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DT 26607

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26607

Hints and tips by Libellule

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

You can tell its Monday just by doing the crossword…

If the hint is not enough reveal the answer by highlighting the area between the curly brackets.


1. Tight trousers Ian’s ripped badly (10)
{DRAINPIPES} – An anagram of (badly) IANS RIPPED produces trousers with narrow legs.

9. An act of duplicity? (4)
{DUET} – Two people singing together.

10. Man of the match (10)
{BRIDEGROOM} – He is about to get married.

11. East European refinement (6)
{POLISH} – An often seen double definition.

12. Levelling out and gliding (7)
{PLANING} – Using a carpenter’s tool to smooth or level wood for example is also another word for soaring or gliding.

15. Criticism about degree of alcohol (7)
{REPROOF} – RE (about) and the “alcoholic strength of a liquor expressed by a number that is twice the percentage by volume of alcohol present” produces an act of rebuke or censure.

16. Get thinner and lighter (5)
{TAPER} – Double definition, a gradual decrease in thickness or width, or a thin strip used to transfer a flame.

17. Where hangings still take place in London (4)
{TATE} – A famous art gallery that holds the national collection of British art, now found in four locations.

18. Nothing put back and nothing that may be laid down (4)
{LINO} – A three letter word that means zero is reversed, then add O (nothing) to get a floor covering.

19. Furious sailor gets in free (5)
{RABID} – Put AB (sailor) inside another word that means to free from. The result is an uncontrollable rage usually associated with mad dogs.

21. Foolish fellows soon led astray (7)
{NOODLES} – An anagram of (astray) SOON LED are also stupid people.

22. The smoke after battle? (7)
{CALUMET} – A long-stemmed ceremonial tobacco pipe used by certain Native American people is also known as a pipe of peace.

24. Fruit is seen in the fall (6)
{RAISIN} – Put IS inside another word for precipitation to get a dried grape.

27. Skills shown by artiste, but presented awkwardly (10)
{ATTRIBUTES} – An anagram (presented awkwardly) of ARTISTE BUT produces properties or qualities that a person might possess.

28. Regards as a key agreement (4)
{EYES} – Add a word for assent to a musical key to get another word that means a way of regarding something.

29. Right actions required by house owners (5,5)
{TITLE DEEDS} – A synonym for a legal right is followed by another word for acts or actions is the sort of documentation that is usually held by the Land Registry.


2. Combination of artist and engineer not often found (4)
{RARE} – Put together two commonly used abbreviations for artist and engineer to get a word that means uncommon.

3. This club is for swinging types (6)
{INDIAN} – A bottle-shaped wooden club swung in the hand for gymnastic exercise.

4. Brilliant spectacle opening up over Etna, perhaps (7)
{PAGEANT} – Reverse (up) a word for an aperture over an anagram (perhaps) of ETNA is an elaborate public presentation.

5. Support used by actors (4)
{PROP} – An article that might appear on stage during a performance.

6. He has a taste for a bit of embroidery (7)
{SAMPLER} – A person who might taste food or drink is also a piece of embroidery that demonstrates skill with various stitches.

7. House room (10)
{AUDITORIUM} – A large room used to accommodate an audience in a theatre.

8. In the van by the sea (2,3,5)
{AT THE FRONT} – Van here does not refer to a motor vehicle but is a shortened form of vanguard.

12. Arrange to send away for goods (3,2,5)
{PUT IN ORDER} – Double definition. To properly arrange something or to request or demand something.

13. Revised share-out I’d sanctioned (10)
{AUTHORISED} – An anagram (revised) of SHARE OUT ID.

14. Flag raised when there are festivities (5)
{GALAS} – A word that means to fail or weaken is reversed and then followed by AS (when) for festive occasions.

15. Priest depicted in church memorial (5)
{RELIC} –Put the name of a priest who was the teacher of Samuel inside RC (church – Roman Catholic) for something that is kept as a keepsake.

19. Rentman involved in scrap (7)
{REMNANT} – An anagram (involved) of RENTMAN is something that is left over.

20. Tide may change between sunrise and sunset (7)
{DAYTIME} – An anagram (change) of TIDE MAY.

23. Doubtless one wouldn’t be (6)
{UNSURE} – if you were certain you wouldn’t be this.

25. Impressive plea for restitution (4)
{STET} – A word used in printing that acts as a directive to cancel a correction or deletion.

26. Metal rule (4)
{LEAD} – A word that means to act as a commander is also a soft metallic element.

Today’s Quickie Pun: {SHELLAC} + {COMBS} = {SHERLOCK HOLMES}

43 comments on “DT 26607

  1. A few difficulties with this one, so I wouldn’t have known it was Monday from the crossword.Took a long time to search for the answer to 22a. 25d – put the answer in, but couldn’t see why ‘impressive’ – presumably because typed letters are impressions on the page? Put the answer in for 8d without being able to justify it – didn’t know ‘van’ as a short form of ‘vanguard’, but there it is in Chambers .. Thanks to the setter and Libellule.

    1. I agree – got the answer to 25d, but not ‘impressed’ har har! Also had to cheat with 22a which was a new one on me…but no doubt it will come in handy on a daily conversational basis from now on. Favouite clue was 1a.

    2. “Impressive” has its roots here in the printing industry (as Libellule indicates). ‘Impress’ comes from ‘impressen’ (ME), ’empresser’ (OF), ‘impressus’ (L), hence the answer being a proof-reading mark.

  2. A nice gentle start to the week. Fav. clues 10 and 22a :) Thanks Libellule and setter.

  3. I thought that this was a bit trickier than is usual for a Monday – maybe it’s just me. 22a came from the back of the brain somehow but a few of the four letter answers took quite a while, as did, for some reason, 12d. I’ve never heard of 3d but guessed and looked it up. I liked 1, 15 and 27a and 6, 8 and 23d. Thanks to Rufus and Libellule.
    I’m getting fed-up with grey skies and rain now! :sad:

    1. 22a is new to me. It’s never inhabited any part of the brain, but I’ll have to try to learn it for the future, though it’s not the sort of word you use day-to-day!

  4. I might add that the offering from Rufus in the Grauniad is also a pleasant Monday morning stroll through the groves of Cruciverbilia…

  5. One or two problem clues today, thought I would finish in quick time but was thwarted.
    Thanks to Libellule and Setter

  6. The usual gentle start to the week from Rufus presumably!
    Faves were : 9a, 15a, 18a, 22a, 29a, 4d,6d, 14d & 23d.

  7. I had not heard of 22a, nor the use of 21a. I guessed 7d but still don’t get it. No very amusing clues today so 16a is my favourite for the nice misdirection.

  8. Rufus had his slightly tricky hat on with this one – I even had to get the Tippex out – but I finished in the usual time. My favourites were the possibly tricky 22a and 25d, both of which I got straight away.

    Thanks to Rufus for a nice start to Monday and to Libellule for the review.

  9. Not a difficult start to the week and liked 8d the best. Minnd you I can’t say I liked 18a. I agree with Michael – nothing amusing about it.

    Thanks to Rufus and to Libellule – needed help with 22a as brain wouldn’t work with the middle letters!!

  10. I think for maybe 8 of the last 10 weeks, i’ve finished tues to fri and not mondays. The ‘easy’ start to the week for me involves filling in all but 3 or 4 clues in rapid time without thinking or enjoyment and then getting stuck on the last few. They’re invariable the ‘cryptic’ clues with no word play to solve so you either get them or you don’t. With other setters i usually do, though it may take a while, with rufus i usually don’t and lose interest.

    Today i had copy for 9 across which derailed me for a while and didn’t think much to 22 across…. surely you smoke a peace pipe to avoid battle not after you’ve had one

    I recognise, I’m in a minority (perhaps of 1) but rufus is to me as ray t is to others! Roll on the rest of the week.

    1. I’m with you milkyboy (despite hating milk!) – I just can’t get on with Rufus’s cryptic definitions and I quite often have a blank or two on the Monday crossword due to clues of these types. To me, an unusual word such as ‘calumet’ (well it was certainly new to me) should be clued with precise wordplay so the answer can be reached via the wordplay and then checked with a dictionary (if necessary). With this clue, I’d guessed that it must be a term for a native American’s pipe of some sort, and I could go no further with the clue. Unsatisfactory.

      My thanks to the setter and reviewer.

      1. I agree that wordplay should have led to the answer to 22a.

        15a, 21a and 29a were my favourites, and I always like a good scattering of anagrams, so other than the pipe of peace, I’m quite happy today.

    2. I agree that it should be possible to work out a clue from the word play and then look it up – 22a was a word that one either knew or didn’t. As for when it is smoked I haven’t the faintest idea!!

  11. Thanks to Rufus for the gentle start to the week and to Libellule for the review.

  12. “Everyone to his taste,” as the old woman said when she kissed the cow. I enjoyed this as I always do when it’s Rufus on Monday. Found it quite straightforward until I got stuck on the last two words. I don’t know why it took me so long to figure out 7d as I had all the crossing letters — except for the last one in 22a, which only dawned on me because I once learned that it was what a peace pipe is in French. That said, 22a was my favourite clue today. Many thanks to Rufus and merci to Libellule. :-)

  13. When I made a comment last week about knowing it’s Thursday by the crossword, I got told off by Gnomethang, but I see he hasn’t posted a comment today, so Libellule, it looks like you got away with it!

    1. He’s too busy settling in to his new job but I am sure he will be in full commenting form this evening :)

    2. Aww, Nora, I hope I you didn’t think that I was telling you off!, it was more of a “‘calm down dear no need to be confused, not sure why you were confused style of thing!”
      As it was I was foxed by the two Indian clues although I didn’t have much time to solve this morning!.
      Please don’t think that I am a moany old wossname ‘cos I am not! ;-)

  14. Excellent today! I was on the wavelength for a change! 28a had me floundering but I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.

  15. Most of today’s went in with no great problems, the exceptions being: 22a, for which electronic assistance was required as I’d never heard of it and the word-play doesn’t lead you to the answer; 3d, which I’d also never heard of but I did correctly guess the word from the checking letters; and 7d & 9a, both of which were tricky due to the lack of the other! Favourites today were 16a, 2, 8 & 23d. Thanks to Rufus(?) and Libellule.

    1. Oh yes, meant to ask – BD could you post the quickie pun please? Can’t see it and it’s driving me mad!!

  16. Mnay thanks to Rufus for the usual Monday morning magic. There was a good range of clues this week with some going in straight away and a few gotchas if you were not paying attention! Favourite clues were 7d and 9a. Thanks also to Libellule for the review.

  17. I used to love the Monday crossword and found it the easiest of the week. Now finding Tue-Fri, although much more challenging, more enjoyable than the Monday one, which I am starting to struggle with and often don’t finish it without having to look at the clues!

  18. For once I completly concur with the difficulty level at least for me as I finished it over breakfast. For enjoyment a bit of a curates egg, the left hand side was fun but I thought the right just a little tedious. Whatever, thx to the setter for a pleasent start to the week.

  19. Thanks to the setter & Libellule, an enjoyable puzzle. I raced through this, but had to look up the answer for 22a, a new word for me. Favourite was 18 across.

  20. The two Indian clues did for me today – I was suprised at the pipe but when I thought about it I knew the word but not the association.
    Thanks to Libellule and to Rufus.

  21. Late on duty today but really enjoyed this puzzle. Best by a mile was 22 but my big problem was 9a as I had ‘On’ in 8d. Still, it all came right in the end. Thanks to Rufus for nice start to the week.

  22. Even later! Having once again had trouble with my computer, I agree with a lot of peple that the Monday puzzles seem to have become more difficult lately, being a firm fan of Rufus I am not about to give up on him yet after all if it wasn’t for a RUFUS puzzle I would still be in the CC :-) , I agree re 22a, there is no way this could be arrived at if you didn’t know the word, it was pretty obvious it was pipe of peace but………, unusually for a Monday I didn’t have a favourite clue, see you all later have to go out now and have not begun todays yet, still at least I am back in touch, it’s amazing how I go onto panic mode if my computer isn’t working! :-D Oh Franny, what was that about a woman kissing a cow, never heard that!

    1. Now that I have finished this Xword and knowing that it is unlikely that anybody is reading my comments, especially Mary, I think that this is the best, and cleverest Xword that I have done for a long time

  23. I know that I’m a bit late with my comments and that nobody is probably reading this but ai had to say what an excellent, and clever, crossword this. I am thoroughly enjoying it

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