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DT Cryptic No 25887

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 25887

A nice easy puzzle to end the week

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

Libellule is on holiday this week – he did the Wednesday review instead.  I can see why he likes these Friday puzzles.  This one is on the easy side, but at the same time a pleasure to complete.  A couple of the down clues may be a bit of a problem, but the rest is very straightforward.


1a Concern when loud cities get out of control (10)
{SOLICITUDE} – fairly easy to spot that an anagram of LOUD CITIES is signalled by “get out of control” – less easy to find the synonym of concern, anxiety or uneasiness of mind that results

6a Cold little house, cold and sweet (4)
{CHOC} – a simple charade of C(old) HO(use) and C(old) again give you the kind of sweet to which so many women are addicted

9a Birds? Cat gets roused, we hear (10)
{KITTIWAKES} – these birds are frequent visitors to crosswords, and “we hear” signals a homophone of kitty wakes

10a Composer for the box (4)
{CAGE} – many, like myself, feel that the accolade of composer when applied to this American is a little generous, but it is definitely a box!

12a School magazine chief working with partner? (2-2)
{CO-ED} – this abbreviation for a CO-EDucational school is made up from CO- being a partner and ED(itor) being a magazine chief

13a Hour in the area pub before landlord’s last call (5,4)
{LOCAL TIME} – a pub is followed by the call made by its landlord to advise that no more drinking is allowed; together they tell you the hour of the day wherever you happen to be

15a What could be angriest city (8)
{TANGIERS} – a North African city that is an anagram (what could be) of ANGRIEST

16a Lots of food with margarine? (6)
{SPREAD} – a simple double definition

18a One losing head, very little girl in a state (6)
{NEVADA} – a charade of NE (oNE losing head) Very and ADA (little girl) give this US state – two of my pet hates, girl’s names and US states, in the same clue

20a Sort of lab supporting half of scientists roughly (8)
{FORENSIC} – having wasted time by assuming that supporting meant that this word started with pro, I realised that it was actually the more straightforward FOR, which is followed by an anagram (roughly) of  SCIENtists (half of) to give the sort of lab that is featured in so many current TV shows

23a Last to be following the majority (9)
{AFTERMOST} – AFTER (to be following) and MOST (majority) somewhat lamely combine to give a word meaning last

24a Express disapproval of knight giving blessing (4)
{BOON} – BOO (express disapproval of) then N (knight in chess notation) give a blessing

26a Food purchaser finally gets what’s frozen (4)
{RICE} – purchaseR (finally) and ICE (what’s frozen) combine to give the food that is eaten with one of Big Dave’s curries

27a Very different Europeans requiring a role (5,5)
{POLES APART} – people from Poland need A PART in a play (a role) to give a phrase meaning very different

28a Not quite slow or fast (4)
{LENT} – not quite LENT(o) ( a musical term for slow) and you have the pre-Easter period for fasting

29a One may want camaraderie if NHS pride gets hurt (10)
{FRIENDSHIP} – gets hurt signals an anagram of IF NHS PRIDE to give a word meaning camaraderie


1d Drink’s account (4)
{SAKE) – this double definition has a Japanese drink made from rice on the one hand and account as in “on account of” on the other

2d Disappointment could get dwelt on (3-4)
{LET DOWN} – an anagram (could get) of DWELT ON gives a feeling of disappointment

3d Opinion held by Erskine’s nursery assistants? (12)
{CHILDMINDERS} – opinion is MIND, as in make up one’s mind, and this is inside the surname of this former Irish President to give people who look after children (nursery assistants)

4d Carts in film advertisements (8)
{TRAILERS} – a double definition – a cart that is pulled behind a vehicle; an advertisement for a forthcoming film

5d Some children change, being wet through (6)
{DRENCH} – this word meaning wet through is hidden (some) in chilDREN CHange

7d What sounds like loftier policy, that’s clear (7)
{HYALINE} – this word that means of or like glass (that’s clear) sounds like higher line (loftier policy)

8d Class English composer, tops in composing know-how and irritatingly bright bloke (6,4)
{CLEVER DICK} – a charade of CL(ass) E(nglish) VERDI (composer who was certainly not English!) and C(omposing) K(now-how) (tops in) is an irritatingly complicated clue for an irritatingly bright bloke – actually I thought it was quite nifty!

11d One applauding directors for part in film-making (12)
{CLAPPERBOARD} – someone who is putting his hands together (one applauding) and a name for a group of directors of a company give a hinged board used to help synchronize sound and vision in film-making

14d Film star playing real sultan (4,6)
{STAN LAUREL} – Oliver Hardy’s partner is an anagram (playing) of REAL SULTAN

17d Curtain has small hole – outside layer (8)
{PORTIERE} – a PORE (small hole) around (outside) a TIER (layer) gives a name that you probably didn’t know for the curtain that is hung over a door

19d One wedged between two vessels in palace (7)
{VATICAN} – I (one) is wedged between a VAT and a CAN to give the Pope’s palace

21d Bear’s appetite (7)
{STOMACH} – this double definition has nothing to do with large furry animals

22d Time to hold on for a prize (6)
{HONOUR} – the HOUR (time) hold ON to give a prize or privilege

25d End with a lot of money stacked up (4)
{STOP} – put an end to by reversing (stacked up – one of those down-clue only constructs) a colloquial word for a large amount of money

Today has been a busy day.  Tilsit, who was due to review today’s Toughie, has spent most of the week in hospital – true cruciverbalist that he is, he was more upset about missing the Listener Dinner than he was about being unwell.

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