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DT 26927

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26927

Hints and tips by pommers

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Hola from the Vega Baja.  Another fine crossword from the Wednesday Wizard. There’s a few anagrams to get you going and some clever clues as well.  Not too difficult but I really enjoyed it. How about you?

The clues I like most are in blue and the answers can be seen by highlighting the space between the curly brackets. Please leave a comment telling us what you thought. You can also add your assessment by selecting from one to five stars at the bottom of the post.


1a           She puts back out to avoid responsibility (4,3,4)
{PASS THE BUCK} –  A phrase meaning to avoid one’s responsibility is an anagram (out) of SHE PUTS BACK.  Nice easy anagram to get you going with some useful checkers!

9a           Unpleasant situation caused by rejecting separate pitch (3,4)
{RAT TRAP} – To get this unpleasant situation you need a word for ‘to separate’ followed by some pitch, as in asphalt, and then reverse the whole lot (rejecting)

10a         What may be taken from library in great quantity? (6)
{VOLUME} –Double definition. A quantity is also another word for the book you may take from a library.

12a         Against a politician with anger — one that’s after blood (7)
{VAMPIRE} – This thing that may be after your blood is a charade of V(ersus), A (from the clue), the abbreviation for a member of parliament and a common crosswordland word for anger.

13a         Issue oddly following cat worship (7)
{LIONISE} – Another word for to worship is a big cat followed by the alternate letters (oddly) of IsSuE.

14a         Dear sort of cotton with seamless finish (5)
{DUCKS} –A sort of heavy cotton used for tents followed by S (seamlesS finish) gives an informal word for dear or darling.  My Grandma used to use this word but I don’t think I’ve heard it since she died!

15a         A long time after holiday, gets damages (9)
{BREAKAGES} – These damages are a holiday or rest followed by a very long time.

17a         Freebie showing unusual foresight? (4,5)
{GIFT HORSE} – A sort of freebie is an anagram (unusual) of FORESIGHT.

20a         Making a mess hosting the Olympics? (5)
{GAMES} –The Olympics are hidden (hosting) in making a mess. What’s the betting that we have a lot more clues on this theme over the next couple of weeks?

22a         Family member fails to start transport (7)
{ELATION} – A transport, of delight perhaps, is another word for a member of the family without its first letter (fails to start).

24a         Worker taken on by mainly ecofriendly recipient of deed of transfer (7)
{GRANTEE} –Today’s unusual word! To get this person who receives a deed of transfer you first need a word for ecofriendly without its last letter (mainly) and then insert (taken on by) one of the usual workers.

25a         A good site for redevelopment — one with narrow horizon? (6)
{AGEIST} – A (from the clue) followed by G(ood) and then an anagram (for development) of SITE gives a word describing someone with a narrow horizon or prejudiced, specifically against the elderly.

26a         Extraordinary citation, with no love of great strength (7)
{TITANIC} – A word meaning of great strength is an anagram (extraordinary) of CITATION but without the O (with no love).

27a         Dispose of a pretty cold prehistoric creature (11)
{PTERODACTYL} – A flying dinosaur is an anagram (dispose) of A PRETTY COLD.


2d           Greeting full of atmosphere? (3,4)
{AIR KISS} – A cryptic definition of a sort of greeting much used by celebrities.

3d           Fix pest burning wood this month (9)
{SEPTEMBER} –To get a month you need an anagram (fix) of PEST followed by something left smouldering when a fire’s nearly gone out.  This clue would work even better in about six weeks time!

4d           Accommodation for carrier with no roof (5)
{HOVEL} – Some very poor accommodation is a sort of carrier you may use for shifting soil or snow without its first letter (with no roof).

5d           Beast regularly pulls in bar (7)
{BULLOCK} – This is a young beast found on a farm.  Take a word for to bar or stop and insert the alternate letters (regularly) of pUlLs.  This one had me going for a while! I read it as BeAsT followed by something for PULLS to give a bar, D’oh!

6d           Searching on my way across Britain (7)
{COMBING} –Another way of saying ‘I’m on my way’ with a B inserted (across Britain) is a word for searching carefully.

7d           Deadly serious Australian workman? (5-6)
{GRAVE DIGGER} – This is a sort of workman involved with the dead.  It’s a word for deadly serious followed by a colloquial term for an Australian.

8d           Nuclear spies returned holding Jerry’s adversary (6)
{ATOMIC} – Reverse (returned) the American spies and insert Jerry’s adversary in the cartoons and you get a word meaning nuclear.

11d         Sister wrongly arrested by copper’s determination (11)
{PERSISTENCE} – Coppers in this case isn’t the police but some loose change. Insert (arrested) an anagram (wrongly) of SISTER and you get some determination.

16d         Employed by gardener, get icebergs full of vitality (9)
{ENERGETIC} – A word meaning full of vitality is hidden (employed by) in gardener get icebergs.  Clever construction but the surface is pretty rubbish!

18d         Father takes anything if distressed (7)
{FRAUGHT} – A abbreviation for father (think priest) followed by a word meaning ‘anything’ gives another word for distressed.

19d         Hospital atmosphere that’s initially recommended, but more risky (7)
{HAIRIER} –A word meaning more risky is a charade of H(ospital), another word for the atmosphere, the abbreviation for that is and an R (initially Recommended).

20d         Awful government, hurriedly releasing source of information (7)
{GHASTLY} – Definition is awful. It’s made from G(overnment) followed by a word meaning hurridly but with an I removed (releasing source of Information).

21d         Time invested in water supply service (6)
{MATINS} – A church service is T(ime) inserted into the pipes that supply water to your house, or electricity for that matter.

23d         Observed some Old Etonians making a comeback (5)
{NOTED} –A word meaning observed is hidden (some) in Old Etonians but it’s backwards (making a comeback).  Nice one!

I like the ones in blue but clue of the day for me has to be 23d

The Quick crossword pun: {Venice} + {wailer} = {Venezuela}

40 comments on “DT 26927

  1. Morning Pommers, thanks for the review.

    A very enjoyable puzzle, my no electric helper regime was at risk today, but I’d missed a couple of anagrams, once I’d sorted them out it all fell into place. 7d and 11d favourites.

    Thanks to the setter for a nicely crafted puzzle.

  2. A nice gentle puzzle with a few smiles along the way, particularly 20a.
    Thanks to Jay, and to Pommers.

    Now for Beam… hope it’s a good one!

  3. My favourite clue was 5d, but only after I had finished the puzzle and saw the picture hint!
    Also enjoyed 27a and 17a.
    Did the compiler have bet on getting 27a into a crossword?
    Difficulty 2*, enjoyment 3.5* (plus 0.5 because I could finish it).
    Nice day in Aberdeen enjoy the sunshine everyone.
    Thanks Pommers et al.

  4. Thanks for tips pommers. “ducks” or “me-duck” is still used affectionally by natives here in Northamptonshire. But I still didn’t get the clue before your guidance.

  5. Thanks, Pommers, for the explanation of 14a which I didn’t quite understand. I was looking for a cricket connection because of seamless. Just shows how the setters have brainwashed me into looking for cricket clues where they don’t exist.

    At 5d, I think I’d have preferred a photo of the beast, but I expect the male bloggers will disagree!

  6. I am saving this for my flight to Mauritius tonight. I may get online from time to time but if not then i’ll be back in a couple of weeks. I hope the sun continues to shine on all of you that the Olympics are ones we can be proud of and that my iPad loads successfully out there for my daily crossword fix by the pool!



  7. Thought this was on the tough side but by and large doable and certainly for me a 1000 times better than yesterday’s offering. Last in was 22a coz I just didn’t get the transport part, still thinks its pretty poor. 14a is a northern term that my mother was very fond of using., never really understood the derivation. Is 20a the first of many themed clues I wonder?
    Thx to Pomers for explaining some of the more obscure clues.

  8. Hi Everyone

    Off out now. We have a same day turnaround on our friend’s apartment. Current guests leaving at 1400 and new ones arriving at 1900! That give us just 5 hours to sort the place out, clean, remake all the beds etc and eat some lunch! Phew, busy busy :grin:

    Back later this evening.

  9. A very nice straightforward Jay for a very hot morning. Thank you to him and Pommers too.

    The Beam Toughie is a fine example of a tough crossword.

    1. Hope that you’re feeling better today.
      Was your comment about the Toughie a recommendation or a warning?! Might have a look – too hot to do anything very useful.

      1. Feeling better today but still not 100%. I found the Toughie tough but others just found it tricky. Have a go and see what you think

  10. Greetings. I’ve been lurking for a couple of years but felt the need to ‘come out’ regarding Pommers’ comment that the surface reading of 16d is rubbish. If you read iceberg as the lettuce it makes reasonable sense to me.

    Thanks to you all for helping me improve my solving. I now manage the cryptic most days without electronic or your help. I also manage the Toughie most days with extensive electronic help, occasional reference to your hints for explanation and, rarely, highlighting the answer.

    Particular thanks to P and J on this occasion

    1. Hi Geoff – welcome to the blog.
      Now that you’ve de-lurked I hope we’ll get more comments from you (starting perhaps with today’s Toughie?).

    2. May I add my welcome, Geoff?
      I’m sure that, if he wasn’t occupied at being a chamber-maid, Pommers would accept that he was a bit hasty in condemning the “surface” in 16d.
      Otherwise I agree with his ratings and comments.
      Thanks to him Jay and the delightful Ms Bullock.

    3. Hi Geoff, you’re right that the lettuce does improve it! In my defence the clue I solved just before this one was the Titanic one so I had large lumps of ice on the brain!

        1. You don’t know how hot it’s been here today – large lumps of ice sound very attractive (especially in a G & T :grin:

    4. Hi Geoff, did you realise 16d was a hidden word? I that’s why the surface was a bit iffy.

    5. I retract my last comment!

      “Employed by gardener, get lettuces full of vitality (9)” makes no sense either! I’ve never seen a lettuce or an iceberg with any sort of vitality. OK, an Iceberg lettuce has some connection to a gardener but the clue still is gobbledegook.

  11. Thanks to Jay and Pommers for an enjoyable and untaxing crossword and an entertaining review. ( love the farm animal)

  12. Late night last night so found the offering today a bit of a trudge. Nothing too difficult perhaps on a par with the last two days. Have to agree with Geoff, some of the surface reading is poor 13a, 3d and 5d included. To be fair 10a and 6d make up for it. Last in was 14a, I thought it was a northern term – obviously not. Regds to all.

  13. For some reason I found this a bit more than a 2* for difficulty – probably closer to 3* for me today. Don’t know why.
    I was very slow to get several in the bottom right corner – last of all, stupidly, was 20a. I’ve never heard of 9a being an unpleasant situation – suppose it is, if only for the rat!
    I liked 1, 14, 17 and 27a and 2 (although it took me ages) 6 and 7d.
    Weather’s gone a bit funny in Oxford – still very hot but some rather ominous looking clouds building up.
    My car and I had a bit of an altercation with a 12ft wrought iron gate last night – the gate won! :sad:

  14. Loved it today. Especially 7D and 14A the latter of which was the last one in and required some uber lateral thinking to get there without help.

    The term of endearment is widely used in the Potteries and Derby too but not as a plural. This includes male to male too which is interesting – nearly as interesting as the chap in a tea shop in Devon who said to my American cop brother in law ‘alright moy lovarrr’. I had to explain quickly that this wasn’t a special interests teashop I had taken him to.

  15. I enjoyed this one. I normally struggle a bit as the week goes on but today proved a tad lighter than normal.
    Thanks to Jay and Pommers

  16. Very enjoyable puzzle which I found to be about 3* for me. I thought that 7d was clever but had to revert to Pommers hints for the rationale for 24a. Many thanks to Jay and Pommers for a couple of hours enjoyment

  17. Quiet here today. Mary’s been away for ages – these two comments are not necessarily connected! :smile: Did she apply officially for such a long leave of absence?

    1. Hello Kath hello everyone, no Kath I wasn’t granted such a long leave of abscence and it has been somewhat enforced!! Between being off to Barmouth for eight days in the campervan, with streaming colds and awful weather ( believe it or not we still managed to enjoy) not being able to get a signal then on returning home having a relapse and being put on steroids by the doctor feeling quite zapped! Also a poorly dog with serious eye infections it’s all too much and today was the first time I have felt up to doing the crossword, which I am glad to say I finished without the blog, thank you pommers and hola! I have only just mustered the energy to sit at the computer and realise how much I have missed you all, however on Sunday we are off again for a week so I am putting in once again for a weeks leave, this time we are staying at a canalside site near Slimbridge, bet it rains again, hopefully I will be around the next couple of days thos, so good to be back, todays crossword a nice one to come back to and about a 2 to 3 star for me though no fav clue today

      1. Hi Mary – all sounds a bit 18d to me but welcome back. Hope you’re better soon.

      2. Good – glad you’re back, bloody but unbowed, by the sound of it! All does sound a bit 18d to me, as pommers has already said. Hope that you all recover soon and that the week near Slimbridge is good. “See” you tomorrow, no doubt. :smile:

  18. Thought 20a was going to be funny (Seb Coe? LOCOG?) so was disappointed by the mundane answer.
    Mainly enjoyed but annoyed by 14a which required technical knowledge of types of cotton, and 18d, the only other one that I could not get, the “aught” being a bit arcane for me.
    Thanks for the blog. Now to endure the vile London public transport system on the way home. I can’t wait for the Olympics to be over.

    1. I don’t think that I would have known “aught” if Pet Lamb No 1 (aka eldest daughter) hadn’t had a VERY Yorkshire boyfriend several years ago. It seems to be pronounced “out” up there. Her question to him one evening was “What shall we do this evening?” His answer, being a) VERY dull and b) very Yorkshire, was “I don’t want to do aught (out)”. Being the bossy little madam she is, she corrected him, saying “You mean you don’t want to GO out!”

  19. Evening all!

    Well that was hard work but all finished OK – hate same day turnarounds! Thank God the apartment has air conditioning as it’s far too hot for that sort of behaviour. Fortunately the departing clients left the place fairly clean and tidy, which isn’t always the case!

  20. Thanks to Jay & to Pommers for the review & hints. Enjoyed this one, but needed the hint for 2d, had air, but couldn’t get the second word. Never heard of it. Favourites were 27a, 3d, & best of all 7d. Managed to cut the privet hedge, despite the heat, took 2 & a half hours. Now to have a look at the Beam Toughie.

  21. As usual did the crossword in bed last night. Agree with 2* except for 2d. Never heard of this expression so even with rest of crossword finished and the full frame in couldn’t get it. And of course I even knew what the first word had to be! Even worse couldn’t get it from your clue but had to actually look at your answer! Guess I will have to spend more time with celebrities practising this activity.

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