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NTSPP – 035 (Comments)

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 035

A Puzzle by Biddle

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Welcome to the thirty fifth in our series of weekly puzzles.

This week we have a puzzle from Biddle that has a dig at my grumbles about certain answers that used to appear regularly in older Saturday Prize puzzles!

The puzzle by Biddle is available by clicking here:

NTSPP - 035

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8 comments on “NTSPP – 035 (Comments)

  1. Phew, a fair bit harder than last week but I got there in the end! Needed quite a bit of Google though. Didn’t know William IVs wife for example or the chicken in 4d.
    Don’t understand all the wordplay – 1a, 5a, 17a and 21d.
    Getting 5d certainly helped!
    Thanks Biddle I enjoyed the challenge.

    1. Thanks.

      1A: GAU, CHO(p)
      5A: (C,H) = (hot, cold) in GULES (heraldic colour)
      17A: WEN=big city in TT=races, Y=unknown
      21D: reverse of Sirrah = sir

      1. Thanks very much Peter.
        1a – just Googled Gau. Fair enough but I’d never heard of it.
        5a – silly me, should have seen that.
        17a – I understood the TT and the Y parts but still none the wiser as to why WEN = big city. Where is it?
        21d – silly me again but it’s a long time since I’ve come across ‘sirrah’. Remember now!
        Anyway, thanks again – things are becoming clearer!

          1. Many thanks.
            Come across the cyst but never the archaic meaning. One lives and learns!
            Many thanks again, all now clear.

  2. Very enjoyable diversion from what I was actually supposed to be doing this afternoon! Thanks Peter and good luck for tomorrow.

  3. Been out all day and came home and decided to print this off and have my Saturday dose of NTSPP. Don’t know if it was the alcohol consumption or just a general good day with all my family at a celebration, but I seem to have finished this in record time. Thanks very much Biddle for a great end to a lovely day. Wish you well for tomorrow. Time for bed, Zebedee…!!!

  4. A belated thank you to Peter for an excellent puzzle – real life ™ intervened over the last few weekends parent sitting, sermon preparation and bashing in new posts for next year’s raspberry canes, so I have been unable to complete this and Bufo’s preceding puzzle until now or to provide the customary reviews, for which I apologise.

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