dave, many thanks for your unhelpful input – it was unnecessary

            1. I deal with distributors in the Caribbean (-5 hrs behind UK time) and in Singapore (+7hrs hrs ahead of UK time) so you can imagine the confusion I face every time the phone rings!

              1. I still have not quite got my head around it Spindrift, and I used to be in your position, despite Gnomeys’ helpful comments. It seems to me that if we can see the puzzle at 00.01 our time Falcon should be able to see it at 00.01 his time which is 5 hours behind us. However, in reality, he is seeing it at the same time as us (00.01) which is actually 19.01 the previous day for Falcon.

                That’s it, I think that I’ve got it

                  1. Honestly, Spindrift, I’m just trying to straighten out my own thinking. And I’m not sure that I’ve sone that

                1. Yes, Collywobbles, you’ve got it. It also means we get an “early” start on coverage of the Olympics. Events starting at 8:00 am in London are seen here at 3:00 am.

    2. Fairly gentle for a Wednesday. Completed NW and SE (except for the Erica 1d) before lights out last night, one left in the NE and several in the SW which with a kick start on two or three from Falcon this morning (thanks) went in easily.

    3. Sorry all – really don’t want to appear dim YET again but the clocks changing forwards/backwards in Spring/Autumn is more than enough to throw me into a state of total confusion for several days! Let’s not complicate things still further!!

  3. Nice start to the day…especially your hint for 1d. Fav. clue 18d. Thanks setter and Falcon.

  4. Something for everyone in this one, with a nice assortment of clues. Thanks to Jay for the enjoyment, and to Falcon for the review.

  5. Thanks to Falcon and to Jay. Not so tricky today but a puzzle that will appeal to all, I think. THere were a couple of clues that I stared at for a while particularly 1d and 5a but theat was all my fault.

  6. Thank you Falcon and Jay. Liked your picture for 1d – is she “strong and healthy” or is it something to do with ro-BUST ??

    Enjoyed the puzzle – possibly because it is the first time I have managed to finish it unaided for a while !

    1. I think Falcon was clutching at straws here. Bust is not part of the clue at all, so can we only have smut where appropriate, rather than at every dubious opportunity?

    2. Sweet William,

      Hover your mouse over the image and the answer to your question should be obvious.

      1. Just been out for a long lunch and seen your reply !

        Brilliant ! Many thanks.

            1. Well, you wouldn’t like it if we were all like a long forgotten person who caused a right royal rumpus several months ago, would you!! :grin:

              1. Have to say, Gazza has been my ‘Role Model’ :grin: One likes to live up to expected standards!

                1. :grin: completely missed avatar and new “name”! How many more times are you going to try to confuse us all?!!

                  1. Got a few left up the sleeve but may give it a rest for while! Back as pommers tomorrow as I’m doing the blog of what I rather hope will be a RayT – hopefully a bit easier than last Thursday!, I don’t need the stress! :grin:

                    Anyway, does your teapot not have a lid?

  7. Thanks to Falcon – I got 8d and 19d, but I didn’t understand why until I read the explanation.

  8. I really enjoyed this – Jay at his most benign.
    The only one that I stared at stupidly for a while was 26a – even with alternate letters already in – kept trying to think of a synonym for “jaded”. :roll
    I needed the hint to explain 19d.
    I liked 10, 14 and 25a and 2, 5, 8 and 18d.
    With thanks to Jay and Falcon.
    Stuff to do now – will see how brave I feel later on and may have a go at the Toughie.

  9. Yes a most enjoyable crossword**/**** for me, thanks Falcon for the explanation of 11a which eluded me, and like others appreciated the hint to 1d,well thought out-when was the famous streak? i remember it was a rugby match .All ready for the rowers to find gold or a crab.

    1. According to Wikipedia, Erica Roe made her topless run across the pitch of Twickenham Stadium during an England vs. Australia rugby union match on 2 January 1982.

  10. Hi Falcon and thanks for the blog, I thought this a 2* for myself today my fav clues 1a and 18d, yes folks I am home contrary to all expectations dreaded lurgy returned only worse and am on high dose antibiotics also poorly Angel (dog) was misdiagnosed a week ago with an eye infection she had to see a specialist yesterday in an animal hospital, turns out it was glaucoma, she is now irreversibly blind in the right eye and her left eye is affected too, however we are hoping to save the vision there, she has to be seen again next Weds and if the pressure is still high in the right eye it wil have to be removed as she is in a lot of pain, I am so angry at the misdiagnosis as if it had been diagnosed straight away some of the sight could have been saved!! So back to the crossword indeed the Wednesday crosswords have been a little easier of late but I’m not complaining :-)

    1. Sorry to hear about your troubles Mary, you are such a cheerful personality so to hear of your misfortune seems doubly bad. I hope your dog recovers from its glaucoma and you from your dreaded lurgy. I agree with your star ratings for the crossword. My thanks to the setter and Falcon.

    2. Sorry to hear you are not well and that the dog is adding to it. I have a 13 year old greyhound who is almost blind but gets around well. You will be amazed how quickly they learn to cope. As for the misdiagnosis, I know it’s annoying but advanced glaucoma in a dog or a human is pretty nigh irreversible so dont beat yourself up over it. As the the crossword, glad you found it easyi thought it was a bit of a stinker in line with most DT puzzles of late. Far too many long and involved clues for my liking I’m afraid. Must admit that too i had no idea that a canon was a set of rules.
      Hope you feel better soon.

      1. Thanks Brian and for the positive note on ‘Angel’ indeed now she is on pain killers she is much more active and as you say coping quite well at the moment with her one partially sighted eye :-), I only know canon because of church and Canon Law

        1. Mary,

          We had a miniature dachsie who was blind at about 3 yrs old. She lived to be 17 and we and she got used to living with the problem.

          Good Luck.

    3. Hi Mary,
      Glad that you’re back even if it is for all the wrong reasons. So sorry to hear about your lurgy, and poorly doggy problems. I SO hate it when they’re not well – they just seem to expect you to fix it – well ours does anyway – and being unable to sort it out for them feels awful. We’ve had Annie since she was six weeks old and I think she thinks that I’m her Mummy and should always be able to make things better.
      By the way, since this is, after all, a crossword blog, nothing to add to your comment on today’s puzzle! :smile:

    4. Mary, bless you, angel has doggy licks from cynthia and cuthbert, and Thabo i’m sure

    5. Hi Mary
      Only just seen your post! Shit does happen! The dog will be OK as apparantly they don’t rely on their eyes anywhere near as much as we do, it’s more hearing and smell that gets them round. Brian was right about Glaucoma so don’t berate yourself as there was probably nothing you could do. Hope you get better soon and can enjoy the Camper later in the Summer. Keep smiling, it’s not the end of the world!

      Gone back to pommers for you as you seem to prefer it! Get well soon.

  11. Thanks to Jay & Falcon for the review & hints. A nice puzzle with some super clues. Started with 1d, finished with 7d. Favourites were 5,18,28d. Grey & drizzly in Central London, roll on Summer :-(

  12. Don’t think I’m going to get around to doing this one today – too busy with the Olympics :grin:

    Come on Wiggo!

    1. What a difference a day makes.
      Now 10th in the medal table.
      Nice crossword too!
      Thanks Teams GB and BD

      1. The boy done good! But don’t forget Froomey – his time will come! Now for La Vuelta de Espana!

  13. Nice, orthodox , entertaining puzzle. No weird words. A puzzle as puzzles should be and always used to be in the Telegraph. That’s the way to keep us solvers happy

  14. Was today’s Crossword by Jay? Seemed a lot easier than usual and missing his normal trademark clues!

    (With regard to the Olympics, has the National Anthem changed? Or is it just me being out of tune?)

  15. Wow – I actually managed to finish that one which quite cheered me up as that’s a first for a while. Perhaps I haven’t quite “lost it” yet? Mind you, I have been away for a week, watching tthe “oldies” battle it out at Turnberry – great fun and most enjoyable. Any other golfers out there who went? Weather could hae been a bit warmer on Sunday!!

  16. Afternoon Falcon from NYC where it is raining but warm.
    Enjoyed the puzzle, your review handy to sort out some parsing. Many thanks.

    Thanks to setter for an enjoyable Lunchtime diversion.

  17. Yeeeeeessssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first ever completed cryptic! A few months after my first attempt. *Proudly dries eyes”

    1. Well done from me too. Now you’ve broken your duck I hope we’ll here from you on a regular basis – we’re all pretty friendly here and you can post anything, not just things to do with the puzzle.

      For example – 2 golds today, how good is that?

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