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DT Cryptic No 25859

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 25859

Hints and tips by Big Dave

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

Once again you have a nice easy start to the week, with this honest, straightforward puzzle.  Try and do as much of this as you can without my help (but don’t put me out of business)!!


1a He has a fling at the airport (8).
HE has A THROW (fling) at London’s major airport

6a One source of a writer’s material (6)
Where quill and similar pens used to be dipped, in the days before fountain-pens and ballpoints were invented!

9a He reduces growth of fruit, right? (6)
The fruit is a dried plum, then add R(ight)

10a The quality of the sea Italy’s in, perhaps (8).
This is an anagram (perhaps) of ITALY’S IN giving the quality of salt water (the sea)

11a Quotation on cost shows outlay required (5,3)
A trite (especially Latin) quotation is called a TAG, and the PRICE is the cost, put them together and you get a label showing the outlay required to purchase an item

12a You’d be angry if you lost it (6)
A cryptic definition – you’d  be angry if you lost your TEMPER

13a Having advanced, they make a charge (12)
Shylock, in the Merchant of Venice, was one

16a Nautical version of rock and roll? (5,3,4)
A cryptic definition of PITCH AND TOSS

19a Show aggression at first, then change course (6)
AT first, then TACK (change course) giving a synonym for show aggression

21a The wrong put right in a gun, found in order (8).
An anagram (wrong) of THE  with R(ight) all inside a type of gun, giving the
members of a holy order

23a The sort of speech that gets reported (8).
A cryptic definition of INDIRECT

24a One of two that is returned to the right (6)
EITHER (one of two) – IE (that is) reversed (returned) then THE R(ight)

25a Container ship? (6)
A double definition of VESSEL

26a Where day-to-day changes are made (4-4)
The date changes when you cross the International one


2d Fears losing head and making blunders (6)
ERRORS (blunders) – terrors (fears) without the first letter (losing head)

3d Partly uniform in cut perhaps (5)
An anagram (perhaps) of IN CUT giving part of a uniform

4d Land of Hope and Glory? (9)
A cryptic definition of the place where a series of books written by Anthony HOPE were set

5d Not one of the Magi, just a smart alec (4,3)
Not a wise man, but a WISE GUY

6d A bit of land is granted to a tenant (5)
ISLET (A bit of land) – IS LET (granted to a tenant)

7d He made very valuable contacts (4,5)
Everything this mythical person touched turned to gold!

8d Route was changed, now lasts longer (8).
An anagram (changed) of ROUTE WAS

13d Skilled workers’ terrible mischance (9)
Another anagram (terrible) of MISCHANCE giving skilled workers repairing your car, perhaps

14d Running away to join up? (9)
A cryptic definition of a trip to Gretna Green

15d The extent to which diets can vary (8).
An anagram (vary) of DIETS CAN giving how far it is (the extent)

17d Contemplated taking action about cricketer (7)
DEED (action) around BAT (cricketer) giving a synonym for contemplated

18d Humble cleric taking me to heart (6)
DEAN (cleric) around (taking … to heart) ME giving a synonym for to humble

20d Use two joints on Sunday (5)
A cryptic definition of KNEEL on both (two) knees (joints)

22d Some who telephone for accommodation (5)
Hidden (some) in the clue is a place where you could stay

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  1. thank goodness for you big dave.

    New to this game and loving it thanks to you….
    keep up the sterling work….

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