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DT 26601

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26601

Hints and tips by Libellule

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment **

Fairly typical Monday morning stuff from Rufus. Are there too many double definitions? Are the cryptic definitions up to scratch? Feel free to leave a comment.

You can reveal the answer by highlighting the area between the curly brackets.

1. Correspondence, result of an accident? (11)
{COINCIDENCE} – Double definition, the property of two things happening at the same time and a sequence of events that although accidental seems to have been arranged.

9. Lost again maybe, and longing to get home (9)
{NOSTALGIA} – An anagram (maybe) of LOST AGAIN.

10. He splits a couple of poles made of wood (5)
{ASHEN} – Take A and the South and North poles and then place them around HE for a wood that relates to a particular type of tree.

11. Clever people are quick on it (6)
{UPTAKE} – The last word in a phrase where clever people are fast to understand or comprehend.

12. Marriage or adoption (8)
{ESPOUSAL} – Another double definition.

13. Carry on with one’s CV, perhaps (6)
{RESUME} – And another one, to begin again or a summary.

15. Disturbing poster seen around street results in objections (8)
{PROTESTS} – An anagram (disturbing) of POSTER around ST (street).

18. Electro-magnet needed when old one is moved (8)
{SOLENOID} – An anagram (moved) of OLD ONE IS is “a current-carrying coil of wire that acts like a magnet when a current passes through it”.

19. Boy about to pocket ball with unerring accuracy (4-2)
{SPOT-ON} – SON (boy) is placed around a shot in snooker for example to produce a phrase that means correct or very accurate.

21. Honest view about retrograde art (8)
{STRAIGHT} – The definition is honest. Put a reversed (retrograde) ART inside (about) something seen.

23. Show improvement with respect to criminal record (6)
{REFORM} – A word meaning to change for the better could also be in reference to a slang term for a criminal record.

26. Don’t go on about me to improve the matter (5)
{EMEND} – A word that means to come to a finish is placed around ME to give a word that means to improve by critical editing:.

27. Two men of a bygone age (9)
{VICTORIAN} – Run together two male names to get a period of time that relates to 19th-century Britain.

28. Such action will not be offensive or illegal (4-7)
{SELF-DEFENCE} – Such action is what you might do if you are attacked:


1. Humble subject (7)
{CONQUER} – To defeat or subdue by force of arms.

2. It plays a small part in the big picture (5)
{INSET} – A small map or illustration set within a larger one.

3. Burglar jokes with servant (9)
{CRACKSMAN} – A slang term typically used to describe a safe-breaker is made up from a word for jokes and then a word for a servant or employee.

4. Appreciates archaeological excavations (4)
{DIGS} – Another double definition, a slang term that means to enjoy could also be archaeological excavations.

5. Shipping company that was floated using the double-entry system (5,3)
{NOAHS ARK} – A biblical shipping organisation that saved pairs of animals.

6. Uplifting holy books are an inspiration to poets (5)
{ERATO} – Reverse (uplift) OT (Old Testament) and ARE to get the Muse of lyric poetry and mime.

7. New singlet produces prickling sensations (7)
{TINGLES} – An anagram (new) of SINGLET.

8. Complete gathering of men for a board meeting (5,3)
{CHESS SET} – A collection of 32 black and white pieces that Fischer or Kasparov might use.

14. Girl to sign for earnings (8)
{SALARIES} – SAL (girl) and the first sign of the zodiac are also compensations that are paid for services.

16. Overturned, though given a warning first (6-3)
{TIPPED-OFF} – To push or knock over, or being given a piece of confidential advice that is of help.

17. She-devil out to produce disorder (8)
{DISHEVEL} – An anagram (out) of SHE DEVIL is a word that means to disarrange or rumple.

18. Hold up American during pay-out (7)
{SUSPEND} – Place US (American) inside (during) a word that means to pay out money to get a word that means to hang from above.

20. He must have a supporter, may get one in me (7)
{NOMINEE} – An anagram (may get) of ONE IN ME is a person who is typically a candidate for something.

22. Great Asian long-distance runner (5)
{INDUS} – A river of south-central Asia that flows through northern India and Pakistan to the Arabian Sea.

24. Giant group of stars (5)
{ORION} – In Greek Mythology, a giant hunter is also a constellation that contains the stars Betelgeuse and Rigel.

25. Finished off the cake — from the freezer? (4)
{ICED} – A cake that is decorated or coated, or something that is coated with frozen water.

The Quick crossword pun: {alley} + {gaiter} = {alligator}

58 comments on “DT 26601

  1. First time I’ve completed the DT Cryptic Xword b4 9.0 am and before the hints and tips. Either it was easier than usual or I’m getting better at this lark!

  2. Par for the Rufus course. 3d a new word to me, but clearly clued. 21a and 5d may be pulled from the Maestro’s file of 2 million clues, but none the worse for that. Thanks to him and M. Libellule

  3. No complaints here. Starting new job today so I’ll be a bit less frequent on the blog. Thanks to Rufus and to Libellule.

    1. Yeah..good luck with the new job….no doubt there’ll be time to stow away in the stationery cupboard for a while, just to deal with the DT xword!

      1. Thanks, Seemore – I do like to finish the DT on the train in the morning and hopefully get most/all of the Toughie. If I can start the Times then I am having a very good day!

    2. Thanks All! – I had the usual IT/laptop/phone caper and received my induction pack. Hitting sitre running tomorrow to get back up to speed with a system I havent used for a few years. Won’t take long but it is nice to be back in the saddle and with a company that is moving in the right direction.

  4. Nice and easy, although I had a moment trying to shoehorn PO into 5d. ;)

    Libellule – I think “company” in 5d refers to the animals rather than the ship owner/operator.

  5. Good morning Libelulle, yet another nice sunny day here in West Wales, I kept reading 14d as earrings today! It took me a while to get into but once I did I enjoyed it with 5d being my favourite clue, thanks to Rufus and Libelulle, enjoy the sunshine everyone, I am off to yet another school sports! last one this year thank goodness :-)

  6. 6d and 22d were new to me (thank you Libelulle), apart from that I was able to do this sat in the sun looking out across the bay at Saunton Sands while Mrs Tub walked the dog. She’s expressed approval of 5d, but I have a fondness for 10a. All done before opening time: bonus nudge!

  7. Quite quick, for me, today although I was held up by 1 and 6d. I’ve never heard of 3d but it was easy enough to work out from the clue. I was also completely dim about 27a – the answer was obvious but spent ages trying to justify it as I had “Vic” for one man and had never heard of the name “Torian” – how stupid was that?! :oops: I liked 11 and 28a and 2, 8, 14 and 25d. Thanks to Rufus and Libellule.

  8. A very gentle Rufus today – I liked 5d. Thanks to Rufus for the quick start to my morning’s cryptics (all falling within the fairly straightforward bracket today too) and to Libellule for the hints.

  9. Thanks to Rufus and Libellule, favourite was 27a for it’s simplicity, needed help with 12a and 1d otherwise a happy monday

  10. Very straightforward, but some nice clues nonetheless. 9a, 5d and 16d amongst my favourites. Spent a few minutes trying to make an anagram of “one’s cv” before realising. Did that mislead anyone else? Thanks to Rufus and to Libellule.

    1. Yes – I spent a while trying to make an anagram of “one’s cv” too – it was never going to work!!

  11. Rather easier fare from Rufus today.
    Finished the east side very quickly then pressed on regardless (as we said in the 1940s) to finish the west.

    Liked : 11a, 13a, 19a, 27a, 1d, 5d, 6d, 8d( even though one man is a woman!) & 22d.

        1. Gazza, Do you really want to open that can of worms? No, I thought not !! Vicars in Knickers are bad enough !!!

  12. Hi Libellule – are you suggesting 2.5* for enjoyment? You show 3* on the Daily Archives page, but only 2* on this one.

  13. Digby is right. If you select Crossword 26601 from the home page it shows 2 stars for enjoyment, but if you select it from the archive area July 2010 posts it displays 3 stars for enjoyment

    1. Comment #16 similarly meant as a reply, and of course should have read archives July 2011.

  14. BD Rating – Difficulty ** – Enjoyment ** (from top of this page)
    BD Rating – Difficulty ** – Enjoyment *** (from Daily Archives: July 11, 2011)
    Not earth-shattering – I just wanted to demonstrate that I’m awake!

  15. A pleasant Birthday solve. Favourite 5d, and 9a for its aptness. Thanks to Rufus and Libelulle

      1. Thanks Digby. Somewhere >40 but <50!! Actually the clue 9a was perfect as I went to do at a nearby town (first visit) on Saturday till very late, got seperated from my lift and had no mobile phone with me. A 9 mile hike in the middle of the night across the Fens in the vain hope I was heading in the right direction. Oh, and had imbibed far too much of the real ales too. Fortunately at sunrise I spotted Peterborough Cathedral in the distance so relieved that had actually guessed right direction of travel!!

        1. Happy birthday from me too – if you had your wits about you enough to go in something approaching the right direction you can’t have had THAT much too much of the real ales – even without any real ale I would almost certainly have ended up in the sea – think it’s a boy/girl thing this sense of direction!! :smile:

  16. I hate when I can’t get a simple clue to finish – 1d! Suppose it keeps me humble. Nice to see 6d not clued as ‘Time to muse’ for a change. Thanks R & L. Sunny on the tropical Isle of Arran today.

  17. Thanks to Rufus and Libellule, nice puzzle for a Monday. I had proposal for 12 across, which didn’t help with 6 down. But I needed the hint for 5 down, wasn’t thinking Biblically, then everything fell into place.

  18. I actually managed to get throught the whole thing today with no hints….funnily enough the last one in for me was 11a…what does that say about me then!

  19. Sorry forgot to mention favourite, which was 18 across, reminded me of doing school Physics lessons :-)

  20. Hi

    I really like this site – it’s excellent for both novices and ‘old-timers’ alike, and I obtain immense enjoyment from the bloggers – in particular Mary who, like myself, is a fellow Liverpool fan and supporter. Or should that be sufferer?

    Having said that, and you knew there was a ‘but’ coming! For people who are ‘novices’ and new to the wonderful world of cryptic crosswords, (which I am not, sadly, having done them for more years than I care to remember), I get the feeling that it must be somewhat disheartening to hear experienced reviewers and bloggers continually say how ‘fairly straightforward’ it was, especially if one has found it a struggle. No names mentioned **********! And definitely no reference should be implied, or inferred, in respect of the ‘B’ factor! (Those who have been here for a while will know what I am referring to!)

    Please don’t get me wrong – I have learnt so much from this blog – and ********* does excellent reviews. I just wanted to get this rant off my chest as it has been bugging me for quite some time now. Having had a major operation, after 4 months of enforced boredom and a relatively sedentary existence, I just thought I’d put my thoughts down in writing.

    Thanks again to all who put in the hard work on this site – keep up the good work guys! Also well done to Phil – it does get easier!


    PS Personally, I think Rufus is the best compiler as I enjoy his clues so much and it’s such a joy to do this one on a Monday morning. Sets you up for the week ahead.

    1. I’ve been around here for a while and I don’t know what the ‘B’ factor is …. ? My favourite compiler, for what it’s worth, is Ray T – there is always a clue that makes me laugh in his crosswords.

    2. Like Kath, I too have been around this site for a while and I’m curious to know what the ‘B’ factor is so perhaps Stevie G would care to elucidate.

    3. I think Stevies referring to someone, who has not been on the site for a few months now but used to be a regular, hopefully this person will come back again before too long :-) I’m with you Stevie love Rufus and Liverpool :-; , I’ve been on the site for just over two years now, since I started doing cryptics and it has been invaluable to me, I have learnt so much and everyone is so helpful and friendly, I see what you say and everyone is very careful to encourage other not so experienced solvers such as myself, even the experts take time to patiently explain things to us, it doesn’t always mean that because you post early it hasn’t taken you long, it all depends what time you get up in the morning!!! :-D Roll on the football season and I might even get a chance of seeing Liverpool in Swansea this year ( 20 miles away ) doubtful though, because although their new stadium is great it hasn’t got the capacity,!

  21. Hello! back from a fjord, crossword-less cruise – but I doubt anyone missed me! Weirdly, I managed Sat and Sun without help but had to go to the hints to-day for 5 & 6d. 6d still a mystery – obviously no classical education, but I SHOULD HAVE GOT 5D – doh!! Thanks to setter and hinter. Am now back in the saddle.

  22. So, it turns out they have the DT in Holfleur….. c’et tres bon!

    Finished this, but stuck with only 1d to do for AGES!
    Came to the conclusion I’d got a letter wrong when I realised a “Q” in the middle might help.

    Nice start to the week.
    Au Revoir!

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