Comment Etiquette

The dos and don’ts of commenting

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  1. Do check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before asking a question about the site. Popular questions that are answered there include:

    Why don’t you give answers to prize crosswords?
    What is the BRB that is often referred to in reviews and comments?
    How do you know the names of the setters?
    What is a pangram?
    Who (or what) is Nina?

  2. Don’t leave rude or insulting comments.
  3. Don’t blame the setter just because you are unable to solve a puzzle.
  4. Do leave comments about what you like or dislike about a puzzle, but please try to justify any negative comments.
  5. Don’t use CAPITALS – it is the internet equivalent of shouting. This applies to aliases as well as to comment text. Capitalisation of initial letters is, of course, acceptable.
  6. Don’t discuss solving times. Many of the users of this website are relative novices and if they have just spent an hour solving a puzzle they can be discouraged by someone saying that they have solved the same puzzle in 5 minutes. You can use star ratings similar to those used by the reviewer or similes such as “a two-pint puzzle”, but please avoid terms that belittle the puzzle such as “should have been in the Junior Telegraph”.
  7. Don’t discuss other puzzles on the post dedicated to a particular puzzle. It may spoil the enjoyment of those who have yet to tackle the other puzzle.  If the puzzle you wish to discuss is not a Telegraph cryptic, please use the comment page.
  8. Don’t discuss sensitive subjects like Religion, Sex or Politics. This is a crossword site and there are other fora available if you do want to express your views on these subjects.
  9. Do be polite when pointing out typos and similar errors. We all make misteaks mistakes from time to time.
  10. Do read and comply with the instructions in red on the hints-only posts for current prize puzzles. There is always a full review, published after the closing date, where the puzzle can be discussed in detail.
  11. Don’t put two or more hyperlinks in a single comment – a common characteristic of comment spam is a large number of hyperlinks so it will get picked up by the filter.
  12. Do be polite when asking for help.  You are much more likely to get an answer if you say “Please can someone give me a hint to help with 1a” than if you say “No hints for 1a?”.
  13. Don’t use jargon when explaing how a clue works.  Nothing puts off new solvers more than unintelligible gobbledegook.  There is no place on this website for dreadful portmanteau words like anagrind and inserticator, or for abbreviations such as cd and dbe.  Instead use the full expansions, for example anagram indicator, insertion indicator, cryptic definition and definition by example.

Comments which breach these guidelines may be redacted or, in extreme cases, deleted. Persistent offenders will have their future comments subjected to moderation. This site is a happy place for many people so please don’t spoil it.

If you have any queries about the way the site is run, write to me using the Contact page rather than leaving a comment.

Created 08 April 2016

Updated 17 October 2016