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Herculis Crossword

Herculis Crossword – Monday 3rd January

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Phil McNeill, The Telegraph Puzzles Editor, has provided the following information about this puzzle:

There was a mistake in today’s Herculis prize crossword affecting three Down clues. Please accept our apologies. The correct clues are:

13 Queen of Castile who instituted the Spanish Inquisition with her husband Ferdinand of Aragon in 1478 (8,1)

16 Common name for a plant in the daisy family,Tagetes (8)

17 Desire to achieve success (8)

We will accept entries with those answers left blank. The closing date has been extended to Friday. Very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

The online version has been corrected.

This information will be published in tomorrow’s newspaper

4 comments on “Herculis Crossword

  1. Re: Codeword 1814 Mon 3 11
    Is there any explanation as to why the grid I printed yesterday morning has totally changed? Using the original grid I was left looking for a word that was spelt HECDSYW in the SW corner and for the life of me couldn’t find it anywhere! Sloppy work that man!

  2. I have to confess that I’ve only just seen this, Dave, but I managed to complete the puzzle without the clue as the checking letters gave only one option [as far as I could see at the time]. It appears from the clues above that I was right and, as an aside, my cursor is now blinking again as I type this comment which perhaps indicates that the weather has turned warmer…

  3. Hello Spindrift, I’ve just seen your note about Codewords.
    Apologies for the glitch that affected the bottom left corner of the online Codewords for about three days that week. It has been fixed.
    Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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