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DT 29987

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29987

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 14th May 2022

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A Cephas pangram which I was surprised to find too me longer to solve than his crosswords usually do

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4a    A sheep heard in metropolis? Disaster! (8)
CALAMITY – A (from the clue) and a homophone (heard) of LAMB (sheep) inserted in CITY (metropolis)

8a    Muslim official, namely one with queen (6)
VIZIER – VIZ (a Latin abbreviation meaning namely) I (one) ER (the regnal cipher of our current Queen)

9a    I put in spirit after water in tank (8)
AQUARIUM – I (from the clue) ‘put in’ RUM (spirit) and then put after AQUA (water)

10a    One might be for this athletics event (4,4)
HIGH JUMP – An expression meaning that one might be in for a punishment, or an athletics event

11a    Escape punishment and go to sleep (3,3)
GET OFF – A double definition

12a    Let out by a tenant (8)
SUBLEASE – Let out by a tenant to another person

13a    Cheap way to live without tears (4-4)
RENT-FREE – A cheap way to leave or without being torn

16a    Furnace or mill Ken and I rebuilt (8)
LIMEKILN – An anagram (rebuilt) of MILL KEN and I

19a    Depressing part of music (8)
DOWNBEAT – The day of the double definition continues – this time a synonym for depressing or part of a piece of music

21a    Island it follows is for one living in solitude (6)
HERMIT – The Channel Island of HERM followed by IT (from the clue)

23a    A revealing of ancient city in publication of wrongdoing (8)
EXPOSURE – The Biblical city of UR inserted in EXPOSEE (publication of wrongdoing)

24a    Heather with repeated hesitation is one who loiters (8)
LINGERER – LING (heather) with ER ER (repeated hesitation)

25a    To step back in part of Oxford? (6)
TOECAP – TO (from the clue) and a reversal (back) of PACE (step)

26d    Bypass road used by aircraft! (8)
SKIPLANE – SKIP (bypass) LANE (road)


1d    Mother has short skirt, it’s the very least (7)
MINIMUM – MUM (mother) has MINI (short skirt) which is sort of the wrong way round but there’s nothing as far as I can see to tell you the skirt goes on top of the mum

2d    I felt unwell almost at first in entertainments after dark (9)
NIGHTLIFE – NIGH (almost) and an anagram (unwell) of I FELT

3d    Upsetting experience, a tram crashing with you said to be inside (6)
TRAUMA – An anagram (crashing) of A TRAM with U (you said) inside

4d    Precise reference that’s given at start of lesson (7,3,5)
CHAPTER AND VERSE – A precise reference to something or the details of the reading that forms the lesson in a church service

5d    Taking it easy, yearning to include uniform (8)
LOUNGING – LONGING (yearning) to ‘include’ U (uniform in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet

6d    Deserve an order (5)
MERIT – To deserve or the name of an order awarded for eminence in any field

7d    Fungus with fur felt wrong (7)
TRUFFLE – An anagram (wrong) of FUR FELT

14d    Renovated last of land after fighting bushfire (9)
FURBISHED – The last letter of lanD goes after an anagram (fighting) of BUSHFIRE

15d    Winner, independent taking a state (8)
VICTORIA – VICTOR (winner) I (Independent) and A (from the clue)

17d    Some officer in Kitzbuhel finds place for winter sports (3,4)
ICE RINK – Hidden in offICER IN Kitzbuhel

18d    Just means it’s part of the course (7)
FAIRWAY – FAIR (just) WAY (means)

20d    Deer found in hollow, a pit, initially (6)
WAPITI – Hidden in holloW A PIT Initially

22d    Swot with drinking vessel raised (3,2)
MUG UP – MUG (drinking vessel) UP (raised)